Coverage of the Channelfireball 5K Swiss

Coverage of the Top 32 bracket located here: http://www.channelfireball.com/uncategorized/coverage-of-the-cf-5k-top-32/

Hello readers! This weekend is the 5,000 dollar Channelfireball Standard Open! We have a strong field with Matt Nass (GP: Oakland winner), Jeff Huang (Top 8 of SCG Open), Josh Utter-Leyton and many other locals battling it out! Check back here all Saturday for updates on what’s winning, what’s new and to see who’s winning.

Metagame Breakdown of Friday Flight
48 players (Out of 64 maximum)
Jund: 14
Naya: 11
UW Control: 7
Mill (Jacerator / Sanchez Crabs): 3
WUR Control: 2
Mono Red: 2
Mono-G: 1
Boros: 1
Vampires: 1
WW: 1
WU Allies: 1
Open the Vaults: 1
Other: 3


Metagame Breakdown
Jund: 23
Naya: 14
UW Control: 12
RDW: 7
WW: 6
Vampires: 4
UWR Control: 3
MGA: 3
GW: 3
Open the Vaults: 2
Allies: 2
Boros: 2
Junk: 1
Bant: 1
Mill: 1
Valakut Ramp: 1
Other: 11111


Saturday Last Chance Flight – 64 Players
Metagame Breakdown
Jund: 17
Naya: 10
UW Control: 8
RDW: 5
WW: 5
Boros: 4
Vampires: 3
Bant: 2
UWR Control: 2
GW: 2
Open the Vaults: 2
MGA: 1
Junk: 1
Other: 1111

Round 1: David Mintz (Jund) vs. Ricky Sidher (Jund)

A former 5k champion against a local ringer in our first featured match of the tournament!

G1: Mintz won the die roll and both players kicked things off with mulligans to six. Ricky had things a little worse though with an additional mulligan, starting him at five cards. Both players revealed through early land drops that both played the ubiquitious Jund for this tournament. Mintz was the first with action, dropping an Putrid Leech and Blightning onto the table, devestating Sidher’s hand.

Ricky took down the Leech with a Terminate, but had no green-producing land on the table or any hand left after a 2nd Blightning hit from David (Dropping Ricky to 14 life). Mintz hit yet another Blightning and dropped Sidher to 11, forcing him to discard some uncastable green cards. Both players had no real action after that point past playing a few lands and Ricky finally hitting green mana. A Sprouting Thrinax finally hit the field on turn 9 for Mintz, attacking Ricky down to 8 life and followed it up with a Raging Ravine hitting the board.

Sidher could only lament at his fortunes, going from color-screwed to drawing nothing but lands. “Wasn’t I just land-screwed a few turns ago?”

An unkicked Goblin Ruinblaster added to Mintz army finished off Ricky in a throughly one-sided affair.

Ricky: 0 Mintz: 1

G2: Mintz had once again taking a trip to Paris, GP: Oakland champion Matt Nass stopped by to birdle the match drawing a ‘OK Match started, shut up Nass.” and a “Your fat” from the match table, with Nass quoting, “Oh man, got wrecked.” This time both players managed to hit their early land drops and get every color of mana, Mintz playing a turn 2 Rampant Growth to fetch his Forest, while Ricky got there naturally and cast his own turn three Blightning hitting a few lands from David’s hand. Mintz came back with his own Blightning, which knocked out a Lightning Bolt and Bituminous Blast from Sidher; but missed his 4th land drop.

Ricky dropped a kicked Ruinblaster, taking out David’s only Red source on the table and attacking him down to 14. A 2nd Forest and Great Sable stag came back from Mintz, but a Bloodbraid Elf cascading into Borderland Ranger kept the beats coming, sending Ricky to 11.

Ricky: 16 David: 11

A topdecked Raging Ravine signaled that Mintz might have some action coming the next turn and a Mind Rot removed Sidher’s remaining cards (a pair of lands). Bloodbraid Elf attacking took Mintz to eight, but on the following turn a Sprouting Thrinax on the opposing side of the table prevented any more profitable attacks.

Another Bloodbraid Elf for Ricky hit his own Thrinax and made the board 6 lands, 2 Bloodbraid Elf, Ruinblaster, Borderland Ranger and Thrinax to Mintz two Great Sable Stags, Thrinax and 3/3 Raging Ravine. Ricky powered up his own Ravine and swung in with the entire team. His Ravine got taken out by a Terminate, while Thrinax and Great Sable Stag took down the Bloodbraid Elf and Thrinax on Ricky’s side and put Mintz at one life. At this point it was simply a matter of who would topdeck something relevant first. Any burn spell for Ricky would end the game while Mintz’s board position kept growing with a 2nd Thrinax.

