Deck of the Day: 5c New Perspectives

There are many ways to attack a new format, but utilizing a combo that has rarely seen play could be the best way to end up on top.

New Perspectives is an interesting card. If you aren’t doing a ton of cycling, you’re spending 6 mana to draw three cards. That rate isn’t even good enough to see play in Limited. In a dedicated combo cycling deck, however, that’s what it’s all about. New Perspectives doesn’t mulligan particularly well as a deck that needs to have 7 cards in hand to function, but just casting New Perspectives and having it resolve is usually enough to end the game immediately. This leaves you vulnerable to discard, counters, and Lost Legacy can mean lost game, but you will have some backup ways to win without New Perspectives.

Approach of the Second Sun can win the game for you even if your New Perspectives are exiled. It also happens to be a solid win condition when you have plenty of mana and the ability to draw your entire deck, so it works really well here. A single Faith of the Devoted is the only other main-deck way to win outside of Approach or the rarest of the rare occurences: when your creatures actually enter the battlefield and start attacking.

So how does this combo deck work? By cycling for free, you get to rip through your entire library. You have 21 spells in your deck with cycling, but you also have 14 cycling lands. This means practically all of your hands will have several cycling cards in them, and you’ll likely be drawing into more and more. Gift of Paradise works well at giving you a bit of life, ramping you to New Perspectives, and making sure that you have tons of mana when you’re going off.

With New Perspectives in play, you’re going to start cycling through your entire deck. The key cards here are Vizier of Tumbling Sands and Shefet Monitor. With Perspectives in play, you can still cycle these more expensive cards to get their effect for free, and this gives you access to mana. With a Gift on a land, Vizier cycle will net you multiple mana. Shefet will get a land out of your deck you already didn’t want to draw and into play to net you some mana.

Once you’ve gone through all of your cyclers and hopefully netted a few extra mana, it’s time to cast Shadow of the Grave. This returns all of your cyclers to draw the rest of the cards you need. Returning your Viziers gives you more mana and makes sure that you have what you need to cast Approach of the Second Sun to win the game (and draw enough cards to find them).

Your other cyclers have a nice effect on the game when you need to cast them, and they’re also relatively cheap to cycle. Hieroglyphic Illumination can dig you deeper or cycle for 1 mana, Cast Out can take care of a problematic permanent or cycle for 1 mana, and Renewed Faith will buffer your life total as you cycle it to make sure that you have the time you need to win the game. A single Haze of Pollen to Fog an opponent’s attack can be the difference between winning and losing.

This is one of the coolest combo decks in the format, and it’s quite consistent. With so many cycling cards and ways to dig deep, you’ll find New Perspectives on time more often than not. As long as you can get it to resolve and not die beforehand, you’ve got an incredible deck on your hands!

5c New Perspectives

KOSHERSAMMICH, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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