Deck of the Day: B/G Ramp

Ramp strategies have been picking up in popularity in Standard lately, but this one definitely breaks the mold. These decks tend to rely on their ramp spells to get to their powerful late game, but this deck doesn’t have much of that. In fact, there are no X-spells and there’s nothing that costs more than 6 mana!

The main reason these strategies have been seeing more play is Hour of Promise. For 5 mana, you’re getting some serious value. Ramping your mana up to 7 and beyond is nice, but as I already mentioned, this deck isn’t actually playing anything that needs all of that mana. Instead, you’re going after value Deserts to help your game plan or Arch of Orazca to use all of your excess mana to draw more cards. With Ifnir Deadlands and Hashep Oasis around, you have plenty of use for extra mana and extra lands as these function as spells. Getting a pair of 2/2 Zombies also gives you a nice board to start attacking and blocking.

The only creature in this deck is Carnage Tyrant, although you have plenty of other ways to make creature tokens. With three copies of the Tyrant, you have an excellent way to punish the U/B midrange and control decks in the format. While the white decks have a nice defense against the big Dinosaur in Settle the Wreckage and Fumigate, decks that rely on counters and spot removal are going to struggle. Their main game plan will be to block the Tyrant with The Scarab God and other creatures, but you’re well loaded up on removal spells to handle that.

This deck goes really deep on removal spells to try to make sure that you can never get run over. Not only is there a full playset of Fatal Pushes, but also all four Cast Downs in here. This gives you a ton of ways to keep the board stable and make sure that Hour of Promise and Carnage Tyrant can do their work. With four more copies of Vraska’s Contempt and a couple of Never // Returns, you’ve got bigger creatures and planeswalkers under control, too. Return can give you an extra creature and some added defense against cards like Champion of Wits.

Doomfall adds to your removal suite while making sure that you have a really powerful effect against slower decks. Being able to strip a counterspell, God-Pharaoh’s Gift, or planeswalker from the opponent before they get value can be the difference between winning and losing.

All of these removal spells are here to help make sure that you get to the late game, but they’re also your line of defense in letting your planeswalkers take over. The full four copies of Karn, Scion of Urza give you a ton of ways to get ahead on cards. Even though you don’t have a single artifact in the deck to make powerful Karnstructs, you have so much cheap removal to make sure that Karn is finding your best cards for you. You also have a copy of Vraska, Relic Seeker to take over the late game. This gives you extra utility against artifacts and enchantments while threatening to win the game with the aid of some removal.

Gift of Paradise feels a little surprising in this deck just because you don’t have a real need for the color fixing or the extra ramp. Going from 3 to 5 for Hour of Promise a turn earlier is excellent, but that’s the only 5-mana spell you even have. A little life buffer is also useful, but you’re not going overboard to take advantage of any of these functions.

This deck features two other singletons, and the first of those is a former sideboard-only card now popping up in main decks all over. Arguel’s Blood Fast is a great way to get ahead against slower decks. What is usually a liability against aggro also adds a bit of utility as flipping the Blood Fast gives you extra mana and a way to gain back some life. With plenty of creature tokens and some Dinosaurs, this can really come in handy. There’s also a single Naturalize as many aggro decks still rely on Vehicles, God-Pharaoh’s Gift is becoming more popular, and it’s an all-star against the enchantments like Cast Out from U/W decks.

B/G Ramp may not lean heavily on the ramp elements of the deck to win, but it can make use of all of its extra mana.

B/G Ramp

MRPRTRCR, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League

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