Deck of the Day: B/W Vampire Tokens

The stock of Vraska’s Contempt and Essence Scatter has never been higher stock than it is right now. How about we play a deck with cheap creatures and lots of token makers to make spot removal look silly?

3-power on a lifelinking creature for 4 mana would be pretty far below the curve, but this dodges all spot removal and plays  well with the several ways you have to pump creatures. With a single pump effect, you’re already looking at 6 lifelinking power and a total game-changer.

4 mana is still a lot to pay, and there is the whole 4-of limit in Standard, so you end up with a playset of Queen’s Commissions to play alongside your Call to the Feasts. This combination of cards gives you plenty of ways to create lifelinking Vampire tokens to swarm the battlefield.

Removal is not dead against you, but it’s  weak against the token makers. You do have one great card to hit, but you’re likely to get a decent mana advantage, since your best creature is a 2-drop. Legion Lieutenant isn’t even necessarily a creature you want to deploy on turn 2 and leave open to removal—waiting for them to tap out before pumping your entire team could be the better play.

Radiant Destiny gives you another way to pump your squad without being susceptible to all of the creature removal in the format. With so many tokens, you’re likely to ascend and have vigilance, giving you large, vigilance, lifelinking creatures to play offense and defense.

Your other creatures offer some nice inherent card advantage. Spending a removal spell on a 1/1 already stinks, and Dusk Legion Zealot will have also already drawn its card. Letting it stick around is an option, but it won’t stay 1/1 for long with so many Vampire pump spells.

Martyr of Dusk gives you another early creature to get aggressive, but it also plays excellent defense as trading with opposing early drops nets you a lifelink token. If they spend a removal spell on your 2-drop, you’re getting extra value.

Your only creature spell to cost more than 2 is Champion of Dusk, and you’re practically never upset when they kill this one. With so many token makers, the Champion can draw a ton of cards, and you have plenty of lifelink to make sure the pain isn’t too bad.

Legion’s Landing gives a token when you cast it and more tokens as the game goes long. This gives you a way to ramp up to Champion and another late-game threat to churn out Vampires. While that would already be nice, with a playset of Radiant Destinies in your deck, it becomes unstoppable.

You’re playing some great colors for removal in Standard, and you start with some Fatal Pushes to give you a tempo play and some instant-speed interaction. Cast Out gives you more instant-speed removal, albeit at a much higher cost, but it can deal with problematic planeswalkers and cycle for a new card when needed. Ixalan’s Binding is a little clunky, but exiling an opposing Hazoret or The Scarab God isn’t nearly as good as making sure they can’t cast another for the rest of the game!

Combining all of these strong spells with both the white and black Deserts to make sure that you can turn your lands into useful resources when you flood out make the B/W Vampire Tokens deck one of the best options in Standard.

B/W Vampire Tokens



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