Chasing Victory – Dark Depths

Pro Tour Austin was another case of me having the right deck, but not having the right configuration. With just a few tweaks, I would have done a lot better.

First things first, the list I played:

By now, you should know the deal. Vampire Hexmage removes the Dark Depths counters and you get a 20/20.

I will probably talk about my preparation for the PT (or lack thereof) in a later article, but for now I’ll just say that I was a little too concerned with the mirror. I got the list from LSV by way of PV a month or so before the PT, and everyone seemed to be keeping it quiet. That is, until Gabe Walls and I got to Austin. All of the Americans had almost the exact same decklist, and I figured that if they knew about the deck, so did everyone else.

I was probably wrong. Most players either didn’t know about the deck or simply showed blatant disregard for it.

Me: How do you beat Dark Depths?
Every Pro Tour player: I have four Path to Exiles! DUH!

Most of the other lists I saw (on Magic-League or random forums) were Bg or UB, but poorly built. They couldn’t answer Path very well, but Chalice was the perfect solution to that. It seemed like people were dismissing the deck outright because their versions couldn’t handle a simple Path.

The Repeals were for the mirror mostly, but also had a ton of value against the disruption bears and problematic permanents like Pithing Needle. Ghost Quarter was a great card for the mirror, as I figured most players wouldn’t be prepared, while our own Pithing Needles or Ghost Quarters could answer their Ghost Quarters.

The Bitterblossoms were mostly for the mirror and control decks that would successfully be able to disrupt your combo. You could turn into a Fish deck or just block their 20/20 all day. Darkblast would give you outs to their backup plan of Bob and Vendilion while Crucible with Ghost Quarter or Dark Depths would ensure they could never combo you.

Jace was a cute card that I wanted to play with, knowing full well that it probably wasn’t any good. I figured that naturally drawing it in the mirror would be good seeing as how I had a lot of defensive cards and they probably wouldn’t ever be able to attack it. It also seemed awesome against any control deck.

The Crypt and Hurkyl’s were basically just there to hedge. I didn’t expect Dredge or Affinity to be very good, and I still don’t, but if I’m playing a ton of tutors, I might as well play a couple of blowout cards for fringe decks.

Round One: Robert Jurkovic, UB Dark Depths

I didn’t know exactly what he was playing, but I had a hunch we were playing the same deck, and I was right.

Game one: We traded disruption, and I top decked better than he did. He peeled a Muddle the Mixture after I made a 20/20, and I distinctly remember thinking “I hope he doesn’t have a bounce spell maindeck,” but I guess he didn’t have enough blue mana or something, or mistapped, because there is an Echoing Truth in his maindeck, and he just conceded.

Game two: I had a Confidant for a few turns, but was stuck on three mana, with an Urborg in my hand that I didn’t want to cast, because it would fix his awkward mana draw. Eventually, I decided that it wouldn’t help him very much, unless he had specifically drawn a Hexmage AND Depths in the last couple turns, and I would want to be able to cast two spells if I drew them both next turn, so I played it.

He had the right cards, made a 20/20, and my Bob didn’t serve up a Repeal or Beseech.

Game three: Again, we traded disruption, and I had a few choices with a midgame Beseech the Queen. I eventually settled on getting my Crucible, with Ghost Quarter and Dark Depths in play to basically lock him out. Unfortunately, when I went to Quarter lock him, he had an Extirpate for them, and then his only other Extirpate for my Dark Depths.

After that sequence of events, I was left with a ton of lands, while he was casting a Confidant and Vendilion Clique. On the last possible turn, I drew a Beseech to get [card]Darkblast[/card], killed his Confidant, and went to one life on his attack. Unfortunately, he drew another Confidant and now I needed to draw exactly [card]Repeal[/card], which I did.

He started manually ticking down Dark Depths, and after much deliberation, I played a desperation Confidant while on one life. I paused on my upkeep, picked up the match slip, put it in front of me, then revealed for Bob, and filled out the slip exactly how I thought I was going to: in his favor.

0-1, 1-2 in games

Round Two: Craig Wescoe, Naya Zoo with Meddling Mage

Game one: I kept a slow-ish hand that would combo on turn four with protection because he deliberated a long time with his hand. He didn’t have a one drop, which made my draw excellent, but his double Lightning Bolt was enough to kill me the turn before I would have killed him. Chrome Mox would have been amazing.

