Deck Highlight: Modern Jeskai Ascendancy

Modern Jeskai Ascendancy Deck List - 112Pablo

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Jeskai Ascendancy is one of the more unusual combo decks available in Modern. The goal is to pair a mana creature (Sylvan Caryatid is best, due to hexproof) with the namesake enchantment and a bunch of cheap cantrips. You tap your Sylvan Caryatid to cast Sleight of Hand, which untaps the Caryatid and digs you to another cheap spell. In this way you can churn through your deck and make your creatures enormous, eventually using Glittering Wish to find Flesh//Blood and kill the opponent in one shot.

As you’re comboing, Manamorphose and Cerulean Wisps provide ways to get ahead on mana, while Nagging Thoughts helps you get ahead on cards when you discard it to Jeskai Ascendancy’s triggered ability. Once you loot into Fatesticher, you unearth it to double your mana and help things progress even more smoothly. You can even attack with a giant Fatesticher if the Glittering Wish for Flesh//Blood plan doesn’t work out.

The version presented by Magic Online player 122Pablo is a very nice package. Glittering Wish serves as win condition (with Flesh//Blood), combo piece (with Jeskai Ascendancy), or niche answer card (Abrupt Decay, Failure//Comply, or Teferi, Time Raveler). Jegantha, the Wellspring is a freeroll as a companion, but can also help you combo off as a mana creature! (Albeit a somewhat overpriced one).

I particularly like that Jeskai Ascendancy can win relatively easily through graveyard hate cards.

This deck can be tricky to pilot at first, as there are a lot of moving pieces. But that ought to make it all the more rewarding! There’s not much that’s more fun in MTG than playing an obscure combo deck, as you get to face opponents who haven’t prepared with the right sideboard cards to beat your strategy. Some of them might not even know what you’re up to until it’s too late!


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