Combo’ing in Modern with Biomancer’s Familiar

Biomancer’s Familiar might do something in Standard, but it’s an effect I’ve actually wanted in Modern for a long time. Over 2 years ago I recorded a video with a Bant Company deck featuring Training Grounds as a way to supercharge a few different creatures with powerful activated abilities. Of course, one of the biggest challenges in any Collected Company deck is maintaining a high number of Company hits while also playing whatever noncreature cards you need to make your deck work. Enter Biomancer’s Familiar:

This is exactly what the Bant deck wanted! A Training Grounds on a stick that can be hit off of Collected Company and tutored for by Chord of Calling, I predict that Biomancer’s Familiar will be a go-to for enabling a variety of combos in Modern.

Bant Familiar

This is a rough draft and there are a ton of options for how to build a deck like this. The basic combo you’re trying to assemble here is Eldrazi Displacer, Anafenza, Nest Invader, and Biomancer’s Familiar. From there, you can use the Eldrazi Spawn generated by the Nest Invader to blink it any number of times, granting you infinite +1/+1 counters from Anafenza. You also have Duskwatch Recruiter, which is insanely powerful when its ability is reduced to 1 cost to help you pull the whole combo together, and Displacer is no joke when its ability costs only 1 colorless either!

Of course, you could also try to mash up some of these Familiar combos with the already established Devoted Druid combos:

Familiar Counters Company

Walking Ballista is also quite strong with Biomancer’s Familiar in play, hence so many copies in this list. There’s also an additional combo of Familiar + Eyeless Watcher + Eldrazi Displacer that can result in infinite 1/1s, or infinite mana.

I predict that Familiar will shine in decks that can use it to combo off and use it to make otherwise decent cards even more powerful. Of course, this is also the kind of card that continues to get more powerful the more creatures with sweet activated abilities get printed, so even if none of these particular combos pan out, this is the kind of card that I like to check in on every year or so to see if there’s something new that it can do.

I’ll leave you with a few more combos (some much more ambitious than others) that could be interesting or fun for Modern:

Thanks for reading and happy biomancing!


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