Deck of the Day – 5-Color Good Stuff

Who likes to make decisions when it comes to the best cards in Magic? Not me. I want to play all the good cards, but that almost never works. Are mana bases finally good enough that we can get there in Standard?

We have seen a number of 3-color decks splashing a 4th, between Jeskai Black, Abzan Blue, and Temur with anything that might help make it less bad. Usually these decks include light splashes, but jamming everything together might be good enough. Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy is a great starting point. Throwing in the best aggressive creatures: Mantis Rider and Siege Rhino will present a steady stream of tough threats and some Den Protectors and Tasigur, the Golden Fangs for late-game value because why not?

And what better in a 5-color deck than our new friend the Woodland Wanderer?

The spells in Jeskai Black have proven themselves to be the best in the business, so throwing them all in works pretty nicely here. Fiery Impulse, counters, Crackling Doom, Kolaghan’s Command—the options are endless. Dig Through Time is tougher to cast with all 5 colors, but Treasure Cruise and Murderous Cut can replace it as the delve spells of choice.

There is no deck greedier deck than 5-Color Good Stuff, but is there any deck more powerful?

5-Color Good Stuff

MTGO Standard Daily 11/23/15 2nd Place, by DAIBLOXSC


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