Czech Mate – GP Hong Kong and Theros Limited

GP Valencia is this weekend and I promised to teach Marijn Lybaert some things about Theros Limited, so I thought I might as well put it into an article.

The beginning of the season went as badly as possible for me. I finished dead last at the World Championship and then 0-3 dropped the Constructed GP a week after that. Nevermind, there was M14 which would hopefully turn things around in my favor. I read every article about the format, did a lot of drafts and decided to go to GP Oakland. It was a long flight, but when did that ever stop me? I felt like I knew the format extremely well. My rating on Magic Online consistently hovered around 1950.

Then I went 0-3 again. My pool was horrible, but clearly you should be able to win SOME matches.

Confidence level : 0
Current streak : 2-16 (!!)

I’ve had a few of these highs and lows before. The lows were usually when I didn’t prepare for Constructed tournaments (shocking, I know), but this felt different. I just couldn’t win a match no matter what I did.

Next came GP Prague and I was determined to do well. Another couple dozen practice drafts later and I was on my way to the site, praying for a good pool. On Friday evening, slightly intoxicated, I made a pretty bold statement that I would win the tournament. It was only a 1-hour bus ride from my city, there was no jet lag, and I was staying with a friend who lives across the street from the venue. I had no excuses.

I went 14-1 in the Swiss, but lost the quarterfinals. I had a great deck and I think I was one close pick away from actually winning the whole thing. Now I wanted to win even more.
Theros was next.

Before PT Dublin, we met in Prague with Frank Karsten and the qualified Czechs (Cifka, Jaklovsky, etc.) to test Limited before our respective teams got together to test for the Constructed portion. We pretty much just drafted and ate for almost a week. Having Frank there was great—he’s a really smart guy with an impressive work ethic. We kept track of what colors were winning, which cards we felt were much better or worse than we gave them credit for, etc. It was a good week and I think we developed a pretty good grasp on the format.

After doing a few more drafts in Dublin with the rest of the CFB crew, I posted the following in our team forum before the PT:

“1. I REALLY want to be green in this format. Preferably UG or GW (I haven’t actually drafted a RG deck in this format yet). UG is definitely the best archetype in the format by a large margin—big creatures, flying, and bounce spells. What makes GW great in my opinion is mainly the combination of [card]Wingsteed Rider[/card] and Baneslayer (the [card hopeful eidolon]one-mana Eidolon lifelink bestow guy[/card]). Green is the deepest color, it has the best creatures (2 of them heroic and both bestow ones are among the best), a removal spell ([card]Time to Feed[/card]), solid tricks, and allows you the splash easily (the enchant land), which I think is important because there are a lot of powerful cards that you can easily splash for and it gives you more sideboard options. Both monstrous guys are very good, and [card nessian asp]Asp[/card] especially is awesome because it stops pretty much everything in this format and then it kills them. Both bestow guys are great, because one kills them (trample on your fat guys) and the other one triggers heroic for cheap and blocks flyers which is important.

I’m definitely taking Asp over [card]Lightning Strike[/card] or any other common pack 1, pick 1.

2. There is very little removal or cards that interact with your opponent’s creatures in this format, so you should take those [card]Voyage’s End[/card]s, [card]Griptide[/card]s, and [card]Time to Feed[/card]s very highly. Griptide has been constantly moving up in my pick order and I would almost never leave [card]Divine Verdict[/card] in the sideboard.

3. Red and black are horrible. At this point I’m pretty much ignoring black cards unless I open one of the black super bombs ([card hythonia the cruel]4BB Gorgon mythic[/card], [card keepsake gorgon]3BB Gorgon uncommon[/card], [card agent of fates]1BB 3/2 agent that edicts them[/card], [card abhorrent overlord]Overlord[/card]. I’m not sure if I would take [card]Whip of Erebos[/card], probably not). Other good black cards are [card]Hero’s Downfall[/card] and the [card erebos’s emissary]bestow Emissary Wild Mongrel on steroids[/card], but the rest are just cards that other colors do better or cheaper. The creatures are bad, removal is bad ([card lash of the whip]-4/-4[/card], [card pharika’s cure]2 damage[/card], or [card sip of hemlock]6 mana[/card]), etc. Also [card]Read the Bones[/card] is pretty bad—maybe the format isn’t as fast as I originally thought, but you still can’t skip a turn and pay 2 life for a [card]Divination[/card].

