Channel Webster: 3 INN Draft #10

Channel Webster: 3 INN Draft #10

26 thoughts on “Channel Webster: 3 INN Draft #10”

  1. The quality keeps twitching from horrible to superb, back and forth. And it’s making my eyes bleed

  2. Web, you’re the best. I freaking love your drafts and get super excited for each of your videos and articles. I have a tiny celebration in my heart every time you’re mentioned in Magic TV or even if you’re heard “off stage”. Please don’t ever stop giving us your sweet as candied sugar cane content.

  3. Last game, when he laid his fifth land to make 2x Swamp, Plains, Island and Grotto and you were holding Frightful Delusion, you cast a spell the next turn rather than wait for him to tap out for his five drop. He’s missing double blue for Murder, you’re almost positive he had it (and he did) if you had waited for another turn, he uses Grotto to make double blue and you blow him out with Frightful Deulsion, and you take him apart from there.

  4. Great to watch your drafts, the ads are a bit oppressive though, don’t know if there’s anything you can do. (I still will watch ads, but I think the number of them in this case
    is a bit unusual for a stream)

  5. The number of videos tells me that he won the first 2 games, then lost the next 2 games… not very exciting to see when you know what happens.

    Anyone at CFB who can do some basic programming and make it 11 videos every time (2 x draft, 3 for each round), with the rest being blanks? I would totally love that.

    Or even easier, only show the first 4 videos in the preview?

  6. What I don’t understand is why you didn’t cast that Frightful Delusion when he had only 2 cards in hand when you suspected he had good things in his hand.

    And another when you suspected he had the murder of crows in his hand and you still had board advantage why did you relent? Should have kept the pressure on him.

  7. SpidersEverywhere

    The Spider Spawning deck couldn’t be more open!! Spider Spawning 3rd was the correct pick. From there you would have ended up with the nut high deck!!!! Oh well UW pile with morningstar.dec will do I guess???? 🙁

  8. Found myself disagreeing with a lot of picks here, which is unusual as I usually agree with the drift of your drafts.

    I felt UW human aggro was the way to go. Passing too much good green to make GW but not so much white as to rule it out.

    Here’s my divergence…

    P1P3 Cathar > Warden
    P1P6 Crab > Memory’s Journey
    P1P8 Skaab Goliath > Occultist
    P1P9 Wings > Curse
    P1P11 Wooden Stake > Blindness

    P2P1 Feeling of Dread > Phantasm
    P2P2 Stalker > Bonds of Faith
    P2P4 Evil Twin > Claustrophobia (I thought this was your biggest sin)

    P3P1 Dagger > Alchemy
    P3P2 Rebuke > Occultist
    P3P4 Sentry > Chapel Geist (this one I am basing on the human synergy – geist is better in a vacuum)

  9. This draft was bbbbbbad , i always watch drafts videos from other players on channelfireball , and sometimes i watch Web , but when its Web , i watch the draft , the 1st game and the last game , and from what i saw in the last game , the decision making….
    We can clearly see he is sub par. Other guys in channel fireball are clearly on a higher lvl . The last game with the 2-3 turn where he had the 5/5 flyer and a counter spell , wasted 2 turns , then wasted a counter spell to play a cheap useless spell. Got backstabed when the guy fullly tapped his mana and chained the 4/4 flyers , ….the game was over right there , incorrect plays costed em the game…

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  11. I don’t understand. Match 1 game 2 you talk about wanting to play around brimstone volley while deciding where to put your spectral flight… YOU CAN’T PLAY AROUND BRIMSTONE VOLLEY WHEN YOU HAVE 5 LIFE.

  12. When watching your videos, I get the feeling that you’re trying REALLY hard to sound clever. Stop it. Just play Magic and explain your decisions. (Play and explain AT THE SAME TIME.)

    Also, “play around card x” doesn’t mean “do nothing”.

  13. Drafting portion was not to my liking, spider spawning would have been the pick, ending with two of them not even self mill was neccessary with the black comming late strait GB was an option.

    Play skill level on the other hand, was out of the roof. Incredible play. You called out every card. Moonmist call was awesome. And everything. You won me over with this draft completely, respect.

  14. I’ve noticed you have a tough time keeping your cursor still. I’m not sure what the purpose of the constant moving is when there’s nothing going on.

  15. First thing how does ANY Pro player have frightful delusion maindeck even in limited? It was dead in your hand like every game.
    Second you need to stop playing around EVERYTHING. If they have it it isn’t going anywhere. Just costing yourself wins..

  16. @ wow

    Agree with your comment about playing around everything. Similarly, when Dave drafts, he often says “color X is open” or the reverse, when I have found that getting passed a first pick in that color doesn’t exclude that color being cut. I think its interesting to see how his mind works, but only to a point.

    I do however think frightful delusion is better than you think, in the right deck, but its value drops in game 2. The gains in a counterspell 2-for-1 on turn 3 without requiring 2 blue open is quite surprising – the next two games they definitely have to play around it.

  17. Match 2 where he has Murder of Crows equipped with Blazing Torch enchanted with your Bonds of Faith and you are fearing Cackling Counterpart..

    Play: Bounce that guy with Silent Departure, he makes a token in response, then you get to beat with Youth. Freeing up that extra Murder doesn’t matter because you have him under a lot of pressure. He will likely block with the token, then play a Murder and block with, then repeat.. perhaps try to sneak a 2-4 mana spell which you can Delusion or you can Delusion the flashback on Counterpart if he can ever go for it.

    If he doesn’t block for some reason, Bellringer becomes a threat because he’s at one.

  18. If at some point he Blazing Torches your guy in conjunction with a Murder block, you’ve eaten a lot of cards with your Youth+Flight. And you have a 5/1 flyer in your hand when you draw Island #2.

    The aggressive play lends itself to your deck style, which will make your draws better because dorky guys will be good rather than dead.

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