Game two: I cast a Vendilion Clique on turn four, and he conceded.

There’s a bit more to it, but not really. He played a Nacatl, while I played a Chalice on one and Repealed his cat. When he sent in his Treetop Village, I Vendilioned him, fully aware that he was most likely dead, as my hand was the nuts. He thought for a bit, then announced that he was thinking about conceding. I informed him that I was fine with either decision.

He packed it in, assuming that my hand was stacked, and because he didn’t want to show me his [card]Pithing Needle[/card] and [card]Meddling Mage[/card], hoping that I would sideboard incorrectly. However, I already cast a Repeal that game and if I had any creature removal, I would definitely side it in. It’s not like I would have answers to those cards that I wouldn’t bring in, so his plan of hiding information didn’t really make sense.

Naturally, I told him that my hand was Repeal and four lands, and was very thankful that he conceded. He looked at his top card, a [card]Woolly Thoctar[/card], and immediately regretted his choice.

Game three: I kept a hand with Thoughtseize, Chalice, and Damnation. After his turn one Noble Hierarch, I was thrilled at the hand I saw when I Thoughtseized him:


I took the Pridemage, so that I wouldn’t be under any early pressure. Hopefully, he would play Ranger of Eos, and then I’d be able to Damnation, and spend those turns assembling my combo. Sadly, he drew Pithing Needle at the exact right time, after my Thoughtseize but before my Chalice.

I wasn’t quite sure how he expected to win keeping a hand like that, but he drew exactly what he needed. He never cast his Ranger, instead opting to (correctly) attack me with Treetops. My Damnations were useless, and I didn’t have enough time to find Explosives for his Needle, and my combo pieces, so I lost.

0-2, 2-4

Round Three: Jon Swearingen, All-In Red

I loaned Jon some of the cards for his deck the day before. Pretty awkward that I played three people in a row that I knew, but I guess when you know almost everyone that’s bound to happen.

Game one: He insta-keeps, and I mulligan in search of what will almost be an awesome start from my opponent. I thought I found what I wanted in my six card hand, but his turn one [card]Blood Moon[/card] said otherwise. The game drug out for a while after that, while I hoped to draw a Mox and a land before he made me discard my three [card]Repeal[/card]s with his [card]Chandra Ablaze[/card], but they never came. He made a pretty big mistake Chalicing for two instead of zero, but it didn’t matter.

Game two: I had the turn one [card]Thoughtseize[/card], turn two combo you draw. He could have bluffed a Dead/Gone, but cast two main phase Manamorphoses instead, so I had nothing to worry about.

Game three: He mulliganed, but happily kept. He played Mountain, go, and I decided to [card]Thoughtseize[/card] him rather than get greedy and play a turn one Confidant. He had [card]Rite of Flame[/card], [card]Blood Moon[/card], and a [card]Goblin Bushwacker[/card].

Wait, WHAT?

Apparently, a round earlier, he sided in his Bushwacker/Morphose/Empty the Warrens plan against a Japanese player with Dredge and killed him on turn two. That made Jon fairly attached to the sideboard package, to the point where he brought it in against me, at the cost of some [card]Simian Spirit Guide[/card]s. If that Bushwacker were a Spirit Guide, he would have had another turn one [card]Blood Moon[/card], and I probably would have lost.

Instead, I was able to combo him on turn three.

1-2, 4-5

Round Four: Doran

My opponent was an older American guy with an awesome mustache, but he didn’t seem to recognize me. Once I saw he was with Doran, I expected an easy match.

Game one: I wasn’t disappointed. His Putrefies, [card]Maelstrom Pulse[/card]s, and [card]Rhox War Monk[/card]s didn’t do much against my 20/20.

Game two: My hand was alright, but he Thoughtseized my Thoughtseize and had enough Paths, Purges, Teegs, and Goyfs that I couldn’t take everything.

Game three: I thought I was doing extremely well, but I never drew a third mana producing land and died with a hand full of Vendilions, Repeals, and Damnations.

1-3, 5-7

Round Five: Christopher Greene, Affinity

Game one: I mulliganned and didn’t like my hand against his fast start, but I drew running combo pieces.

Game two: I planned on Beseeching for Hurkyl’s and crushing him, but instead I drew running combo pieces.

