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Collected Company has proven itself to be a powerhouse in Standard. 6 mana in value for only 4 mana at instant speed has the potential for huge blowouts. Bant Company is starting to put up some real results in Standard Leagues on MTGO.

Deathmist Raptor and Den Protector have seen less play of late, but they are long-time fans of Collected Company (Den Protector for returning the Company more than being the creature you want to put into play face-up, but it’s serviceable there as well).

Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy is one of the best hits in Rally the Ancestors decks and is no different here.

The new toys from Oath of the Gatewatch offer some powerful early and late game. Sylvan Advocate is an efficient threat on turn 2 that just improves to a complete monster later in the game. Reflector Mage is great at all times, offering a fantastic tempo play, and getting a Mage into play at instant speed off a Collected Company can end the game given how much that play will change the landscape of the battlefield.

Going Bant means that Lumbering Falls has a chance to shine and there are few cards more powerful with Sylvan Advocate. With 6 lands in play, Falls threatens to be a 5/5 hexproof attacker, bigger than even Siege Rhino.

If you’re going to play a deck with Collected Company, you will be leaving up 4 mana somewhat often to cast your powerful instant. It’s great to have access to other instants you can cast for 4 or fewer mana so you can represent more than just the one spell for opponents to play around. Players may try to jam their best creature when you’re representing a Company, and that’s a great time for Ojutai’s Command to offer the blowout. Dromoka’s Command is one of the strongest removal spells in Standard thanks to its versatility and power.

I don’t know if it will stick around in Modern, but Void Grafter is well costed and large for just 3 mana. Being able to save a Jace or another creature, or just flashing in a 2/4 body may wind up being strong enough in Standard!

Bant Company

TOOR_, 5-0 in an MTGO Standard League

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