Core 2019 Preview Card: Bone Dragon

Elder Dragons are cool and all, but they aren’t the only Dragons that will rule the skies. If you’re looking for a powerful and recursive threat, look no further:

Besides an iconic name (which I’m surprised was still up for grabs), Bone Dragon brings a couple nice elements to the table:

• It’s a 5/4 flier for 5 that conveniently doesn’t die to Glorybringer. The Dragon subtype is is worth a lot in current Standard, and this still counts as one, bones and all.
• It’s resilient to removal. Exile-based kill spells still work, but anything that sends this to the graveyard is temporary at best.
• You can discard or mill this and then bring it back. The mana cost on the activation prevents it from being busted in something like Vintage Dredge, but it’s still a card you can cheat into play without ever having cast it.

So, what directions does Bone Dragon take us? I like the idea of this as a finisher in U/B decks, especially ones with good discard elements like Champion of Wits. It also could be a formidable threat in a heavier black build of R/B, especially as a 1-2 of. This does take a lot of fuel, so you may want just a couple unless your deck is very good at filling up the boneyard (as it were).

Bone Dragon adds another powerful threat to Standard, and puts even more of a premium on exile effects. Good luck taming this beast—for an undead creature, it’s got quite the appetite.


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