2-3, 7-7

I lost first round of my draft, but did manage to get two [card]Misty Rainforest[/card]s. I must have been drafting at a table full of millionaires.

The next day, I planned on playing in the PTQ with the same deck, more or less. I offered to give my copy of the deck to Lukas Parsons, who didn’t want to PTQ with his PT deck, so I had to find another copy. Thankfully, John Penick opted to play Standard instead, so I got to play with his awesome looking cards.

I played the following:

[deck]4 Vampire Hexmage
4 Dark Confidant
4 Vendilion Clique
4 Thoughtseize
4 Chalice of the Void
4 Muddle the Mixture
3 Beseech the Queen
3 Repeal
1 Engineered Explosives
1 Duress
1 Thirst for Knowledge
4 Chrome Mox
2 Tolaria West
4 Dark Depths
4 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
4 Sunken Ruins
4 River of Tears
3 Watery Grave
1 Ghost Quarter
1 Swamp
4 Bitterblossom
2 Darkblast
2 Pithing Needle
1 Slaughter Pact
1 Tormods Crypt
1 Hurkyls Recall
1 Crucible of Worlds
3 Damnation[/deck]

The mirror was clearly not as big of an issue as it should have been. There literally weren’t enough [card]Dark Depths[/card] in the room, or at least the people I knew weren’t confidant enough in the deck to shell out $120 for four copies. I did know of several players that would have played the deck had they had easy access to Depths though.

The [card]Darkblast[/card] could be moved to the sideboard and a Repeal could go. I’m not sure why I added the Duress. Tolarias were slow, so I cut one. I wanted a couple Thirsts for about a month or so, but could only find room for one, and figured that it was pretty good if I drew only one copy against any deck.

The PTQ was 170 something players. As of right now, I don’t plan on attending that Pro Tour, so my plan was to just knock a bunch of people out of the tournament and hopefully take the slot myself, just so that no one could have it.

Round One: Doran

There was a lot of confusion game one because almost all of my cards were Japanese or Chinese, and my opponent was Spanish. After a lengthy six minutes, my opponent got the oracle text on [card]Muddle the Mixture[/card], and then got attacked for 20. Twice.

1-0, 2-0 in games

Round Two: Melissa DeTora, Naya Zoo

Both games she mulliganned to five, and had a singular Path for disruption. I easily won both games.

2-0, 4-0

Round Three: Affinity

My opponent shuffled toward me, and when he broke a sleeve, he replaced it with his deck faceup. I didn’t expect to lose this match. Both games I comboed relatively fast. I could have lost game two because I didn’t Hurkyl’s him the turn before I comboed, so he technically could have drawn something like Soul’s Fire to kill me, but I probably would have won game three anyway.

3-0, 6-0

Round Four: Martyr

My opponent commented that his matchup against me probably isn’t very good, and he was right.

I could have Needled Martyr game two, but was too concerned about the [card]Oblivion Ring[/card] that he played earlier, so I named [card]Ghost Quarter[/card] so that I didn’t have to combo on my turn. His Martyrs bought him a turn, at which point he could have drawn an [card]Oblivion Ring[/card], but for the second time in a row, they didn’t get there.

4-0, 8-0

Round Five: Dredge

He kept a sketchy hand in game one, but drew a Rusalka on turn two to get his engine going. His dredges all sucked, which gave me plenty of time to combo and find EE to kill his Narcomoebas.

Second game, he mulliganned to four, into Sphinx, two lands, and a [card]Chrome Mox[/card], which I took with [card]Thoughtseize[/card]. He peeled a [card]Hedron Crab[/card] on turn two and started getting to work, while I had the option of Beseeching for my combo on turn two thanks to Chrome Mox, or getting my Crypt to slow him down. I decided that he had to get unbelievably lucky in order for my combo to not finish him, and getting Crypt seemed like it was a play that would cause me to lose slower rather than win now.

I actually tanked for quite a while on my turn two, and literally said “I’m trying to figure out how exactly I can lose this game.” I ended up searching for my other combo piece, and he dredged into two Narcomoebas and his miser’s Iona to go along with the [card]Dread Return[/card] in his graveyard, and that was game.

