Channel Webster: NMS Draft #2

Channel Webster: NMS Draft #2

28 thoughts on “Channel Webster: NMS Draft #2”

  1. I would have taken the Brutalizer. I had Urabrask in a R/G Dinos deck and it was fantastic. Turns out, having hasted Dinos is good, especially when your opponent’s blockers entered tapped.

  2. I saw you win a draft yesterday (I was in it) so I know you play good. I appreciate you show how good elesh norn is and don’t cherry pick your drafts. I liked to see how you sideboarded in that game. Good one.

  3. For dinos, you needed a lot more big bodies. There were plenty of expensive spells, but almost all of them put down 3/3 creatures and that is not going to punch through in a late game. Especially since you had almost no removal or evasion. While this deck was fairly weak by any measure, it doesn’t help that it faced an opponent that was almost tailor made to destroy it. Fliers with decent toughness/evasion were something you had almost no answer to, Priests of Norn was almost unkillable, and Elesh Norn was the final icing on the cake of doom.

    I actually think you might have done better to play green with black as you passed a lot of black removal like Go for the Throat and Parasitic Implant that would have been a big boost to the deck. This is easy to say with hindsight, and I don’t honestly know if I could 1st pick Urabrask and move out of red, either. It’s a great card, but red got cut hard and it isn’t easily splashable so black might have been the better play. Thanks for posting, and better luck next time!

  4. @Harrison — do you actually think people won’t be drafting NMS w/ core sets out? Core sets really aren’t fun to draft.

  5. TapCat, he got burn the impure and arc trail. Fine removal spells; better than parasitic implant and go for the throat in most matchups. I do agree that more dinos would’ve been good. Just notice how much damage the thanadon did.

    However, in a deck that heavy, I wouldn’t play genesis wave with just one myr. And I don’t think Immolating souleater has a place outside of the truly aggro. And the pump-trainee thingy is just terrible.

  6. @Martin I love Arc Trail and Burn the Impure as well. My point is that 2 creature removal spells is not enough when you have a deck full of small (expensive) critters. People trash Parasitic Implant all the time, and it’s not my first choice either, but unlike red removal it will get rid of even trhe biggest creature. Most of the time, I find that things don’t go well for me if I have no way to shut down high toughness guys. You have kill them, tap them, or find some other way to keep them from owning you completely turn after turn.

    In fairness to Web, however,Into the Core can get rid of a lot of creatures too, he just had the bad luck to face an opponent who apparently had no artifact critters. As I said before, I think his opponent’s deck was a particularly bad matchup for him and made his deck look worse than it really was.

  7. @Dan He’s a turn too late for that – Exarch puts Skirge on top, not in his hand. He would have had to cast the Exarch before the Genesis Wave, but then he wouldn’t have the Sickleslicer. The Wave was the right play.

  8. Web, in general, you seem to be drawn more to flexibility in the classic power level vs flexibility debate than most other people I’ve seen. Taking the more flexible card over the vastly more powerful card in key situations alters the outcome of your drafts as a whole quite often, maybe it’s a little much at times – take it from a generally much worse player – me – and take it for what it’s worth.

  9. @Vinnie If he gets to block with the Skirge he cane then Arc Trail the raptor as a follow-up. With Wave he has to hit Strandwalker since he cannot get enough pressure to race at that point (Although he could hit Skirge with the wave). Basically with Wave he has two useful cards he can hit, saving him one attack from raptor. With exarch he is sure to take another raptor hit but is also sure to hit one of his outs. In the end I don’t think he would have won with exarch either, especially with the Corpse Cur, but he needed to stop the raptor no matter what, and exarch is more useful for that purpose.

  10. I felt like this deck really needed 18 lands. You had multiple 5+ cc cards and only 1 myr for accel, missing a land drop means you lose. Other than that you picked pretty good.

  11. I think the clone shell over the 4/4 intimidate was plain wrong. Clone shell got you some decent stuff sure but you didn’t have anything “insane” to flip over and you would rather just have a beast most of the time anyways.

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  13. @Ocelet

    The last time expansion draft was better than core set draft was Ravnica block. I’ll draft core set over expansion sets any day of the year.

  14. that’s your opinion and you’re welcome to it. personally id rather not draft at all than do a core set draft. everyone wants the same 5 good cards in the set and one color is guaranteed to be all but undraftable? pass.

  15. this was me playing against Web. I played the corpse cur because i had golem artisan in my hand to give it flying if needed. Into the core woulvde been fine, I had maybe 8 or 9 like the artisan and corpse cur, pestilent souleater, digester, flayer husk, pith driller, the nexus and trigon of thought from what i saw on the replay, which was 3 weeks ago.

    actually lost round 2 when i had 6 lands and elesh norn in hand by turn 4 and died to a 0/2 viral drake before i got to 7. game 2 i missed my 4th land drop but was able to cast elesh norn on turn 10 and scoop immedaitely since his foil viral drake still lived, with 2 equipment on it.

  16. God, webster is just so awkward listening to, there’s just no flow in the way he speaks. A lot of pausing to think mid-sentence, stuttering, “uh”‘s etc. Tip: talk less and the things you do speak out should be to the point and delivered more smoothly, thank you.

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