ChannelFireball Presents – The Hardcast #8 – 2 New Team Members

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ChannelFireball Presents – The Hardcast #8 – 2 New Team Members

Show Notes
*Note there some audio issues with this episode*

1. Intro the show – Interview to Show with Newest Team CFB Member

2. Welcome new writer Raul Porojan and his first article for CFB with his 3 keys to deck building: Listen, Understand, and Connect

3. This week Owen gives you tips on how to break through from x-2 to x-0, having the nut draw, playing aggro, having fun with your deck, acquiring the right cards

4. Want to understand the dynamics of Day of Judgment in Caw-Blade and how a mono-red goblin works in standard then Josh’s article is for you

5. Want to see how to draft correctly another draft with Web and this build is trade, trade, trade til you play Morbid Plunder for the win!

6. Trying to magic better is this week’s article by Kyle and his mind-boggling technology article

7. Why legacy can drive you crazy even with a good deck and what deck Adam will be playing next time thanks to AJ Sacher

8. Making mistakes in your cube with white and forgetting they can be important to the early game read Andrew’s article this week

9. Paulo teaches us the importance of 3 major resources of Time, Core, and Life and which one you need when you are playing the major match up mechanics.

10. What do play @ FNM this week: Mono White Emeria

11. Product Preview of the Week – Action Pre-Sales have started – booster boxes $79.99 – note no store credit on sealed products

12. 5 up and 5 down

13. Promo of the week

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11 thoughts on “ChannelFireball Presents – The Hardcast #8 – 2 New Team Members”

  1. Having some problems with portions of the recording for instance during the Emeria review you TSG breaks up quite a bit.

  2. I’ve noticed on these recordings TSG’s microphone or connection continues to get worst and worst. Before I could hear him enough to get the idea, but now its just impossible to understand. I like these but if you get every other syllable then why not just re-record it because it becomes pretty useless?

  3. Nice that you have a promo but TSG we can’t hear ANYTHING you’re saying for about half of the PodCast… hopefully you guys can fix this for next time. Maybe use something else than Skype?

  4. TSG has a bad connection due to weather issues. And to get this up by Friday AM, we couldn’t re-record it. I tried to fix it the best I could. Spent two hours just trying to get to it sound reasonable.

    We will get it better next time. Code was Rietzl for Paul joining the team.

    Thanks for listening,


  5. I can’t use the promo code. I keep getting an error message that my purchase needs to be more before I can use it no matter how much is in my cart (anywhere from $1 to $500).

  6. The Emeria deck has only had a come back from my deck list which you got wrong. The deck runs a lot better with 4 skyfishers 4 lone missionaries 4 wall of omens and 2 cartographers the basis for the deck was designed by the ptq top 8 in slc about a year ago and featured as deck on the day on the mtg website. the deck is fun but your build does have a price tag on it and leaves you high and dry if mystic never comes

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