The answer came when Ricky drew a Blightning two turns later.

Ricky: 1 Mintz: 1

G3: For the first time in the match both players kept their seven and began with dueling Savage Lands. Mintz slammed the first action, a turn three Great Sable Stag which was quickly dismissed with a Lightning Bolt from Sidher. A Borderland Ranger fetching Forest was less exciting, but par for the course in the Jund mirror. A Garruk Wildspeaker entered the battlefield for Mintz who immediately made a Token and was quickly mocked for putting a dice onto table, upon which he retracted it and put a green dice onto the table.

‘Gotta have some semblance of Green on my token’

Sidher nailed Bloodbraid Elf into Sprouting Thrinax and took down the opposing Garruk. The Thrinax traded off with the token a turn later while David dropped his own Bloodbraid Elf into a Goblin Ruinblaster which got kicked and blew up a Savage Lands. A 2nd Bloodbraid ELf into Rampant Growth fixed up Sidher’s mana and an attack took Mintz to 13 life.

A 2nd Garruk hit the field for Mintz and made another Beast token, leaving the board as follows:

Ricky: 5 land, Bloodbraid Elf, 3 Saproling Tokens
David: 6 land (One Raging Ravine), Garruk, 3/3 Beast Token, Bloodbraid Elf

With David tapped down from the Garruk, Ricky Bit Blasted the Beast token and attacked with everything, sending the three tokens and Garruk and the rest at Mintz. A Lightning Bolt and Bloodbraid block saved Garruk at 1 Loyalty, but left him at 8 life.

“Man I’m so tired right now, took like a 25 minute shower and was asleep for half of it” Sidher quipped between yawns.

Mintz landed a Thrinax on the board and untapped 2 lands, keeping Ravine mana open and getting Garruk to two loyalty. A Borderland Ranger from Sidher got another Swamp, leaving him effectively immune to any further LD and putting him in Broodmate Dragon range. David dropped a 2nd Thrinax and made a Beast token, but was still envious of the Broodmate Dragon that came down on Ricky’s turn. Mintz could do nothing but watch when the Double Dragon turned sideways, ending the game.

Ricky Sidher wins 2-1!

Round 2: Alexander Shearer (Junk) vs. Sean Martin (Mythic Bant)

G1: Sean’s first turn started with a Misty Rainforest, while his opponent dropped a Marsh Flats on the table to start us off. Sean dropped a Lotus Cobra onto the board on his 2nd turn, while Alexander dropped a turn 2 Quasali Pridemage on the table. A turn three Glacial Fortress powered the Lotus Cobra up and made a turn 3 Rafiq, which meant the Lotus Cobra crashed in for six damage, dropping Shearer to 13.

Another cracked Marsh Flats for Shearer completed his mana base of Forest, Plains, Swamp and was the prelude to Stoneforge Mystic fetching Basilisk Collar and both hitting play for Alexander’s turn. An attack from Rafiq drew a chump block from Stoneforge Mystic and a Jace, the Mind Scuptor then hit the board which Fatesealed Shearer (leaving the card). A 3rd Marsh Flats sent Alexander to 12 and knocked off the top card of his deck. Pridemage attacked Jace, but was intercepted by the Lotus Cobra. A 2nd Stoneforge Mystic (No equipment fetched) and 2nd Pridemage hit the board.

Rafiq came in yet again and was chumped by Stoneforge Mystic. On Martin’s turn, another Fateseal sent Jace to 7 loyalty and he slid a Noble Hierarch onto the bottom of Shearer’s deck. He then dropped a Stoic Angel and Loam Lion, going to one card in hand. An Elspeth, Knight Errant sent Pridemage flying and with 2 Exalted boosts was large enough to kill the Jace. There was no blocking to be done with the Stoic and Jace was sent to the graveyard. Rafiq and Stoic came in, knocking Shearer to 6. A follow-up Oblivion Ring took Elspeth and the turn ended; meanwhile Alexander equipped his Collar and swung back for 4, going up to 10 and taking down a Loam Lion. Stoic Angel ate a Path to Exile and Rafiq kept battling causing a chump with Pridemage #1, changing the life totals to 14-19 in Martin’s favor. Behemoth Sledge dropped on Alexander’s turn and the game looked to become a lifegain battle.

