Deck of the Day – 5-Color Bring to Light

What’s better than 4 Siege Rhinos? 5 Siege Rhinos. Or even more.

Bring to Light isn’t intrinsically overpowered. It’s going to search for a card and cast a spell that couldn’t have possibly cost more than the Bring to Light itself (and requires many different colors to even have that be a good spell). That means you’re going to need some great spells that are worth getting for this card to shine.

Siege Rhino is the number one target. Being able to consistently curve Rhino into Rhino before finishing off an opponent is a great place to be in Standard.

If you’re going to be playing a powerful converge UG card, Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy is a nice pairing (and can also give all your tutors and powerful silver bullets a chance to be flashed back). Main-deck sweepers go up in value when you have ways to search them out, and Languish is the best of the bunch for a Siege Rhino deck.

Being able to fill your deck with situational cards like Kolaghan’s Command, Silumgar’s Command, Utter End, Crackling Doom, and Complete Disregard can make sure you have the right removal spell when you need it. Abzan Charm is one of the best and most versatile cards in Standard, so any deck with access to 4 goes up in value. Finally the main deck can be rounded out with value cards in Den Protector and Treasure Cruise.

The sideboard options are already very exciting for a 5-color deck, but that only goes up dramatically when you have tutor effects in your deck. Need an Infinite Obliteration against Ulamog, or an Anafenza, the Foremost against Rally? You have access to so many more copies in post-sideboard games when you play Bring to Light, so it certainly could be worth trying out!

5c Bring to Light

By Joe Lossett, 4th Place at Standard Open


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