Deck of the Day: 4-Color Turbo Fog (Standard)

A Turbo Fog deck is as frustrating to play against as it sounds. The goal of the deck is to set up shop by turtling up behind a wall of spells that prevent creatures from dealing combat damage. With Aetherworks Marvel out of the format, pushing Ulamog to the brink of extinction, the general game plan for just about every tier 1 deck out there is to win the game through combat damage. This deck makes that a nightmare to accomplish.

All of the Fog effects serve a similar purpose—you’re looking to prevent combat damage. If you can set up to Fog every turn, opponents will need to find a way to deck you or burn you out in order to win the game. Those are already uncommon methods of attack in Standard, and you have plenty of tools to shut that down here. Haze of Pollen is the strongest Fog effect thanks to cycling for the rare times you need it. If you have a hand of all Fog effects and need to stop a burn spell or planeswalker from ultimating, it can come up. Commencement of Festivities is just Haze of Pollen without cycling attached. Encircling Fissure costs more mana to cast, and you will basically never use the awaken part of the spell, even when you have plenty of mana available. You’re not winning through small chunks of damage and having your land killed is a disaster.

In a deck looking to cast a Fog every turn, you’re going to need to make sure you draw plenty of them. This is why you’re willing to play a 4th color to get Fevered Visions into the deck. Not only is Visions a way to win the game, as you can burn out opponents struggling to empty their hand in time, but you can redirect the Fevered damage to planeswalkers as an additional answer. If opponents are going to try to win through combat damage and you have that covered, all of the extra cards they’re drawing will wind up being useless anyway.

Bounty of the Luxa will provide an additional card and a mana boost on alternating turns. While you don’t have a ton of ways to capitalize on extra mana on your turn, you do have a few sinks, and this will also let you cast your removal or sweepers while leaving up mana for the following turn.

Commit // Memory is an important addition to the deck. Commit is a great way to interact with problematic spells and permanents, and Memory will make sure that you never run out of gas. Luckily, in the case of this deck, “gas” is almost always just “more Fogs.” As you continue to play lands and enchantments, there will be fewer and fewer non-Fogs being shuffled back in. This means that you’ll be able to cast the Fog effects basically forever.

Your win conditions are Kefnet the Mindful and Approach of the Second Sun. Kefnet is great at holding down the fort, especially when you’re drawing plenty of cards. Using excess Bounty mana to draw more cards, or your extra lands laying around in the late game, will guarantee you always have Fogs. Kefnet is a little loose because cards like Cast Out and Dark Salvation can deal with your win condition. Approach of the Second Sun doesn’t care about removal or how much life the opponent can gain—it will just win the game eventually.

Attune with Aether helps provide the color fixing, and makes your Aether Hubs better in a 4-color deck. Nissa’s Renewal can provide extra lands while taking you out of burn range.

Fumigate and Descend upon the Sinful will take care of any mess should you run out of Fogs or want to take a turn off from casting them. Descend can be a win condition and Fumigate gains some life, so there’s real upside to both.

You’ll need to make sure you don’t die to something like Walking Ballista or planeswalkers’ ultimates. You have Negate and Essence Scatter to stop them from hitting play. You also have a playset of Cast Outs to deal with them once they’re on the battlefield, and Gideon’s Intervention can shut off the damage or any future problematic spells from being cast.

Turbo Fog is an awesome strategy to play with, and a frustrating one to play against. It could be in a fantastic position as decks load up on removal and powerful creatures to win the midrange mirror and can’t interact with damage prevention turn after turn!

Turbo Fog



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