Deck of the Day – 4.5-Color Company

I’m sick of Bant Company and I’m sick of 4.5-Color Company—at least when it’s lacking red. This deck has given me the twist I need!

At the base, this is still Company. Duskwatch Recruiter, Sylvan Advocate, and Reflector Mage are among the most powerful options in Standard. They happen to be awesome early plays that scale well and continue to be incredible later in the game.

Eldrazi Displacer has found its way into a number of Company decks. You can find it with Company, and in a deck full of creatures with awesome abilities, why would you not want to blink them? Being able to utilize Displacer to its fullest potential also helps give you serious game against popular decks in the metagame like GW Tokens.

If you have access to Displacer and need an additional early drop, why not Elvish Visionary? It blocks well against the Humans decks before an anthem effect and always replaces itself.

Matter Reshaper has seen more play in Modern than it has in Standard, but it’s a great option. You can chain them with the other creatures in your deck to get serious value and it almost always replaces itself in Standard. As decks with Kalitas and similar show up fewer in numbers, Matter Reshaper gets better, although Declaration in Stone still gets it.

What really sets this deck apart isn’t the Matter Reshaper main or the Reality Smashers in the sideboard as we’ve seen that before. Nahiri, the Harbinger in a Company deck is a new one. Nahiri is a great removal option that also helps filter your draws, making you more likely to draw impactful cards as the game goes on (mostly just more Collected Companys). Get it up to ultimate and most Company decks wouldn’t be able to utilize that since getting another 3-drop, while nice, isn’t game-breaking.

Enter Dragonlord Atarka. It’s not completely unreasonable to cast at 7 mana in a format where games tend to get drawn out with creature stalls, and the Dragonlord does a great job at breaking them. With so many other creatures in the deck, you’re likely to have your opponent use their Declaration in Stone before the Dragonlord hits the board, allowing it to win the game on its own. By ultimating Nahiri, you get a couple triggers out of your Dragon while coming across for tons of game-swinging damage.

Naya Company splashing Reflector Mage is definitely a different way of approaching the archetype and I love seeing people innovate different ways to take the deck beyond Dromoka’s Command. If you’re looking to play many of the most powerful cards in Standard, but with a planeswalker combo finish, check this deck out!

4.5-Color Company

TRUTHORDARE, 5-0 in an MTGO Standard Competitive League

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