ChannelFireball $5K Top 8 Decklists

1st Place: Michael Hetrick (CawBlade)



2nd Place: Joshua Silvestri (CawBlade)



3rd Place: Ronald Capalongan (RUG)



4th Place: Russell Kyle (Valakut)



5th Place: Joshua Carter (Valakut)



6th Place: Michael Boland (GW Quest)



7th Place: Shahar Shenhar (RUG)


8th Place: Luis Scott-Vargas (CawBlade)



15 thoughts on “ChannelFireball $5K Top 8 Decklists”

  1. It really surprises me that GW quest doesn’t play Lead the stampede.
    It’s such a strong card, and it seems it would be just perfect in the deck.

  2. The GW deck is about 50% creatures, not really enough to reliably get value off of Lead the Stampede. Sure, Divination is fine, but not really what the deck wants to be doing.

  3. The GW Cawmbo deck gets enough card advantage from Fauna/Hawk/Vengevine, you don’t need to dilute the deck with cards like Lead the Stampede that only trigger Quest and Vengevine in an awkward and expensive way.

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  6. I like the G/W quest one a lot, I’d play it if I had the cash for Vengevines. I’m not real impressed by Cawblade (yes, I know it won). The version that splashes red looks intriguing, but it needs Forked Bolt for the mirror in my opinion. I don’t think anyone ran it.

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