Deck Highlight: Standard Sultai Nest

Standard Sultai Nest - Haru


“This Sultai list is buck wild!” – Twitch chat during CFB Clash. They’re not wrong. Watching a strong Jund Sacrifice deck fail to stop Haru, AKA Takashi Harumoto, from completely taking control of the game on coverage, you can tell this list is something special.

Sultai looked dead after the banning of Uro, but you can’t count out that color combo for long. Packing some of the best cards in standard not named Omnath, this list is creature light, with only four Mire Tritons and Jegantha in the companion slot. Not only that, there’s very little in the way of threats, with Shark Typhoon the main win condition. This is really a traditional control deck, that looks to build card advantage… and that’s where it gets interesting.

Titans' Nest

If you were wondering ‘why Mire Triton?’, the playset of Titans’ Nest explains it. This deck looks to fill the graveyard to take advantage of this Ikoria card. Not only does it filter your draws, it also reduce the cost of this deck’s suite of card draw and removal. Rain of Revelation and Thirst for Meaning feed the nest and put the right cards in hand. Add Omen of the Hunt for Ramp as well as Extinction Event and Heartless Act to keep the board clear and you’ve got a graveyard-focused deck that absolutely has the power to win without that resource.

If you’re looking for something unique to take on the format, this is definitely one to try, hopefully you rare drafted those Nests when Ikoria was around!

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