Deck of the Day – 4-Color Rally with Bring to Light

Bring to Light is a powerful card that we have seen in combination with Siege Rhinos and control elements. Rally the Ancestors is a strong Standard deck that can be somewhat limited by its ability to find the important cards. What happens when you combine them?

Now, Bring to Light doesn’t have a favorable interaction with Rally the Ancestors, but Collected Company is absolutely the most powerful card in the deck and most Rally pilots would happily play some additional copies even as a 5-mana sorcery. Collected Company is the fuel that makes the Rally deck tick, so Bring to Light is interesting, acting as more copies there.

By and large, the Rally deck is a combo deck. Drawing Nantuko Husk after Nantuko Husk is not where you want to be, but if you have a bunch of sacrifice outlets, you would happily pay additional mana to find a Zulaport Cutthroat. Already have a bunch of Cutthroats? Who wouldn’t pay 5 to go get Nantuko Husk to end the game? Being able to get a value Grim Haruspex to set up a win or grab a powerful sideboard card like Anafenza, the Foremost, is an invaluable effect.

Does Bring to Light have what it takes to improve the Rally deck going forward or is it simply too slow and clunky to shine in this powerful strategy?

Four-Color Rally

By Matthew Tickal, 26th Place at a Standard Open

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