Red is the aggressive color, but those decks don’t really work very well in my experience. One problem is the mana—you usually want to be playing 16 lands, but a lot of the cards are double-colored (for example, in RW, you are looking at [card]Wingsteed Rider[/card], [card]Phalanx Leader[/card], etc. and the [card two-headed cerberus]1RR double strike Hound[/card], [card borderland minotaur]2RR 4/3 Minotaur[/card], [card dragon mantle]firebreathing enchantment[/card], etc.) so sometimes you have mana issues. The other problem is that most of the cards like Ordeals are too high variance, you can have the nut deck with all the one-drops and Ordeals, but if you draw your cards in the wrong order, or flood, or they have a [card]Voyage’s End[/card], you aren’t gonna be pleased.

I feel like if you want to be playing aggressive red you need to be base-red so all those cards that have synergy together (Hound + firebreathing, etc.) work better.

The mono-red decks, RB, and good Boros (for that I feel like you need to get some rares) are fine, but you need a lot of things to go right to win the draft in my opinion.

Also one thing to note is that [card]Deathbellow Rider[/card] is only good in RB or if you have a lot of Ordeals and a super fast deck. I don’t want to play it in UR or WR (and obviously not RG).

4. While all the bounce and [card]Time to Feed[/card] in the green decks are great, both [card]Lash of the Whip[/card] and [card rage of purphoros]4R 4-damage spell[/card] are pretty bad. You can usually get the Whip to kill what you need by attacking/blocking, but a lot of times you are staring down the 2/5 Gorgon or something similar and it does nothing. For that reason, [card]Sip of Hemlock[/card] is probably slightly better (though not sure if as my first one I’d rather have a Sip or the Whip), but I feel that it’s too expensive. And it’s black anyway, so whatever.

5. Flying is very, very good. Games go long, it’s usually a stall, and there aren’t a lot of creatures with flying. Black has the 2 Harpies, green has Asp and Dryad to block them but nothing with actual flying, red has nothing as well, white has [card]Wingsteed Rider[/card] (and I guess [card]Setessan Griffin[/card]), and blue has [card]Prescient Chimera[/card], [card]Horizon Scholar[/card], [card]Vaporkin[/card], and [card]Coastline Chimera[/card]. That’s why I like [card]Nimbus Naiad[/card] even more than the blue tricks.

6. I like playing 1 instant-speed enchantment removal ([card]Destructive Revelry[/card], [card]Ray of Dissolution[/card], or [card]Artisan’s Sorrow[/card]) maindeck, but not the sorcery ones. It’s important for it to be an instant to be a 2-for-1, otherwise you are dealing with the bestow stuff after you have taken a hit and it’s a 1-for-1 trade.

7. I’m not sure how high to take the good multicolored cards. There are some super good ones like [card ashiok nightmare weaver]Ashiok[/card] or [card]Medomai the Ageless[/card], and the green ones you can very easily splash, so those are also easier to justify taking ([card]Reaper of the Wilds[/card], [card]Prophet of Kruphix[/card], [card]Fleecemane Lion[/card]), but the cards like [card]Sentry of the Underworld[/card], [card]Anax and Cymede[/card], [card]Underworld Cerberus[/card], [card]Daxos of Meletis[/card], [card]Horizon Chimera[/card], etc. Probably don’t want to P1p1 them but they are pretty good and you always end up with a lot of playables, so forcing a particular combination after you open something like that may not be the worst. Thoughts on this?

8. Deathtouch is better than ever—take those [card sedge scorpion]Scorpions[/card] and [card baleful eidolon]black Eidolons[/card] very high. There is no pacifism or pinger so it will deal a few damage early in the game and then trade with a heroic creature or something bigger for much more mana.

9. Cards I dislike: [card]Read the Bones[/card], [card]Rescue from the Underworld[/card] (seems OK but it’s very bad), [card]Pharika’s Cure[/card], [card]Vanquish the Foul[/card], [card]Last Breath[/card] (good sideboard against red aggro though), [card]Annul[/card] (I don’t really like playing it main, I prefer to run [card]Stymied Hopes[/card] over it, which I think is actually a fine card in this format), most of the 2-mana 2/2s, [card]Curse of the Swine[/card] (pretty much unplayable, maybe an OK sideboard against green fatties though). Also [card]Magma Jet[/card] is not nearly as high a pick as I originally thought—it doesn’t really kill much, same problem as the other conditional removal spells, but at least the scry 2 is worth something.