I opened with a [card]Thoughtseize[/card] for game three, but he had a Crab, two Drowned Rusalkas, a dredger, and two land. He had an early dredge that involved putting three [card]Narcomoeba[/card]s into play, and was visibly confident in his board position, but I wasn’t about to give up yet. I could very easily still win.

He repeated my sentence from game two while he took a while to think on his turn, and ended up making a couple mistakes. He sacked a zombie and two Narcos to Dread back a Rusalka, but I sacrificed my Hexmage to remove his two Bridges, and then he tapped out to play a [card]Stinkweed Imp[/card]. I used [card]Darkblast[/card] to kill his Rusalka and suddenly, he didn’t have much going on.

Confidant revealed my singleton Tormod’s, so I dredged Darkblast and sent Confidant into his Stinkweed. We repeated that dance for a couple turns, but was never able to force me to blow the Crypt. Eventually, I comboed and removed his blockers.

5-0, 10-1

Round Six: Burn

I comboed early game one, but mulliganned to four game two. I could runner, runner, runner him, but it was never really close.

Third game was more of the game. [card]Thoughtseize[/card] showed me his [card]Mark of Mutiny[/card] “tech,” which I was easily able to play around.

6-0, 12-2

Rounds seven and eight were spent IDing, and hoping that Ben Lundquist would make top eight, which he did.

Top Eight: Danker on the MODOs, Uwr Tezzeret

I remembered watching this guy play during the swiss, and my initial impression was that he was a very solid player. I asked where he was from, we got to small talking, and he finally revealed that we talked on MODO a decent amount.

I considered conceding for a brief moment, but decided against it.

First game was somewhat back and forth. I Thoughtseized him down to basically nothing and comboed, but he had a Path, then a Cryptic for my second combo a couple turns later, then the very next turn when I comboed for the third time, he had another Cryptic.

I was basically dead at this point, since his Vendilion and Tezzeret were about to kill me, so I enquired as to how much time was left, as we were told it would be a timed 60 minutes. The judge informed me that it was actually untimed and I told him that wasn’t correct. He went back to confer with the head judge and told us that it was, in fact, untimed. Instead of conceding, I played on for a few turns, as I still technically had outs, but it wasn’t likely.

Second game, I played a flurry of [card]Thoughtseize[/card]s, Confidants, and [card]Bitterblossom[/card]s that kicked him apart.

As we were in the final turns of the second game, where my opponent was obviously dead, but trying to see more of my deck, the head judge came over and informed us that there were only ten minutes left in the round. We both immediately perked up and protested, as we could have saved numerous minutes had an incompetent judge not lied to us.

The head judge wasn’t very good at his job either, and told us to just keep playing. That plan didn’t fly with me, as several of my cards did damage to me, and I needed to know exactly what was going on, as it would significantly impact my decision making process, but he didn’t have an answer. He just kept telling us to keep playing, but wouldn’t tell us how much time we actually had.

I was too busy arguing with the judge that I didn’t notice my opponent reach for his sideboard. I don’t know if it was because time was low or because of my [card]Bitterblossom[/card]s, but my opponent brought in Baneslayers for the third game.

He mulliganed to five and I was able to Thoughtseize him twice, but he had three Islands and a white Mox, and a card in hand when I assembled the combo and passed the turn. He drew his card and passed back. I thought for a bit and tried to get the read on my opponent as to whether or not he had the Path or Cryptic. While I was staring at him, he said, obviously annoyed, “I said GO already!”

I took this as a sign that he was basically dead, and just wanted it to be over. Again, the judge and the time issue was a problem, and may have been what was bothering my opponent. He had the Path, and cast his last card, a Thirst for Knowledge, at my end step. He discarded two cards, drew a fetchland, used it to get his second white mana, and triumphantly slammed down a [card]Baneslayer Angel[/card].

A [card]Vedalken Shackles[/card] all but locked it up a few turns later, as my [card]Bitterblossom[/card] took away all my life.

6-1-2, 13-4

Benny lost in top eight also, but Danker went on to win the PTQ, so it wasn’t all that bad.

