ChannelFireball Presents – The Hardcast #6 – What’s the New Standard?

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ChannelFireball Presents – The Hardcast #6

Show Notes
1. Intro the show

2. Web again with another draft with U/W and shows how quality picks can help you

3. Josh playing U/W caw go at CFB 5K and how it worked out

4. Adam with his great run at SCG legacy event with countertop and his well positioned sideboard vs. the field

5. Andrew with the cards that common place in most cubes that should be removed because it promotes a different type of cube experience

6. Matt Nass trying to develop a great Bant deck, but has the judge Wrapter reviewing his decks and explaining why they don’t work

7. Alexander with a great article on reads including why you need to shuffle you cards in your han

8. Paulo with the advantages of infect drafting

9. Product Preview – New Deck Builder’s Toolkits are in! What is inside?

10. My 5 Buys of the Week 5 Sells of the week –

11. What to Play @ FNM – Funeral Celebration in Standard

12. Coupon of the Week

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