Deck of the Day: Boros Aggro

Ramunap Red has been one of the more successful aggro decks of recent times, playing just a single color with powerful plays up the curve and the ability to mitigate flood. The format has been rather hostile against this deck as Energy variants can play larger creatures and a 1-mana removal spell in Chandra’s Defeat that can kill just about anything you play. So it might be time to take the best red cards and add another color like we’ve seen with Rakdos Aggro decks, but today, with Boros.

It’s tough for any aggressive deck with access to red mana to pass on Bomat Courier. You don’t even need red mana on turn 1 to get the Bomat online, and it will immediately start racking up damage and card advantage. While every removal spell in the format takes cares of the Courier, that doesn’t matter much against a 1-mana spell. If they don’t have an answer, and especially if they can’t get relevant blockers early, Bomat will draw 3 or more cards for a single mana and put the game away.

Adanto Vanguard is one of the most impressive aggro creatures we’ve seen. 3 power on offense for just 2 mana is a fantastic rate, and the ability to pay life to have it survive in combat is exactly what you want to do while pressuring your opponent. Resiliency to removal and sweepers is all upside.

Glory-Bound Initiate doesn’t offer the same resistance to interaction that Adanto Vanguard does, but a 3/1 creature that can take over the game if you untap with it is still great. Turning into a 4/4 lifelink makes racing tough even if it won’t untap every other turn, as you’re effectively looking at a 2-power unblockable lifelink. The fact that the Initiate becomes a 4-toughness creature when it attacks makes it really hard to block, so removal is important here.

Ahn-Crop Crasher has fallen out of favor a bit in Red decks as Shock and Magma Spray really do a number on it, and Rampaging Ferocidon effectively disrupts decks trying to go wide and gain life. Well, in this aggro deck, you’re the one looking to go wide and gain some life. Instead, with Shock effects already being so taxed by your 1- and 2-drops, you rely on the Crasher to force through extra damage and finish off a game.

Pia Nalaar gives you multiple bodies, which is great for effects that pump your team. Getting a flyer out of the deal that you can use to turn off blockers or give firebreathing to is added value.

The top of the curve is Hazoret the Fervent. Hazoret is completely busted. Play Hazoret.


That covers all of the creatures in the deck, but it doesn’t cover all of the creatures you’re capable of producing. You have additional spots early on in the curve that will punish traditional spot removal, or even a sweeper like Settle the Wreckage. Legion’s Landing is a great 1-drop that can flip into a token making machine. The extra mana from the flip can also be quite useful for activating abilities in Pia and Hazoret. You also have the full playset of Servo Exhibitions to flood the board.

The other token maker is Cartouche of Solidarity, but it’s mostly there to play alongside your 3 copies of Trial of Solidarity. You have the potential curve of 1-drop into Servo Exhibition into Pia into Trial (maybe with another Bomat that turn!). This deck can close the game in a hurry, and Trial also plays super well with your Glory-Bounds and Ahn-Crop Crashers, as giving them vigilance lets you exert them but remain untapped next turn!


You still get red’s removal spells in the playset of Lightning Strikes and an Abrade in the main with more in the board. The real risk is losing the late-game power of the Deserts, but this deck actually gets even more high powered late. You still have Ramunap Ruins to go upstairs, but a full playset of Shefet Dunes in your deck full of creatures and token producers gives you yet another way to max out on damage in the middle-to-late stages of the game!

Boros Aggro takes many of the principles of other aggro decks and combines a go-wide strategy with one of the best first picks in Kaladesh draft in Trial of Solidarity. This creates a powerful deck with a great early game and staying power in the late game!

Boros Aggro

MARXELO, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League

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