Deck of the Day: Bant Turbofog

When Nexus of Fate was printed in M19, Bant TurboFog was a viable deck in Standard between Haze of Pollen and Root Snare while getting an infinite amount of turn thanks to recurring Nexus of Fate.

Although, Nexus of Fate is today banned in Historic, but Hall of Famer Ben Stark wasn’t stopped by that and decided to register Bant Turbofog at the Mythic Invitational!

Historic Bant Turbofog Deck List - Ben Stark


Teferi, Hero of DominariaHaze of Pollen

When looking at decks people try to understand how does one deck win, and when looking at this deck that isn’t so easy to find.

The goal of the deck will be to make your opponent unable to deal damage to you, thanks to Haze of Pollen and Root Snare, while you get your card advantage flowing via Search for Azcanta and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria.

Once you have a high amount of Fogs to play with, you can kill them via Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. The first step is getting his emblem out, then exiling all your opponent’s permanent and finally milling your opponent out since Teferi can tuck himself, while your opponent will naturally take their draw step every turn.

It is a long way to win the game, and I doubt Ben has often came down to that. I would foresee that many people will concede once you show them your endless card advantage that will stifle their ability to do anything.

Out of the sideboard you’ll have cards like Elder Gargaroth against creature decks, and Shark Typhoon and Commence the Endgame against Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath decks.

Commit // MemorySearch for Azcanta

Search for Azcanta will be your most important tool in getting card advantage, since it can heavily dig for your Fogs which you might need to cast one every turn at a certain stage of the game.

Search for Azcanta works perfectly with Teferi, Hero of Dominaria since you can untap it after using it in your mainphase, it was one of the tricks I used to do with Esper in Standard and I definitely miss doing that.

Commit // Memory isn’t only a 4 mana interaction card. Its main role will be the Memory part, the so called Timetwister. Which will make you able to reshuffle all your Fogs into your deck and be able to not deck out as easy.

Memory also works great in this deck in combination with Narset, Parter of Veils. You can cast Narset, -2, Fog your opponent and then cast Memory to draw 7 cards while your opponent will only get access to one card.

Muxus, Goblin GrandeeBonecrusher Giant

Ben decided to play this deck because he claims it has a 80% win rate against Goblins, and he expected Goblins to be the most played deck of the tournament. Unfortunately for him, Goblins was just 34% of the metagame, and he only got matched against it once in the event, and won.

The MU against Goblins is great because they can only kill you via combat phase, and you can easily control that over and over with your Fogs and your ways of getting card advantage.

The bad MUs of the deck are clearly cards that make you unable to Fog your opponent such as Bonecrusher Giant and Questing Beast, and I assume the match up against Jund Sacrifice can’t be too good because you have little ways to stop Cauldron Familiar and Mayhem Devil, at least in the maindeck.

Ben’s choice was a very bold one, but all the Prison lover out there will love playing this!


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