Deck Highlight: Standard Best-of-1 Mono White

Standard Bo1 Mono White Deck List - Martin Juza

This weekend features the Arena Open, where you can choose Bo1 or Bo3 on day1 of the event, so as a result, more players started dipping into the format.

I believe this list is a creation of DanyTlaw and Crokeyz.

This deck looks like a pretty simple monowhite Aggro deck, but there’s actually a lot going on that the usual Savannah Lions and Glorious Anthems.

Legion Angel gives you additional value out of the access to your sideboard, even though it is the Bo1 format.

Luminarch Aspirant might be one of the most under-used card from Zendikar Rising that can quickly make your creatures grow out of control.

Skyclave Apparition deals with annoying Rogues and cards like Edgewall Innkeeper.

Glass Casket in the maindeck seems very reasonable right now in a format mostly dominated by creatures.

I would like to see more Giant Killers because I’d expect Gruul to be a very popular choice this weekend, not just in Bo3, but also in Bo1.

Normally, I’d argue for 4 Emeria’s Call, but Bo1 tends to be a very aggressive format and this deck has a very fast curve, so you would probably end up taking too much damage every game. It still makes sense to play 4 in a deck like U/W Yorion, where you don’t have any turn 1 plays, though.

I don’t think I would recommend playing this over something like Gruul, where the power of Embercleave with Questing Beast, Edgewall Innkeeper and Bonecrusher Giant is just through the roof, but if Monowhite is your style of deck, give this a try!


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