Core Set 2021 Spoilers

June 12th: Discontinuity, Niami, Kaervek, Brash Taunter, and More!

Unsubstantiate Battle-Rattle Shaman Glorious Anthem Discontinuity Finishing Blow Niambi Esteemed Speaker Kaervek the Spiteful Watcher of the Spheres Falconer Adept Brash Taunter Tolarian Kraken Terror of the Peaks

June 11th: Thieves’ Guild Enforcer, Conclave Mentor, Feline Sovereign, and More!

Vryn Wingmare Theives Guild Enforcer Conclave Mentor Wildwood Scourge Trufflesnout Feline Sovereign Miscast Liliana's Standard Bearer Liliana's Steward Liliana's Devotee Tempered Veteran Enthralling Hold Drowsing Tyrannodon Garruk Unleashed Garruk's Gorehorn Garruk's Harbinger Garruk's Uprising Volcanic Salvo Stormwing Entity Lofty Denial Traiterous Greed

June 10th: Fiery Emancipation, Transmogrify, Conspicuous Snoop, and More!

Rambunctious Mutt Fiery Emancipation Transmogrify Conspicuous Snoop Alpine Houndmaster Alpine Watchdog Igneous Cur Meteorite Warden of the Woods Light of Promise Riddleform Frantic Inventory Goblin Arsonist Heartfire Immolator Hellkite Punisher

June 9th: Fabled Passage, Heroic Intervention, Jolrael, Mwovuli Recluse, and More!

Fabled Passage Heroic Intervention Angelic Ascension Jolrael Monvuli Recluse Village Rites Idol of Endurance Soul Sear Temple of Epiphany Temple of Malady Temple of Mystery Temple of Silence Temple of Triumph See the Truth Selfless Savior Pursued Whale Eliminate Mazemind Tome Waker of Waves Siege Striker Seasoned Hallowblade Obsessive Stitcher Grasp of Darkness

June 8th: Basri Ket, Chandra, Heart of Fire, Greater Gargaroth, and More!

Plains Basri's Acolyte Basri's Solidarity Basri's Lieutenant Chandra's Pyreling Chandra's Magmutt Chandra, Heart of Fire Basri Ket Chandra's Incinerator Bolt Hound Elder Gargaroth Cultivate Revitalize Radiant Fountain Pestilent Haze Massacre Wurm Lorescale Coatl

June 7th: Fungal Rebirth, Rewind, Carrion Grub & Tide Skimmer!

Fungal Rebirth Rewind Carrion Grub Tide Skimmer

June 6th: Bad Deal, Primal Might, and Necromentia!

Bad Deal Primal Might Necromentia

June 5th: Teferi, Master of Time, Liliana, Waker of the Dead, Sparkhunter Masticore, and More!

Teferi, Master of Time Teferis Ageless Insight Teferis Tutelage Teferis Protege Sparkhunter Masticore Island Liliana Waker of the Dead Tormods Crypt Fierce Empath Azusa Lost But Seeking Grim Tutor Ugin the Spirit Dragon Runed Halo Quirion Dryad Baneslayer Angel Rin and Seri Inseperable Vito Thorn of the Dusk Rose Peer into the Abyss Containment Priest Chromatic Orrery Indulging Patrician Pack Leader Jeskai Elder Gadrak the Crown Scourge

June 4th: Our first look at Core Set 2021!


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