Pick orders (obviously they change a lot based on your deck and what you need/already have)


[card]Nessian Asp[/card] [card]Voyaging Satyr[/card] [card]Nemesis of Mortals[/card] [card]Nylea’s Emissary[/card] [card]Leafcrown Dryad[/card]/[card]Time to Feed[/card] [card]Nessian Courser[/card] [card]Sedge Scorpion[/card] —and the rest is pretty much the same as Frank’s.


[card]Sea God’s Revenge[/card] [card]Nimbus Naiad[/card] [card]Voyage’s End[/card] [card]Triton Tactics[/card] [card]Griptide[/card] [card]Vaporkin[/card] [card]Horizon Scholar[/card] [card]Thassa’s Emissary[/card]/[card]Prescient Chimera[/card] [card]Ordeal of Thassa[/card] [card]Coastline Chimera[/card] [card]Omenspeaker[/card] etc.


[card]Phalanx Leader[/card] [card]Heliod’s Emissary[/card]/[card]Wingsteed Rider[/card] [card]Observant Alseid[/card]/[card]Dauntless Onslaught[/card] Baneslayer ([card]Hopeful Eidolon[/card])
[card]Divine Verdict[/card] [card]Gods Willing[/card] [card]Battlewise Valor[/card] etc.

With red and black I’m not really sure yet about all the cards and tricks like [card]Titan’s Strength[/card] etc., but the first few cards in my opinion should be:


[card]Lightning Strike[/card] [card]Coordinated Assault[/card] [card]Purphoros’s Emissary[/card] [card]Magma Jet[/card]/[card]Ordeal of Purphoros[/card] [card]Ill-Tempered Cyclops[/card] [card]Fanatic of Mogis[/card] [card]Rage of Purphoros[/card]


[card]Keepsake Gorgon[/card] [card]Erebos’s Emissary[/card] [card]Insatiable Harpy[/card] And then probably [card]Lash of the Whip[/card] [card]Sip of Hemlock[/card] [card Gray Merchant of Asphodel]Gray Merchant[/card]/[card]Baleful Eidolon[/card]”

While most of the above is still true, some of that has obviously already changed—this was all based on what was happening in our practice drafts and on Magic Online at that time. It’s all about adapting to the metagame. For example, people weren’t taking the cheap cards high enough, which meant that I was getting stuff like [card]Voyaging Satyr[/card] later than I should, and for that reason I was taking the Asp over it. Now that everyone has caught up, Satyr should be picked more highly. I also wouldn’t be that hard on black now—I definitely rank it above red, but it’s still not a color I would actively want to be in.

I’ll include the updated pick orders at the end of the article, I just wanted to show the old one from the post I made prior to the PT to illustrate how things change based on what everyone else is doing.

I started the PT with a pretty tough pick. I always hope my pack doesn’t have an obviously-good-but-not-insane rare that I didn’t have a chance to play with, because it’s usually quite hard to rank it against the top commons. This time I was faced with [card]Xenagos, the Reveler[/card] versus [card]Nimbus Naiad[/card]. I took the full 45 seconds and decided on the planeswalker, figuring that since I wanted to be green anyway, I would at least be able to splash it. Now I think I made the wrong pick, partly because I tend to be very risk averse, and Xenagos is definitely the more high variance card, while you know the Naiad is always going to be good.

Had I taken the Naiad, I would have probably had a UG deck, which is where I wanted to be. This way I ended up RG, which is one of the worst archetypes, and I didn’t even see a single [card]Lightning Strike[/card], which is super important to have. Luckily, I still managed to go 2-1, losing the finals of the draft to Jacob Van Lunen in very close games.


9 Forests, 8 Mountains. Cards I left in the sideboard: [card]Destructive Revelry[/card] (one main is enough), 2 [card]Boulderfall[/card] (the card is pretty bad even in a ramp deck like this. I boarded one in against UW flyers instead of the Colossus, but I’m not even sure if that was correct), [card]Pheres-Band Centaur[/card]s (enough expensive stuff already), 2 [card]Minotaur Skullcleaver[/card] (doesn’t fit with what the deck is trying to do which is ramp into big monstrous guys), [card]Borderland Minotaur[/card] (enough 4-drops, and double-red).

In the second draft I faced yet another pick between a good card and a rare, this time taking [card]Heliod’s Emissary[/card] over [card]Whip of Erebos[/card], which I think is very overrated. I ended up winning the pod with GW, this time me being the one who drew slightly better, in the finals against Alexander Hayne.