A Verdant Catacombs knocked Alexander to 13 and he equipped Behemoth Sledge to Pridemage and attacked for 5, going to 18 life. A second Rafiq came to avenge his fallen brethren and Rhox War Monk with Double Strike knocked Shearer down to 10. A follow-up attack from Shearer w/ a Noble Hierarch boost put the life totals at 16 all. A Path to Exile took out the Pridemage and left Shearer high and dry for relevant creatures. Another attack from Rhox War Monk powered by Rafiq and a Noble Hierarch send Shearer to X and Sean to 31 life.

Shearer tanked and eventually put Collar and Behemoth Sledge onto Hierarch and bashed for 3, making the scores 11 life for Shearer to 28 for Martin. An Emeira Angel plus a land made a chump blocker for the next Rhox War Monk attack, which sent Sean to 39. An Emeria Angel attack took him to 35 and down came a Knight of the Reliquary and dual equips. Another Rhox War Monk attack ate Noble Hierarch and took Martin to 45 life, but he had no more action to add to the board.

An Emeria Angel gained the Behemoth Sledge and took down Martin to 40 life. A second Emeria Angel and a land put two tokens on the board. Elspeth #2 finally came for Shearer and he pumped the Sledged Angel and attacked with both for 8 damage (and to place him back at 15 life). Knight of the Reliquary searched up a Tectonic Edge, netting two more birds (one chumping War Monk) and the Edge blew up Sean’s Stirring Wildwood.

Knight of the Reliquary (currently a 13/13), pumped Emeria Angel and the other Emeria Angel swung in for 21 and Searer gained 18 life. The next turn when War Monk was coming in to try and even the score Rafiq was blown out by a Path to Exile, meaning no giant life swing for this turn in Martin’s favor. Another attack for 21 sent Sean to 11 and Shearer to 45. After Sean’s topdeck yielded no answers, he scooped.

Alexander Shearer 1-0

G2: Martin began game two the same as the first, Misty -> Forest -> Noble Hierarch. Shearer copied this line of play with only the fetchland being different (Verdant Catacombs). A 2nd turn Lotus Cobra along with a tapped Glacial Fortress signaled the possibility of another early Rafiq from the Bant player. Shearer had come with his own early play though; a turn two Knight of the Reliquary. This prompted an Oblivion Ring from Martin and an attack for two from the Cobra. With all the mana creatures though, Sean missed his 3rd land drop.

A Stoneforge Mystic nabbing a Basilisk Collar was Shearer’s new action; along with hitting his 3rd land drop (Stirring Wildwood). Another Lotus Cobra from
Martin indicated something large might be coming and indeed a Forest powered out a Jace with some help from the Noble Hierarch. A Fateseal sent his loyalty to five and Sean deemed it accpetable for Shearer to see his next card.

Collar equipped to Stoneforge Mystic and bashed in for 2, taking a chunk out of Jace and sending Shearer back to 19. A Behemoth Sledge came down and the turn was Sean’s. A Brainstorm from Jace presented Martin with any number of options, all of which were apparently awful as the best he could muster was a 2nd Hierarch and 3rd Lotus Cobra. One Cobra got in for 4, taking Shearer to 15, but if Jace died from Shearer’s attack, it was likely that the game would be in jeporady.

Behemoth Sledge equipped to Noble Hierarch and it swung in for four at Jace and Martin let it go since stopping that much Trample damage would mean losing at least two of his creatures. Alexander went back to 19 and laid a Knight of the Reliquary on the table. A Stoneforge Mystic of Sean’s fetched up Hammer of Ruin, but without another land he had no way to play and equip it. A Lotus Cobra attack was made and just ran into a buffed Knight of the Reliquary.

Another Hierarch hit play for Shearer and the Sledge was moved over to the Knight of the Reliquary (4 lands in graveyard) and Shearer swung in for 10 (Sledge and Exalted triggers), sending Shearer up to ‘I’m good’ life and bringing Martin to five.

Sean managed a second Jace, the Mind Sculptor which Brainstormed immediately. A land powered up the double Cobras and allowed for a Bant Charm to take out the Behmoth Sledge equipped to Knight. Knight came back with Collar equipped and Martin put a Stoneforge Mystic in the way; the attack took Shearer to 33 life. An Emeria Angel and land came down for Shearer, making a token and ending his turn.

With only 3 minutes left in the round, time was becoming a huge factor for Sean, considering the huge amount of life Shearer had gained he needed to make a quick assault to end the game. A Rafiq of Many entered play and a Lotus Cobra came in with an attack. Stoneforge Mystic blocked the oversized Snake and Martin laid a Stoic Angel down and ended the turn as time was called.