Here is what I would play right now:

[deck]4 Vampire Hexmage
4 Dark Confidant
4 Vendilion Clique
4 Thoughtseize
4 Chalice of the Void
4 Muddle the Mixture
3 Beseech the Queen
3 Repeal
1 Engineered Explosives
1 Thirst for Knowledge
4 Chrome Mox
4 Dark Depths
4 Sunken Ruins
4 River of Tears
4 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
3 Tolaria West
1 Island
1 Swamp
2 Watery Grave
1 Ghost Quarter
1 Thopter Foundry
1 Sword of the Meek
1 Academy Ruins
2 Darkblast
1 Slaughter Pact
1 Hurkyls Recall
3 Tormods Crypt
2 Pithing Needle
1 Into the Roil
2 Deathmark[/deck]

After the whole Iona debacle, I realized that I needed a blue out, and preferably something that was tutorable with Muddle. [card]Into the Roil[/card] might be too greedy, and I even made fun of Lucas Siow for playing it, but he was probably right. You need something, period. [card]Echoing Truth[/card] might be better, as it can hit Dredge’s zombie horde potentially.

The Thopter Foundry combo is much better than the [card]Bitterblossom[/card]s, and I’m very disappointed I didn’t have it in the first place. With those, you save slots, no longer need the Crucible, and have a reason to play an Academy Ruins to go with your Tormod’s Crypts. I don’t think Dredge is good, but it’s going to be popular, so you might as well be ready for it.

[card]Damnation[/card]s were somewhat lackluster. Most times, [card]Deathmark[/card] would have been better, so I’m making that swap. A third Deathmark would be nice, but if you cut anything, it all depends on what you expect to play against.

I added a land, as I would prefer to have too many lands than not enough. You can easily win when you hit all your land drops, but you have a difficult time coming from behind. Also, some of your lands don’t actually count as lands, or do things that basically count as spells, so you rarely feel flooded. Adding an Island is probably a necessity after Kibler’s win. If people were going to play [card]Blood Moon[/card]s, there’s going to be even more of them now. It’s also possible that you might want some number of fetchlands instead of some of the River of Tears.

[card]Duress[/card] and [card]Engineered Explosives[/card] are both overrated in this deck. You rarely have time to be Exploding things, and they don’t remove to Mox or stop 20/20s. There are very few cards you want to be Duressing.

The maindeck Thirst could probably be anything. [card]Repeal[/card], [card]Echoing Truth[/card], [card]Darkblast[/card], or [card]Slaughter Pact[/card] would all be fine.

I’m not all that high on Magic right now, but I really do like this Extended format. I could definitely see myself playing in some more PTQs, but there aren’t any around me. If I did play in an Extended tournament anytime soon, I would definitely play Dark Depths. If you refuse to make 20/20s, then at least be a little more prepared for them. Four Paths is certainly not going to cut it.


36 thoughts on “Chasing Victory – Dark Depths”

  1. Your round 2 opponent of the PT seems pretty terrible. I hear he also won $20 from you the next day. This just goes to show when you’re running bad, you’re running bad.

    While I agree conceding game 2 at the time I did was wrong, I think you are still not giving my reasoning enough credit. I realize knowledge of needle and mage won’t change your sideboard plan, but I was hoping it would set up a critical turn in game 3 where you set yourself up to combo me on the following turn and instead have to unexpectedly spend that turn tutoring for an answer (say, to needle), which would give me one last turn to kill you. Or at least I was hoping you might use a repeal on a creature to stay out of burn range instead of saving it for one of the aforementioned hate cards, hence buying me the extra turn I need.

    So truthfully, was your hand repeal and 4 blanks or were you still beating the thoctar on top of my deck???

  2. To be honest, I didnt enjoy this report as much as other articles on the site.

    The whole things read as quite a dismissive and off hand account of your opponents and your experiences. Poor show.

  3. Wescoe, I played one match in that draft, which I won. Kind of out of my control.

    Maybe you should give me some respect, maybe you shouldn’t. Either way, I would like to think that I wouldn’t just blow my only answers to your disruption for no value. Maybe you think I’m terrible, but either way, your “plan” was still pretty bad, and almost certainly wrong.

    The contents of my hand are irrelevant to whether or not your play was wrong, and in that situation, I am going to tell you my hand is whatever is more likely to tilt you.

  4. Disagree on the Duress and EE comment at the end there, Duress has been amazing for me for the whole PT. I expect it to be even better if people start playing random bounce spells as ‘answers’ for Dark Depths.

  5. *grabs popcorn* – C’mon guys, you can bicker better than this… yo momma this, you’re sh*t that blah blah…


    I’ll give a shout out to GerryT, last time I got paired with him he wasn’t an asshole (PT amsterdam, long time ago) even though he drew horribly and lost.