10 Forests, 7 Plains. Sideboard: 2 [card]Last Breath[/card] (as I learned in Hong Kong, all the Japanese pros are really big fans of this card, but for me it’s just a dead card way too often), [card]Vulpine Goliath[/card] (enough expensive stuff), [card]Staunch-Hearted Warrior[/card] (not enough ways to target it), 2 [card]Satyr Hedonist[/card] (I don’t really have anything for turn 2, but a vanilla 2/1 just isn’t good in this format), [card]Ephara’s Warden[/card], [card]Opaline Unicorn[/card] (enough 3s), [card]Magma Jet[/card] (no reason to splash).

Another pick that shows how much I prefer consistency over power was when I took a [card]Nessian Courser[/card] over [card]Chronicler of Heroes[/card] early in pack 3, already knowing I was G/W. I only had the Hydra and [card]Wingsteed Rider[/card] that could possibly get counters, and figured that a chance of that happening was lower then being stuck with the Chronicler in hand, unable to cast it without a white source. You can also argue that there is a good chance that the Chronicler tables, but that didn’t really affect my decision as I already had four 3-drops and didn’t really need another one.

An important card to have in the GW decks is [card]Divine Verdict[/card], because besides [card]Time to Feed[/card] there isn’t any other removal ([card]Vanquish the Foul[/card] is pretty bad, 6 mana for a conditional removal spell is just too much), and it’s the only way you don’t just straight-up lose to your opponent having a 5/5 [card]Wingsteed Rider[/card] on turn 4 or something similar.

So I went 5-1 in the Limited portion and Frank went 6-0, which was pretty sweet and showed that our preparation paid off. I was 9-3 after the first round of the last Constructed portion, and thought I was going for a solid finish, but then I lost 3 absolutely non-interactive mono-red devotion mirrors in a row and then the last round finish outside the Top 100. Back to frown town.

I spent a few days at home and then left for Hong Kong on Wednesday. Cifka was my travel companion, but he was more interested in playing Modern (or pretty much any other Constructed format) rather than doing drafts or Sealed on Magic Online, so it was mostly just me grinding drafts and Stan trying to break it for GP Antwerp next week (more about that in my next article, shockingly I’m already halfway finished, so hopefully it will be up soon). I did a few phantom Sealed events just to see how I would build the decks, but learned close to nothing—it was always either a few good rares deciding my colors or an unplayable pile with no synergy where I just prayed my opponent would draw badly. I’ll skip the part about unsuccessfully trying to beat jet lag, because every time I managed to fall asleep Stan would wake me up, unable to hold his excitement over some new deck he stumbled upon in 2-mans, thinking he finally broke it.

I’m a little sad I didn’t get to do any sightseeing in Hong Kong, but I was in town for business. Two days of drafting in the hotel having no idea what time of the day it was flew by and I was opening my pool at the GP.

I had a lot of playables across all colors and tried a lot of different builds, first dismissing this BR deck because I would had to play some pretty bad fillers (the [card]Flamecast Wheel[/card] is a 24th card, just to show all the options):


Then I built this pretty solid GW deck, but it had very little interaction:


(9 Plains and 8 Forests)
And eventually settling on this UG with 3 bounce spells:


It was tough having to decide between the two green decks without trying them out, but I really thought having the ability to interact with whatever bestowed monsters my opponent was trying to kill me with was better than making them myself and hoping they have no answers. I was wrong. The GW deck is much better, not at all because of the rares (Spear is sweet but definitely not a key card here, and Soldier and Anthousa are just OK), but because of the 2 [card]Windsteed Rider[/card]s. This format having so little removal and even less in Sealed where you are stuck with what you get meant that I won pretty much every game I drew it and my opponent didn’t immediatelly kill it. 5 cheap bestow creatures and 6 more ways to target it and protect it was more than enough.

I finished the day at 8-1, boarding into GW every single game after the first two matches, where I got to try out the decks between rounds. Interestingly, both Yuuya and Shuhei would have started the UG deck as well, while only Stan thought the GW deck was better just by looking at it.

For draft 1 I was at the first table, which is always good for tiebreakers, and even better because I didn’t really recognize anyone. The draft went pretty well—I started with some blue and green cards, but green quickly dried up and all I was seeing in the packs was black. Now I don’t like to draft black in general, but I don’t have a problem with it when it’s obvious that I’m the only person drafting that color, which I realized was very likely the case after wheeling a [card]Baleful Eidolon[/card], [card]Tormented Hero[/card], and [card]Mogis’s Marauder[/card] in consecutive packs in pack 1. For the rest of the draft I just stuck to my colors and even though I was passing some really strong cards, I knew my deck would be very good.


