Channelfireball Podcast #1 – (Unnamed and Untitled Show)

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ChannelFireball #1 – (Unnamed and Untitled Show)

Show Notes
1. Matt Nass goes over the effects of Besieged on decks – Including Tezzeret – [card]Green Sun’s Zenith[/card] in Elves – Legacy deck with Green Sun

2. Chas Andres how to use technology to not get ripped off in trading with Sharks and some of the techniques the shark use against you – also more tips to be a better trader

3. Alexander Shearer discusses Legacy and how to battle the beasts in the format, including sideboard techniques and how to stop people with all forms of disruption

4. Adam Barnello discusses Legacy with Besieged release with a Tezzeret deck or two that might affect your decisions for the next legacy tourney you do

5. Paulo interviews Kai Budde a must read with a legend and legend in progress to the insight of questions and the answers.

6. Shuhei Nakamura talks about U/B control the matchup, sideboarding options, and duress or inquisition

7. Zaiem discusses in the first part of his day 2 report in GP ATL for 5CC. How it worked. What it sideboarded in and out for each matchup.

8. LSV does his set reviews a first look at the how to prepare for standard and this weekend’s release. (We can talk with about this)

9. TSG has a ME4 draft

10. Conley has a ME4 draft

11. Monday Night Magic is up

12. Men of Magic interview Gavin Verhey

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