Deck of the Day: Boros Aggro

Red is the top dog, but that doesn’t mean we’re forced to play just Red or R/B Aggro. Far from it, in fact, as R/W has plenty of tools and some powerful late game. Despite playing a mostly red mana base, this deck doesn’t even have a single copy of Goblin Chainwhirler in the 75! As people become more and more prepared to deal with the Goblin menace, attacking from another angle goes up in value.

This deck definitely has a bit of weakness to the Chainwhirler, however. Bomat Courier and Earthshaker Khenra have been some of the best aggressive creatures in Standard, and after they won the Pro Tour fighting side-by-side once again in spite of the Chainwhirler-dominated metagame, it proves just how good they really are. Bomat Courier is a card advantage machine that red has always wanted while also being a 1-drop creature that gets in for some splash damage. Khenra gives you a late-game mana sink, forces through damage early, and comes back after a removal spell or Chainwhirler to win the game late.

Kari Zev, Skyship Raider gives you another early game threat that can start hitting for 3 points of damage. As the number of Magma Sprays goes up thanks to Scrapheap Scrounger, Kari Zev’s 3 toughness becomes even more valuable. Ahn-Crop Crasher keeps up the aggressive theme, dating back to Pro Tour Hour of Devastation—long before Chainwhirler or Rampaging Ferocidon burst onto the scene. The 3 power of haste with built-in evasion thanks to exert makes this a premier threat when blockers are already hard to come by.

The cheap, red creatures may get swept up by Chainwhirler, but they do make Hazoret the Fervent a better threat. You’re looking to empty your hand to get Hazoret into the red zone and it’s one of the most dominant forces in the red mirrors.

Speaking of cards that are good against red, white gives you access to some incredible flyers. Shalai, Voice of Plenty is out of Lightning Strike and Abrade range, while also protecting your Hazorets and other creatures from Vraska’s Contempt. Forcing the opponent to target your Shalai before they can use their cheap removal is excellent, and as more players put Cast Down into their deck to combat Glorybringer, Shalai will only get better. Lyra Dawnbringer provides another incredible threat. In a world of Glorybringers, Lyra Dawnbringer absolutely crushes the battlefield. Chandra’s Defeats will show up in greater and greater numbers, and having both Shalai and Lyra to combat the Defeats is a game changer.

Adding white also gives you History of Benalia. With no other help, History creates the ability to attack for 2 on turn 4, and then 8 more on turn 5. You’ll still have your mana up to cast cards like Earthshaker Khenra, Ahn-Crop Crasher, and your various removal spells to clear the way, all of which makes History near unstoppable.

Path of Mettle is your Goblin Chainwhirler of choice. It just so happens that your creatures have haste, first strike, and vigilance, making Shalai the only thing that gets pinged on your side. With so many creatures to trigger the Path, it’s easy to flip and gives you both another mana source to ramp out your bigger threats or a game-winning land to start activating—like an improved Ramunap Ruins.

Magma Spray and Abrade give you some cheap removal while Ixalan’s Binding can stop the bigger threats. This is a great answer to Hazoret and The Scarab God to shut them out for good. With a few copies of Chandra, Torch of Defiance that give you a removal spell, mana, card advantage, and a game-winning threat to round out the deck, Boros Aggro has everything needed to be a force in Standard!

Boros Aggro

SAWASKOV, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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