I left a [card]Horizon Scholar[/card] and [card]Omenspeaker[/card] in the sideboard because I once again wanted to play it safe with 11 Swamps and 6 Islands. After talking to others, I realized it was probably a mistake and I could have easily gotten away with 10/7, cutting the Steed and Lampad, making my deck even better. Things went pretty smoothly and I managed to 3-0 the pod, though I had to beat a RG deck with Xenagos, Purphoros, Hammer, Bow, and [card]Mistcutter Hydra[/card], and in another match find a lethal Gray Merchant in my top 3 after getting to scry 2 on the last possible turn.

Other cards I left in the sideboard: [card]Viper’s Kiss[/card] (I don’t like to maindeck this card, but sometimes it’s an OK sideboard against cards you really need to kill like [card]Phalanx Leader[/card] or [card]Vaporkin[/card]), [card]Scourgemark[/card], [card]Dissolve[/card] (would be nice here, but not enough blue sources), and [card]Fate Foretold[/card].

Draft 2 was going to be a little tougher with Yuuta Takahashi passing to me and Shuhei and another good player on my left. All my picks are covered here, I quickly thought about staying out of green because I knew about Yuuta’s preference for it, but I just couldn’t see myself taking any of the other cards over the Satyr P1p2. After that, I could’ve taken the two [card agent of the horizons]Agents[/card] and gone blue/green, but the card isn’t very playable in any other color combinations and I didn’t want to force anything. There was probably a point where I could’ve moved to black, but I think my deck ended up all right:


9 Plains, 8 Island. The last few cards that I was deciding between for my 23rd card were [card]Ray of Dissolution[/card] (I thought my deck needed more proactive cards because I didn’t really have that many ways to win a game), 2 [card]Ephara’s Warden[/card] (pretty much the same reason), [card]Anvilwrought Raptor[/card] (the numbers are simply too bad for a 4-mana card), and a [card]Setessan Griffin[/card], which I almost ran instead of the [card]Silent Artisan[/card], but ultimately chose 5 toughness over flying.

We got paired with Shuhei in the first round and decided to ID, hoping we would win one of the next two to secure a seat in the Top 8. It worked out, as we both won the next round and ID’d again in the last.

In the Top 8 draft I was being passed to by Shuhei, Yuuta, and Yukuhiro to my immediate right, which meant all the good cards would get filtered and I wouldn’t get any freebies. Once again I opened a high variance rare ([card]Purphoros, God of the Forge[/card]) and yet again I went with the safe pick of [card]Voyage’s End[/card]. I very strongly considered taking the red God and forcing mono-red because it’s the worst color and there was a pretty good chance that none of the three pros in front of me would want to touch it, but then I remembered that Yukuhiro was red in both drafts before the Top 8 and just couldn’t pull the trigger.

Pack 1 was a mess, I wasn’t really sure what colors were open and had a little bit of everything. For a while I thought I would be GW ([card]Voyaging Satyr[/card], [card]Chronicler of Heroes[/card], [card]Staunch-Hearted Warrior[/card]), then GB, eventually ending up almost mono-black with a touch of white. Which was quite strange because Yukuhiro was drafting the exact same colors right in front of me and I didn’t really see anything else—apart from all the red cards, which were going to the guy on my left. I was fine with that, knowing that the only time I could play him was in the finals.


11 Swamp, 6 Plains, leaving the following in the sideboard: [card]Sip of Hemlock[/card] (already have one, and enough things to do with mana), [card]Hopeful Eidolon[/card] (making my 2/1s into 3/2s doesnt really accomplish anything), [card]Last Breath[/card], 2 [card]Felhide Minotaur[/card], 1 [card]Returned Centaur[/card], [card]Setessan Battle Priest[/card], and [card]Silent Artisan[/card].

I wasn’t really sure what to make of this deck. I thought it wasn’t very good, but the other decks didn’t look very exciting either. All my matches are in the coverage so I won’t go into many details. The last 3 Limited GPs I Top8’d, I thought I had the best deck in the Top 8 and always lost in the first round (for those who remember—the two insane Rakdos decks, and the UB deck in Prague). Here I thought I was dead at multiple points in the quarters again, but somehow won game two with 3 uncastable cards in my hand, and then my opponent couldn’t find a red source in the third.

