Cleaning Up with Athreos, Shroud-Veiled

Another week, another puzzle! Here is our second “pre-season” puzzle from Theros Beyond Death, featuring multiple Mardu bombs for you to win with. Can you solve it and win this turn?

Theros Beyond Death Puzzle 2
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Check back next week for the solutions!

Last Week’s Puzzle Solution

Theros Beyond Death Puzzle
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Click here to see last week’s post. Here is the solution:

1. Cast Daxos.
2. Cast Dreadhorde Butcher. Gain 1 life from Daxos, which triggers Heliod to put a +1/+1 counter on something, but it doesn’t actually contribute to the solution, so we’ll just put it on Heliod. (If it goes on either Butcher or Bishop, we hit them for 1 more damage directly, but one less with Cavalcade’s attack trigger. Speaking of which…)
3. Cast Cavalcade of Calamity.
4. Attack with all five able creatures. Cavalcade of Calamity triggers twice (from Butcher and Bishop), taking the opponent to 6.
5. The most likely scenario is that Bishop of Wings goes unblocked. Sacrifice Dreadhorde Butcher and Herald of the Dreadhorde to Woe Strider. Put four +1/+1 counters on the Bishop (two creatures sacrificed, amass ETB triggers, then army token sacrificed) to hit for five damage, and deal 1 damage directly to the opponent with Dreadhorde Butcher for lethal.
6. Letting any other blocker through is effectively the same but will result in overkill damage, except for if it’s Heliod.
7. If it’s Heliod who gets through, your opponent can try to kill Bishop of Wings with first strike damage to remove Heliod from combat and therefore take no damage from it. If they do this, simply sacrifice something to pump up the Bishop so it survives first strike, then Heliod hits, and dealing enough for lethal is easy from there.

Note: Kaya’s Ghostform was a last minute addition to lower the difficulty, and actually opens up some other higher-damage lines. Want to try the hardest version of the puzzle though? Pretend Kaya’s Ghostform isn’t there. You can still find a way to deal 8 if you use your +1/+1 counters right!

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