Deck of the Day – Black/Red Aggro

So far, Battle for Zendikar cards haven’t made a huge impact on Standard outside of the incredible additions to mana bases, making 3- and 4-color decks go off without a hitch. That’s part of the reason why aggro decks have been on the decline. If you don’t get as many free wins because people are stumbling on their mana or casting their Fleecemane Lions off of pain lands and Mana Confluences, the draw to aggro diminishes. So we need something else to draw us into the archetype.

Still, one of the most powerful cards to come out of BFZ is Drana, Liberator of Malakir.

She has seen barely any competitive play, but a strong aggressive shell is the perfect home. A bunch of early creatures can flood the board and take advantage of Drana’s trigger, and Hangarback Walker combines perfectly on both ends, either gaining more counters when still in play or providing a swarm of Thopter tokens to pump.

Cheap removal in Draconic Roar as well as some hard-to-deal-with Dragons are exactly what the doctor ordered. Round the deck out with some fetchlands to help fuel the only delve spell in Murderous Cut, and you may just have a deck that can compete with the best options in the format.

BR Aggro

MEDVEDEV, 7th place – Standard Champs Q #8987702 on 11/07/2015



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