Alexander immediately attacked with Emeria Angel which met a Path to Exile, Knight of the Reliquary quickly stepped in finding a Marsh Flats and netting two tokens before the Path exiled the Angel. Martin quickly equipped Hammer of Ruin to Stoic Angel and swung in and killed a bird token. Path to Exile took down a Knight of the Reliquary, but it looked impossible for Sean to deal the 30+ damage necessary to win. Another Rafiq powered Stoic Angel swing was chumped by a bird token and Martin was left with one more turn.

A Maelstrom Pulse aimed at the Stoic Angel was Negated and a Bant Charm ate the Basilisk Collar. The last turn of the game was simply more chump blocking from Shearer and with the game in extra turns, that was game.

Alexander Shearer wins 1-0!

Round 3: Jeff “fob” Huang (Jund) vs. Douglas Umland (RDW)

G1: Both players keep their openers and the first action is a Hellspark Elemental coming at Jeff’s dome which eats a Lightning Bolt. Meanwhile Jeff completes the trifecta of Ravine, Swamp, Dragonskull Summit. Unearthed Hellspark gets in for 3, but no other cards hit the board. Jeff continued the proud tradition of Jund players going land-go when a Lightning Bolt took out a Plated Geopede on Douglas’ end step.

Huang somehow gets to turn 5 and lays Siege-Gang Commander while at 17 life still against his Mono Red opponent. Umland dropped to 18 from fetchland damage and prepares his onslaught. A Burst Lightning took down the Commander and a Ball Lightning knocked down Jeff to 11 life. The Goblin horde swung in and brought Douglas to 15; while Douglas next fetchland crack sent him to 14 and allowed for Hell’s Thunder and Searing Blaze which took Huang to 8 life. However the one with the most haste damage this game was to be the one known as Fob. He deftly laid a Bloodbraid Elf on the table, cascaded into Blightning and attacked Umland to 3 life, Jeff flashed him the Lightning Bolt and it was onto game two.

G2: Douglas mulliganed to six and led with a exasperated sigh for his Mountain, go. I soon saw why as Jeff cast Duress, revealing no 2nd land, Plated Geopede, 2 Ball Lightning, Searing Blaze (Stolen) and Goblin Guide. A topdecked Goblin Guide saw Jeff drop to 15. Huang wasn’t in great shape though with no 3rd land, however with his Swamp and Forest a Putrid Leech came out onto the field. Huang had to continue to block his opponent’s Goblin Guide’s and pump to crush them, losing 4 life a turn. A Teetering Peaks made things awkward as the Leech was uncermoniously crushed by a 5 power Plated Geopede.

A turn later Umland cast one of the Ball Lightning sitting in his hand and Jeff scooped.

G3: Both players kept their respective seven and a Plated Geopede was the first creature to hit the board, lasting all of three seconds as Jeff laid his third land and Pulsed it. Umland dropped a Dragon’s Claw into play, attempting to buy additional draw steps against Fob’s many dorks. Sprouting Thrinax came down for Huang on turn four and got taken out with a Lightning Bolt. A 2nd Geopede from Umland was destroyed by a Lightning Bolt and Jeff began attacking with Saprolings drawing a Lightning Bolt on one of them. Putrid Leech and Raging Ravine came down to reinforce his Saproling army and the turn shipped back to Douglas.

At this point Dragon’s Claw had gained Douglas 4 life. Douglas dropped another Plated Geopede with a fetch sitting and waiting for use. A Mountain powered Geopede up and Huang wanted to keep his life total as high as possible and sacrificed a Sap to the cause. A Leech and Ravine attack dropped Douglas to 16 and for Umland a repeat of the last turn occured only this time with a Goblin token being sacrificed to Shock. A Siege-Gang Commander hit the board on Huang’s side and things looked grim for Douglas.

Facing down a board of Raging Ravine (5/5), Putrid Leech, 2 Goblin Tokens and a Saproling; Jeff quickly overhwlemed his opponent over the next two turns.

Jeff Huang wins 2-1

Round 4: John Q Pham (Jund) vs. Vlad Metrik (Vladakut Ramp)

G1: The first two turns revealed John to be the Jund player with double Dragonskull Summit and Vlad being Valakut Ramp with turn 2 Khalani Heart Expedition. A Blightning on turn three and four put Metrik behind the 8-ball and took Mountain, Terramorphic Expanse and Khalani Heart Expedition x2 while sending Vlad to 14. A 3rd turn Borderland Ranger made the 2nd Blightning a little more tolerable for Vlad and a Raging Ravine put the Expedition up to 2 counters.