    At least to this randomguy, GerryT was cool.


    Now, go back to the flame war! *roar*

  6. it was a pleasure playing you at the pro tour. i like your report other than the fact that you could only remember my mustache lol.

    P.S. – im not sure if “older” is right lol im 28.

    i loved my deck in testing against zoo but hated it the day of the event with i played 0 zoo decks.

  7. You removed my comment simply because I said the article was not well written? seems a little odd.

  8. i dunno, when i go under .500 in an event i definitely don’t attempt to make judgements about the play skill of the players that beat me…even if those losses don’t come in the PT, i still think the lesson applies. losing is losing; it’s not less of a loss if you somehow rationalize your way into being better than all your opponents.

  9. With all due respect Gerry T , I think you are the only arrogant fellow among all the champions writing articles on this amazing website.
    Calm down buddy, will ya ?
    The content of this article is extremely rich and well written however I dislike this high self-esteem/I’m the best and never make any play mistakes that I have felt throughout this article.
    And your results overall don’t even justify this attitude…
    I have a hard time imagining LSV/Raphael Levy/ the Ruels/Wafo-Tapa freaking out and calling a judge 5 times

  10. Hi. I was there watching that time issue. Sometimes I just don’t believe what some judges do, because it seems that its better to believe in a common sense and play it by a timed round.

  11. Gerry I usually dig your articles, but will agree with the others on this one point… you are easily dismissing and somewhat disrespecting the other players. I believe it was one of your own recent articles that mentioned not letting arrogance or ego get in the way. You need to realize that you probably didn’t just get that unlucky in losing that many games. There are times when even the best make mistakes or get out-played. What makes you a great player is seeing that and acknowledging it rather than dismissing it as bad luck.

    Now get back to stomping faces!

  12. When you spend a lot of time on something, and already have an abundant amount of intelligence to begin with, it is frustrating to lose at it. It is more frustrating when it was out of your control, and your peers won’t admit it. Gerry has a mind for this game and I’m sure it doesn’t help when people don’t try and wear his shoes. Writing is a way of expressing yourself and I’m sure Gerry needed to let off some steam as well as talk about how he felt. As people who have all gone through the same thing, you should understand.

    The deck you worked out with Robert G for the last couple weeks of pre zen std was the shit and I won every event I played with it. Also, testing with your 5C cascade list from this std has proven its the only 5C lsit published worth a shit that even has a chance to compete with jund. So no matter how you feel about tournaments, please don’t stop making decks, and keep doing something you are obviously good at.

  13. I don’t see how this is smug or chalking it up to bad luck…

    It seems honest. He was critical of his deck choices, but his play seemed spot on as per usual.

    Like the dude conceding after V.Clique…Who does that? really? reaLLY? REALLY?


  14. I don’t see why thopter combo works in this deck better than bitterblossom, Using 1 card making a million tokens seems better than needing two cards to make a million tokens. It is not like you have Gifts or anything to fetch the whole thing, I don’t get it.

  15. @Tony,
    Bitterblossom makes 1 token / turn and cost you a life.
    thopter combo makes 1 token/mana and gains you a life.

    IMO thopter combo is very good. Muddle and beseech can tutor it.

  16. ok one last point and then i’ll drop it. It’s not about thinking you will misplay; it’s about keeping key information from you so that you play around cards you know I have instead of cards you don’t know I have. For instance, let’s say you draw a hand in game 3 that consists of a fourth turn kill but only a muddle the mixture for defense. If you think all I have are creatures and burn, that is a fine hand because you can just play out the combo with muddle for path and easily beat me. But if you know i have needles and mages (in addition to the paths), you might consider mulliganing the hand because your only out to either of those cards is a topdeck. Based on your body language, I was 95% convinced you were going to kill me in game 2. So my decision was how much value am I really gaining by conceding when it’s possible my read is just completely wrong. When you told me you just had blanks in hand, you made me really question my read (nice play), which may have played a part in my keeping a mediocre hand in game 3. I know you’re not terrible, the fact that you have many more lifetime pro points and winnings proves this point. I’m also in agreement my play was incorrect, but I just wanted to defend myself because you made my play (I think) sound even worse than it was, when actually it was just a flawed calculation based on a rational thought process.

