Deck of the Day: Amulet Breach (Modern)

When you’re married to a woman who has a borderline irrational love for both Amulet and Through the Breach Titan decks, the opportunity to mash them both together isn’t one I’m going to pass up.

Primeval Titan is the glue that holds these two decks together. It’s the number one threat, and lynchpin to each of the “combos.” Primeval is reasonably costed for a 6/6 trampling monster, and each of these decks rely on specialty lands to get going. Unlike traditional Breach Titan, there are no Valakuts present here. Instead, this list relies on the bouncelands to accelerate its mana, and then can use Slayers’ Stronghold to give the Primeval Titan haste and additional power.

Amulet of Vigor in conjunction with bouncelands is a great way to ramp your mana. Summer Bloom has been banned from Modern, and with good reason, as turn-1 Amulet into turn-2 Summer Bloom meant a single bounceland could produce 6 mana on the spot. This deck is not nearly as explosive, but you do have a number of draws that can get you to 5 mana on turn 2.

Sakura-Tribe Scout is the “new” Summer Bloom, and it’s super fixed. Scout is susceptible to removal and only gives you one additional land drop, but you can use it each turn for both value and ramp.

A turn-1 Scout gives you a couple different lines to get to 5 mana on turn 2. You can tap your land to play Amulet, and then a bounceland for your land drop and from your Scout gives you 4 mana. An Azusa, Lost but Seeking knocks you down to a single mana floating, but your bounceland now gives you 4 additional to get to 5. You can also play turn-2 Amulet, play your bounceland to float 2 mana, and play a second Amulet. Now a bounceland from your Scout gives you 4 additional mana again, up to 5. Unfortunately, Primeval Titan costs 6. Enter Through the Breach.

Through the Breach allows you to cheat a creature into play from your hand. This can be a Primeval Titan to immediately search up a Boros Garrison and Slayers’ Stronghold if you have an Amulet in play to attack for 8 and get 2 more lands. Even better than a turn-2 Primeval Titan is a turn-anything Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.

Emrakul is tough to cast, although enough Amulets in play actually makes that a possibility. Through the Breach into Emrakul is a way to wipe an opponent’s board and generally all of their life total.

Summoner’s Pact is almost always going to get Primeval Titan, but there are situations where Azusa, Lost but Seeking is what you need. The 0 casting cost means that you have even more ways to combo off on turn 2. Just remember to pay your upkeeps turn 3 (and you should have plenty of mana to do so).

Ancient Stirrings gets you access to more Amulets, bouncelands, and Tolaria West to get Summoner’s Pact for Primeval Titan.

The real oddball card in this deck is Root Maze. Root Maze is one of the biggest nombos you can ever have with Through the Breach, as your creature is now entering the battlefield tapped and can’t attack. That all changes with an Amulet in play, however, as your trigger will untap any creature or land you have. A pair of Amulets means that even your basic lands will be producing extra mana the turn they enter the battlefield. Root Maze is particularly insane against opposing fetchland mana bases. If an opponent has an opening hand with 1-2 fetchlands and something like a Serum Visions, their turn-1 is a tapped fetch land. Their turn-2 fetch will get another land tapped, and their next land drop will also enter tapped. This can buy you countless turns in Modern to set up your combos and make sure you have Amulets to mitigate your own Root Mazes.

This is a pretty sweet mashup between two of the best Primeval Titan decks in all of Modern, so I’m definitely interested in seeing what it’s got!

Amulet Breach

SuperSnuGnu, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League

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