A Bloodbriad Elf cascaded to Putrid Leech and after a swing Vlad was at 11 life. An Explore lead to a Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle for Metrik and meant that Expedition was active and with 3 Mountains already in play, he was close to being able to take advantage of it. On Pham’s next attack Borderland Ranger traded off with Bloodbraid and Putrid Leech dealt four, sending Vlad to 7 and Pham to 16. A Sprouting Thrinax signaled the end of John’s turn. Metrik came back with Oracle of Mul Daya, revealed a blank and was promptly hit with a Terminate when Expedition was cracked to shuffle the library.

A Leech attack and Lightning Bolt sealed the game for Pham.

John Pham leads 1-0

G2: Vlad led off with a turn two and three Khalani Heart Expedition (Missing his 3rd land drop!) while John came in with his own sick start of Putrid Leech (Knocking Metrik to 16) and Sprouting Thrinax. With Metrik missing his next land drop yet again, all he could do was pass. “Yeah, this’ll be a quick game.” said Metrik, resigned to his fate. A Bloodbraid Elf added to Pham’s army and hit a Goblin Ruinblaster. An attack for 10 sent Vlad to 6 life and with no insane topdeck coming, the next attack ended the game.

John Pham wins 2-0

Round 5: Leo Garver vs. Sam Pardee

G1: As a recurring theme of the Feature Match table, both players elected to mulligan their opening hands. Sam came with an Everflowing Chalice on turn two while Garver started as many Vampires do, turn two Hexmage and turn three Vampire Nighthawk. A Day of Judgment came from Pardee and the Everflowing Chalice no longer flowed due to Hexmage. Bloodghast came onto the scene on turn four for Leo and a turn five Malakir Bloodwitch added to the beatdown; while the Bloodghast ended up exiled with the Bloodwitch trigger on the stack.

Looking for any sort of action. Pardee tapped out for a Mind Spring for four while Leo knocked Sam to 10 with the Bloodwitch. A Treasure Hunt on Sam’s turn found a Glacial Fortress and an Essence Scatter. Jace, the Mind Sculptor hit play for Pardee and bounced Malakir Bloodwitch. However this left him unable to hold open Essence Scatter mana. Leo played Hexmage which immediately ate Jace and Bloodwitch came back bringing the life totals to 8-20 in favor of Leo.

Sam did his best impression of draw-go and a fresh Bloodghast with haste and Bloodwitch swung in taking Pardee to two. With no action in hand Sam scooped.

G2: The first two turns of game two began nearly as game one did with the difference being a Treasure Hunt on turn three instead of a Wrath effect. A turn four Duress from Garver was stopped with a Cancel from Pardee. Leo saw why a moment later when Jace, the Mind Sculptor hit the table and Brainstormed for Pardee.

Board update:
Leo: 5 Swamp, Vampire Hexmage
Sam: 2 Island, Plains, Tectonic Edge, Everflowing Chalice @ 1 and Celestial Colonnade. Jace the Mind Sculptor @ 3

Vampire Hexmage attacked Pardee down to 14 and Leo attempted a Mind Sludge, Celestial Purge flew at the Hexmage, prompting it to kill Jace off and the Sludge successfully resolved dumping a few Wrath effects into the grave. A Malakir Bloodwitch hit play unopposed, reducing Pardee to 13 and then shortly to 9 life. A second Jace hit play and Brainstormed, but didn’t find anything of use. Bloodwitch killed Jace and a second Mind Sludge took the Cancel out of Pardee’s hand.

Bloodwitch took Pardee to 9 and Sam had to hunt for Treasure. He netted a Rite of Replication, but was forced to use it immiedately to live instead of holding it back for an attempt at a kickered kill a turn or two later. Leo immediately hit the opposing Bloodwitch with Tendils of Corruption for 7, sending him to 17 life and clearing the way for more Bloodwitch damage. Bloodwitch dropped Sam to 2 life and he desperately needed a way to deal with it. A fresh Treasure Hunt netted him a Jace to perhaps buy a turn by Unsummoning the Vampire. Leo untapped and dropped Vampire Hexmage and Malakir Bloodwitch to end the game.

Leo Garver wins 2-0

Round 6: Xavier Rodriguez vs. Nathan Varella

G1: Both players came out of the gate slowly with the only early action being a Mistvein Borderpost and Courier’s Capsule by Xavier. At the end of the fourth turn the Open the Vaults deck started to make it’s plan clear as Glassdust Hulk and Architects of Will both hit the bin. Courier’s Capsule was cracked for another two cards and with another Capsule to replace it, we’re off to the races. Oblivion Ring from Varella took out the Borderpost as a psuedo-Stone Rain. A Sphinx of Lost Truths filled the graveyard with 3 Filigree Angel while a Cunning Sparkmage could only watch in horror. Another Sphinx of Lost Truths hit play discarding even more goodness into the graveyard. At this point his grave was:

Filigree Angel x3, Oblivion Ring, Architects of Will, Glassdust Hulk and a Courier’s Capsule. When Open the Vaults hit the following turn, he only gained 72 life to go to 88 along with having a gigantic army in play.