  17. No offense but you are the kind of guy I would hate to play against in any tournament.
    PS : My total rating is around 1970 so I’m not a total noob.

  18. @wescoe

    How were you 95% sure he was going to kill you in g2 based on body language? How is that possibly a rational thought process? Where is the percentage even coming from? Was the 5% the chance that he was just picking his nose?

  19. ok fine. I was outplayed, I lucksacked, and the only thing I did right in that match is attack with treetop villages. Geez, harsh critics.

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  21. Don’t fret the hate Wescoe, anyone who plays/played at Yotta doesn’t have to explain decision making. It’s understood that you’re already good

  22. Sean: Just because I lost to someone doesn't mean that they didn't play bad or make bad decisions. Despite that, I don't even feel like I berated any of my opponents in the article at all, at least in the playskill department.

    Bob: If you actually read any tournament reports, you would know that I highlight any significant mistakes that I make, both in the deck building process and while playing. If you disagree, feel free to point out specific examples of my extreme arrogance or high self-esteem.

    What are you talking about regarding calling a judge five times?

    Nick: I remembered your last name, but not your first, so rather than get it wrong, I chose to omit it completely. I could have looked it up on the Wizards website, but I was a little too lazy, so sorry for that!

    Your mustache was unforgettable and as for being older, well, you're older than me.

    Tangent: The games I would consider myself to get "unlucky" would be about six. That's not exactly a lot of games.

    Dowjonze/cdubs: Thanks guys.

    Wescoe: 95%? You must have the sickest reads of all time, especially considering my body language probably wouldn't have changed in that situation. If what I told you was true and my hand only had one spell, that would still be enough for me to be confidant about that game state.

    I am probably not going to aggressively mulligan an otherwise solid hand looking for a Repeal or whatever to answer Meddling Mage or Needle. Would you?

  23. lol @ everyone saying that GT is shit talking his opponents by pointing out that they make tons of mistakes. GT himself points out all the stupid plays he makes, and everyone should have some level of introspection. He’s not insulting them – just noting that they played poorly. It doesn’t make them bad people.

  24. Hmm…I’ve played against GT once..in Philly..he was an obnoxious little snot (he couldn’t keep up with his deck either..I think it ended up in the lost and found). However, he’s a good player and while some of the comments could be consider dismissive, still an informative article. I knew that DD would be there, HG as well, I was a bit surprised at Affinity still being around. I was intrigued that no one ran extirpate ( i guess it’s subpar ), but sounds solid when you repeal their token and just remove their win condition all together. Well good day to all, us old guys need their rest…..anyone seen my Ensure????

  25. Is there a reason no one considers something as simple as “Unsummon” against Dark Depths? It’s a token… An Unsummon destroys it.

  26. Jeff, read the card Repeal sometime. then read this article where GT says the repeals are for the mirror. Then eat glass.

  27. Why in god’s name would you play Unsummon over repeal? Like, there’s too much redundancy to play four repeal and some number of unsummon. Kind of loose.

  28. GerryT has the amazing ability to be both confident in his ability to play the game and humble enough to realize he still needs work at it. If the tone of this article is whack to you, keep in mind that you’re the one placing tone there, as it’s pretty damn hard to put tone in an article. You read it one way, someone else reads it another way. Gerry, I thought it was a good read. I love the style of your writing. Keep it up bro.

  29. Hey that’s cool if you say you didn’t mean to come off that way, but myself and several others that respect you seemed to think otherwise. I dig cockiness/arrogance when it comes to confidence but not when it begins to seem like disrespecting other players. We just told you how it felt to us. If you choose to take nothing from that and simply blow it off that’s your choice. Personally I’m always looking for ways to better myself even if it comes through constructive criticism.

    Look forward to your next article. Later.

  30. @Jeff
    I don’t think TangentDYN or any other guy is placing any tone there.
    Just the way most of us feel while reading that article.

  31. Mr.Wescoe,I would like u to stop criticizing Mr.Thompson.He tried his best,which in my perspective,is the only thing that matters.Ur not alwayz going to win in life,something my mom used to tell me in my childhood.Just go out there,and do the very best u can!I hope I see u too on the pro tour some time!

    -Stealth Uchiha,The Black Lotus{And hopefully,the next generation LSV}

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