Deck of the Day: 4-Color Delirium

Graveyard shenanigans were an important part of Standard when Emrakul, the Promised End was the best game in town. While Dredge has a strong presence in Modern, many of the key cards are Standard legal and can create an impressive shell.

Haunted Dead and Prized Amalgam are a great combination for any graveyard-centric deck. Amalgam is already a reasonably priced 3/3 creature for 3 mana. The ability to return it for “free” makes for a recursive strategy that’s tough to beat. Haunted Dead doesn’t ask for much to take over the game—get both of these creatures in your graveyard and all you need are cards in hand to make your engine work. Conveniently, Amalgams and other key spells can also go to your graveyard from your hand with Haunted Dead’s ability.

Kozilek’s Return is another spell that does more out of your graveyard than in your hand, but can be used in both “modes.” Milling Returns just gives you more upside as the game goes long.

Scrapheap Scrounger is yet another spell that has value in multiple zones. Milling or discarding Scrounger creates future value, and casting it will force your opponent to produce an answer quickly.

To take advantage of Kozilek’s Returns and recursive creatures, an Eldrazi with emerge is perfect. Elder Deep-Fiend does it all. You can put Amalgams and Haunted Dead back in the graveyard for more fun, trigger Kozilek’s Return to sweep the board, tap down an opposing player’s creatures or lands, and then start attacking for huge chunks of damage.

Getting all these cards in the graveyard then becomes the name of the game. Grapple with the Past allows you to find key creatures or lands while loading up the ‘yard, but we can go so much deeper.

Perpetual Timepiece has no effect on the battlefield whatsoever. All it does is mill cards into your graveyard for future value—but we can continue going deeper.

Crawling Sensation will provide value as the game goes on, but the main purpose is just to get your graveyard cards where you want them. The Insects are a nice, yet minor, upside.

Crop Sigil offers even more milling that you can cash in later in the game to get what is likely to be an Elder Deep-Fiend. All of this milling will make sure you have delirium early and often, so the Sigil will be active.

Traverse the Ulvenwald can make sure you have an Eldrazi when you need one, or just more Amalgams to discard and return. You’re also playing a 4-color deck, so the fixing is a nice bonus.

While just about everything in this deck is centered on the graveyard, a little extra removal with your Kozilek’s Returns could come in handy. Fatal Push is the removal spell of choice and adds a nice tempo element to the deck.

In a format with very little graveyard interaction, the powerful recursive creatures and spells in this deck have a chance to take over the game. You have so much incidental value thanks to the recursion that this deck could be a major contender.

4-Color Delirium

BUSHVIPER, 5-0 in an MTGO Competitive League


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