Xavier leads 1-0

G2: While Xavier came with a simple two Celestial Colonnade, Nathan actually had action before four mana with Stoneforge Mystic fetching a Basilisk Collar. “I’m super good at this game, I kept three land and didn’t get there.” lamented Nathan as he was stuck on Forest, Plains, Tectonic Edge; which soon became Island, Island, Plains thanks to a pair of Spreading Seas. A Journey to Nowhere ate the Stoneforge Mystic and once again a Sphinx of Lost Truths started to fill the graveyard with a Filigree Angel and Glassdust Hulk.

Another Stoneforge Mystic hit play and nabbed yet another Basilisk Collar, while Varella struggled on his three land. Another Journey to Nowhere from Xavier took the Mystic and another Sphinx of Lost Truths dropped Architects of Will, Oblivion Ring and Glacial Fortress into the graveyard. Meanwhile Nathan did some discarding of his own the old-fashioned why, dropping a Baneslayer Angel into his grave and passing the turn.

“Come on, at least finish me the cool way!”

The pair of Sphinx of Lost Truths along with the Colonnade finished Nathan the old-fashioned way.

Xavier Rodriguez wins 2-0

Round 7: Jason Janasiewicz vs Phuong Tran (By special coverage guy Matt Nass!)

G1: Jason and Phuong were both 4-2 going into round seven. They were 17th and 18th place respectively meaning that the winner would make top 16, but the loser would not. Phuong won the die roll and elected to play first. Both players kept their opening hands and Phuong opened with a Lavaclaw Reaches and passed the turn. Jason played a swamp and passed. Both players played Putrid Leeches on turn two. Jason elected to block Phuong’s Leech even though there was potential for a blowout via Lightning Bolt. Phuong pumped his Leech which forced Jason to pump and then happily windmilled the red instant.

Jason played another Leech on the next turn which blocked again. Phuong attacked, but this time when Jason blocked Phong passed priority. Jason then pumped forcing Phuong to pump leading to the 4/4 Leeches trading. Both players began missing land drops. Jason was stuck on two and couldn’t cast anything. Phuong was at four lands. When Jason finally drew a third land in the form of Raging Ravine, Phuong apologized for the bad beat while slamming down a Goblin Ruinblaster. Jason immediately scooped up his cards.

Phuong – 1 Jason – 0

After the game, Jason said that he was mad at me for not telling him to play an extra land. He had issues with mana screw all day.

G2: Both players kept their hands for game two. The first play of the game was a turn three Great Sable Stag from Phuong. Jason followed it up with a kicked Goblin Ruinblaster on a Dragonskull Summit. Phuong was short on non-green lands since his Verdant Catacombs had to get a Forest to play Stag. Phuong simply played a Swamp and another Stag. Jason slammed down a Siege-gang which seemed like a great answer to the Stags. Jason Bolted both Stags and attacked for seven. Phuong cast Bituminous Blast on Siege-Gang and hit a Thrinax. The board was now Jason’s 3 Goblin tokens and a Ruinblaster against Phuong’s Thrinax. The life score was Jason – 15 to Phuong – 12. A kicked Ruinblaster destroyed Phuong’s Summit. Phuong Blightning’d Jason making it 12 all.

Jason cast a Bloodbraid into a Thrinax and attacked with just the Bloodbraid. He had the opportunity to attack with more guys to force through damage, but elected not too. Phuong followed with a Bloodbraid of his own into a Blightning to get Jason’s last card: a Putrid Leech. Many tokens traded in combat. Jason cast a Thrinax and attacked with it.the next turn. Phuong cast BItuminous Blast on the Thrinax and hit a Thrinax of his own. On the next turn, Phuong sent in a Raging Ravine, a Bloodbraid, and a Thrinax. Jason chumped the Ravine and double blocked the Bloodbraid to go to 6. Phuong was way ahead and revealed a Bolt in his hand that would seal the deal after this next attack.

Phuong – 2 Jason – 0

41 thoughts on “Coverage of the Channelfireball 5K Swiss”

  1. Blue-White control ought to do pretty well. I’m concerned that this’ll be another “Jund wins everything” contest, though.