We wanted to do an even money split in the Top 4 but Yuuta was against it, then he played 3 lands total in the two games we played and suddenly I was in the finals with Shuhei. The games were super close and it came down to me having a 5/5 [card]Insatiable Harpy[/card] enchanted with [card]Erebos’s Emissary[/card] and Shuhei having a 5/4 [card]Agent of Horizons[/card] courtesy of [card]Feral Invocation[/card]. He played a second flyer, which meant I would trade for one of them, but I was drawing first and had 16 life. Every non-land card in my deck was either a creature that I could discard to the Harpy/Emissary, removal, or a spell that would make my creature big enough to kill his and survive, while gaining me life. I drew two lands and just when I thought I still had one more turn Shuhei played a second [card]Feral Invocation[/card] and that was it. Congratulations to Shuhei for winning his incredible 6th GP in his 23rd Top 8!

Finally, the updated pick orders. Keep in mind it really changes a lot based on what you have. For example, a [card]Leafcrown Dryad[/card] is a much better card in a GW heroic deck than something like [card]Nemesis of Mortals[/card] or even [card]Nessian Asp[/card], sometimes a Gray Merchant will be better than anything else for your mono-black deck, and sometimes a [card]Dauntless Onslaught[/card] or [card]Coordinated Assault[/card] could be better than any of the white cards for your aggressive Boros deck without any tricks yet. For that reason, I’ll leave out the “multicolor” cards [card]Agent of Horizons[/card], [card]Scholar of Athreos[/card], and [card]Returned Phalanx[/card].


[card]Voyaging Satyr[/card] [card]Nessian Asp[/card] [card]Nemesis of Mortals[/card] [card]Leafcrown Dryad[/card] [card]Nylea’s Emissary[/card] [card]Time to Feed[/card] [card]Nessian Courser[/card] [card]Sedge Scorpion[/card] [card]Centaur Battlemaster[/card] [card]Feral Invocation[/card] [card]Staunch-Hearted Warrior[/card] [card]Nylea’s Disciple[/card] [card]Savage Surge[/card] [card]Vulpine Goliath[/card] [card]Nylea’s Presence[/card] [card]Commune With Gods[/card]


[card]Sea God’s Revenge[/card] [card]Nimbus Naiad[/card] [card]Voyage’s End[/card] [card]Griptide[/card] [card]Triton Tactics[/card] [card]Thassa’s Emissary[/card] [card]Vaporkin[/card] [card]Horizon Scholar[/card] [card]Prescient Chimera[/card] [card]Wavecrash Triton[/card] [card]Omenspeaker[/card] [card]Ordeal of Thassa[/card] [card]Coastline Chimera[/card] [card]Fate Fortold[/card]


[card]Phalanx Leader[/card] [card]Wingsteed Rider[/card] [card]Heliod’s Emissary[/card] [card]Observant Alseid[/card] [card]Hopeful Eidolon[/card] [card]Dauntless Onslaught[/card] [card]Divine Verdict[/card] [card]Gods Willing[/card] [card]Chosen by Helion[/card] [card]Battlewise Valor[/card] [card]Lagonna-Band Elder[/card] [card]Leonin Snarecaster [/card]


[card]Keepsake Gorgon[/card] [card]Gray Merchant of Asphodel[/card] [card]Erebos’s Emissary[/card] [card]Insatiable Harpy[/card] [card]Mogis’s Marauder[/card] [card]Baleful Eidolon[/card] [card]Lash of the Whip[/card] [card]Sip of Hemlock[/card] [card]Blood-Toll Harpy[/card] [card]Pharika’s Cure[/card] [card]Read the Bones[/card] [card]Cavern Lampad[/card] [card]Disciple of Phenax[/card] [card]Boon of Erebos[/card] [card]Felhide Minotaur[/card] [card]Scourgemark[/card]


[card]Lightning Strike[/card] [card]Coordinated Assault[/card] [card]Magma Jet[/card] [card]Ordeal of Purphoros[/card] [card]Purphoros’s Emissary[/card] [card]Fanatic of Mogis[/card] [card]Ill-Tempered Cyclops[/card] [card]Rage of Purphoros[/card] [card]Dragon Mantle[/card] [card]Spearpoint Oread[/card] [card]Two-Headed Cerberus[/card] [card]Borderland Minotaur[/card] [card]Titan’s Strength[/card] [card]Minotaur Skullcleaver[/card]

That’s all for today, if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them in the comments. See you next time!


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