Deck of the Day – Blue Eldrazi Aggro

Toward the tail end of last season, a colorless-based deck emerged that revolved around Thopters. Hangarback Walker was the new hotness, and it could utilize the now-rotated Ensoul Artifact and Shrapnel Blast to great effect.

That shell showed potential again once the new Eldrazi creatures were printed, but the backbone of that strategy was Ghostfire Blade. Once that rotated, the Eldrazi deck fell off the map as white-based decks began to dominate.

But a blue-based colorless deck may have the tools to fight these token and Company strategies. Blue offers some powerful and efficient flyers. Dimensional Infiltrator and Rattlechains can come into play at instant speed, letting you leave up countermagic and removal while providing you with a cheap, evasive threat.

Eldrazi Skyspawner was not high on anyone’s radar when first spoiled, but this common has seen lots of play across a variety of Standard decks. 3 power for 3 mana, 2 of which has evasion, and the ability to ramp. You also get a nice threat and a chump blocker for a race.

Silumgar Sorceror has seen scattered fringe play in the occasional sideboard. As another flying threat that can enter the battlefield at instant speed, it has decent stats, but shutting down a key opposing creature can be a massive swing. Countering Archangel Avacyn? Sign me up!

Whirler Rogue proved itself in the original Thopter deck a year ago before becoming the consensus best card in blue Eldrazi decks earlier this year. 4 power for 4 mana across 3 bodies was huge, but that instant speed ability to make a creature unblockable was the big selling point.


Once you have this aerial force from your blue cards, what’s the best way to support that? We’ve seen blue/red aggro decks using Goldnight Castigator and Fevered Visions, but the Castigator has a serious potential downside and Visions is weak against Dromoka’s Command. What if you just stay colorless? Reality Smasher is awesome against a variety of control decks in the format, but is also going to commonly trade 2-for-1 even if the opponent has creatures in combat to trade. Thought-Knot Seer is big and bad, and can take a Gideon, Avacyn, or Collected Company while being tough to kill with Dromoka’s Command and impossible with Ultimate Price.


With all the instant-speed threats, you’re going to want some instant-speed answers. Spell Shrivel and Clash of Wills will help make sure the threats you can’t deal with don’t resolve. Spatial Contortion will kill virtually every creature in a Company deck and can even act as a burn spell when targeting your own Reality Smasher.


Having access to awesome colorless lands that actually help fix your mana (when you need colorless) in Foundry of the Consuls and Westvale Abbey is pretty nice icing on the cake.

These blue-based aggro decks filled with flying creatures have appeared a number of times as potential foils to the current format. Maybe the Eldrazi variant has what it takes!

Blue Eldrazi

THACARTERVIII, 5-0 in an MTGO Standard Competitive League

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