  2. It’s a long shot but I’m pulling for the player with the allies, how awesome would it be if they won.

  3. Allies gives Jund fits like no other deck I’ve seen so far. And tragically UW is a bit soft to a turn two Putrid Leech.

  4. Jund>standard

    Jund combats every single deck very well, no matter the deck!

    this is much more annoying than fae, at least we had fallout to combat all the x/1’s….now we just lose to double blightning/bloodbraid, virtually unbeatable

  5. I’m surprised to only see one Vampire player.

    It didn’t gain a whole lot with WorldWake, but it’s still a competitive deck.

  6. Vampires is indeed a good deck and it is somewhat surprising to see only 1. But you still cant except too many considering its worst matchup is jund.

  7. @Kevin The reason there is only one Vampire player is because there is going to be a lot more Jund and Naya showing up after the Pro-tour, and Vampires have awful matchups against them. Even UW control has a better matchup against Vampires than UWr because it shuts off their Gatekeepers and they have Wrath over Earthquake. The deck gained some tools, but definitely isn’t strong enough to be a top contender right now.

  8. @Enzo

    The Vampires matchup for Naya is far from awful. Blightning, Thrinax, and Broodmate are the cards that make Jund tough for Vamps, and Naya doesn’t have access to any of them.

  9. Post-SB, pingers + Basilisk is just GG for a Vamps player, and instantaneous hand regen from RoE hurts them hard. I would not want to take Vamps up against Boss Naya without a Golden Buddha and a lucky rabbit’s foot.

  10. Vampires is actually very favored against Naya….I don’t know what everybody is talking about. Post board it should have 4 deathmark in the wake of PT San Diego. I own vampires online and I have played Boss Naya 4 times so far (against 3 different players) and every time it was a 2-0 to me. This isn’t to say Vamps will always beat Naya, but it is a good matchup.

  11. I think what’s most boring about reading about Jund is how much it plays itself. Just play whatever’s most expensive in your hand, cascade into something else, win. I hope those UW control decks knock them all out before the finals, Jund players deserve it!

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  13. Jund is a bitch, but I am very happy to see the format really blossom now with worldwake out. Jund maybe the top dog, but we actually have DECENT competitive choices outside of Jund. A few months ago, Jund put up stats that defined a format that hasn’t been this sick since the days of affinity. However, now with worldwake out the format has gotten much healthier and we have nothing but good to look forward too as pros figure out new strategies and synergy. So, i dont think there is much room for to much complaining these days. Did you play magic 2 months ago?? I think we should all be stoked.

  14. Derry, you’re wrong. What was in the finals of the Pro Tour? Jund v. Jund. What is in the finals of the StarCity 10k standard tournament? Jund v. Jund. It’s sickening. UW isn’t even that great against the menace. Putrid Leech just wrecks it if left unchecked.

  15. I just love how people build decks which beat the decks that beat Jund but complain when they come up against Jund. The people who play decks like Vampires and WW keep beating up all the anti-Jund decks allowing Jund to have a free ride all the time.
    We saw the same thing last season with decks like 5cc and Revlark beating everything but the best deck in the format Fae, allowing Fae to be ever present.

  16. Yeah, but people can actually play something now that can compete with Jund. The format isn’t, play jund, get lucky, or lose. Jund still is the dominant deck however. And when over 30% of the field is jund, its likely the deck is going to be in the finals.

  17. And I don’t know WHAT your talking about Spanner, as soon as M10 rolled around, the fae got it hard. 5cc was by far the dominant deck. Fae didn’t win anything after m10. Nassif won the pro tour with 5cc just prior to m10, stomping fae all the while. And can’t even compare Jund to Fae, that’s like comparing Adolf Hitler to Berny Madoff. (jund being hitler

  18. That is so one of my favorite lines people spout about magic “…if left unchecked” Hey come-on-now a freaking random 1/1 donk for 5cmc will eventually win a game “if left unchecked!” Thanks kind of the whole point of building control decks, to keep things in check, and they eventually loose games cause guess what….they diddnt keep everything in check. Shit happens every now and then, and let me assure you as the meta clears a little the natural controll deck that UW is will start streamlining its self better and eventually keep most decks in check. But you are right…a T2 putrid leach will most definatly beat UW if left unchecked…along with every other deck in the format. LOL.

  19. I think the point is that the UW deck doesn’t have many good ways to remove Putrid Leach on the draw. On the play it is easy enough to counter it but if the UW deck is on the draw and Jund plays it turn 2 their options are to purge it(1 maindeck), DoJ turn 3 or 4, or path it. Purging it is great but if they are playing the same exact list from San Diego that isn’t in any way a reliable answer. DoJ even if accelerated out isn’t great because you’ve already taken damage, been forced to use a sweeper to 1 for 1, and it leaves you open to their next threat. Pathing it might be necessary a lot of the time but it isn’t really what you want to be doing. Obviously any creature left unchecked beats any deck but the Point is that Putrid Leach can put a lot of pressure on the UW deck which makes dealing with everything else jund is bringing a lot more difficult.

  20. I’m just happy that the metagame isn’t filled with a lot of random decks with Islands. Nothing more boring than a blue deck.

    What we need are some strong combo decks, like the open the vaults deck.

  21. @Eddie:

    Dollar says when fae was the dominating deck (and it was less of the meta than Jund, for anyone that cares), you were one of the ones complaining. But now that a “fun” (read: easy) deck is the best, it makes for a good format… right?

  22. @Travis

    Hahahahaha pathing it “isn’t what u want to be doing” hahaha that is retarded. I guess you don’t understand path is a removal spell? What the hell else would you want to be doing?? Isn’t that what why path is in the deck?

  23. Derry: Even if you’re a control deck, the last thing you need to be doing is accelerating Jund’s mana.

    Well, maybe second-to-last (with last being losing) but it generally leads to bad results regardless.

  24. If a Putrid Leech is beating you down, are you really saying that its a terrible idea to trade their Leech for a BASIC LAND? Path is the best removal spell in the format, hand’s down. Jund is actually one of the decks that Path is best against, as opposed to something like Boros, where Path is mediocre.

  25. @catsfanuk87: I didn’t say it necessarily made for a good metagame, but non-blue decks are just a lot more interesting in general to me. Do I wish Jund was toned back a bit? Yes. But do I want a boring deck like Fae to come back? No. I really, truly never want to have to walk into a tournament knowing that 5 of my 7 matches will be against the same blue deck.

    Also, I never said that Jund was fun. It just isn’t as boring as blue, that’s all.

  26. Travis

    I think you really miss my point. I just think that “if left unchecked” is such a lame qualifier. Of course anything left unchecked is a problem in any situation of magic. However if the statement was, Leech is such a problem for UW as it is so strong and very early yadda yadda yadda…then sure thats true. But I think that you will see UW start dropping the essence scatters for 2 paths as honestly you are always so far ahead of the curve on resources that an extra land against just isnt really that big of a deal and the other side of the spectrum is just worse…loosing. PtE is very necessary since the cards that give you issues are all the onse that drop b/w turns 1&3 (depending on if you are on the play or not.) But thats just me and my opinion. everyone is welcome to thiers.

  27. @travis

    yeah i totally got thats why you thought pathing putrid leach was a bad idea.

    hahaha wow. You really just don’t understand magic do you? “The last thing you want to be doing is excellerating junds mana” yeah, thats why every player at pro tour san diego sided out there paths against jund because everyone knows “the last thing you want to be doing is excellerating junds mana” DUH its science! its almost as bad as losing!

    Everyone, but you apparently, has played with path and realized that giving your opponent an extra land for a 1 mana instant remove target creature from the never coming back ever again game is well worth the trade off at almost any stage of the game. And for you to think that UW cant handle putrid leach on the draw is stating that UW cant handle ANY 2 drop on the draw. And with all the testing Chapin did, he did not properly design a CONTROL deck to be able to deal with 2 drops. Which I guess, wouldn’t really make it a control deck at all.

    You apparently have to have no experience with the format at all to come to these wild conclusions. That THE control deck in the format loses to 2 drops? and if it uses its removal spells on them, it will lose the game even more certainly? because the removal spells the control decks run aren’t really removal spells, but SECRET DEADLY ULTRA RAMP CARDS!!! And no one has discovered this dreadful fact except for you!

    Give it up, you don’t know what your talking about

  28. That has to be the most incredibly inane and misformed tirade I’ve ever seen in my life. Why would someone with such a complete lack of understanding of a subject speak with such an overbearing and arrogant tone? Derry: “Give it up, you don’t know what your [sic] talking about”

  29. @ Derry The nervous dog filled with fear lashes out. An outward attack is a sign of fear.


    I would much rather discuss the rogue control decks that have come out with Wordwake. I played in the 5k and my worst matchup is U/W control I faced it 3 of 5 matches. Jace really makes blue powerful. I watched several Jund rendered useless with Day of Judgement essence scatter.

    I played a version of Elf Drazi and control takes it apart. I think we will see more control and more WW in future games.

    What do you guys think of the Vaults deck?

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