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  1. does anyone know why my browser only crashes on the draft videos? I can watch the gauntlet videos fine but I make it through 3 minutes of every draft video before it crashes

  2. Please allow buffering. You posed some buffered ones on this player a while ago and it worked beautifully. Without buffering the resolution is all over the place.

    If you are buffering to stop dl’ing that doesn’t work anyway since there’s tons of programs out there that allow you to dl these vids, buffered or not, like IDM etc.

  3. Sick draft sir.

    Vivisection was pretty awkward and a 17th land would have been better a lot of the time. Also you took an extra point in M1G2 when you could have untapped Soliton to block Sylvok Replica (nitpick).

  4. Match 3, game 2, you could have just played skittles and killed him with haste. You seem to have a distaste for all attacking, and it cost you at least a game.

  5. Where is match 3 game 1? Also, in m2 g1 why did you draw before you activated forgemaster, you draw your arbelast and your pretty much out of it, you should have activated in your upkeep to make sure you didn’t draw your out.

  6. My browser (opera) keeps crashing since you use that new player i think only since buffering is disabled

  7. The player is fine, the draf was nice and skitlles owns
    M3G1 is missing, and the youtube channel is a mess, fix plz
    GJ Tom

  8. I can’t stand this player, it always seems to crash for me shortly after the ad is done. I normally try to watch the videos on youtube, but only Tom’s games were uploaded there and not the draft.

  9. Also – player doesn’t crash in Firefox. Still a piece of #$%@, but, until CFB wises up, use it to make the videos possible to watch.

  10. a 3rd Vivsection over Gore Vassal? I paused the video right there and had to comment. without seeing the rest of the draft, I will bet my collection that you don’t play 3 Vivisections. So why not hate Gore Vassal, which is an extremely playable card?

  11. it does crash in firefox just a lot less frequently…i think they are using this player because every time it crashes you have to watch the ads again….

  12. I use Firefox, and the player crashes constantly. I’ve given up on watching the videos since they always crash within a minute or so 🙁

  13. I also had problems with the player. I solved this problem by downloading the latest version of “shockwave flack”, which has seemed to fix it. I hope this solves some of your guys problems :D.

  14. M2G2: Looks like LSV isn’t the only one who doesn’t know what Gore Vassal does.

    If you block his Phyrexian Rager, he can’t kill Skittles with Gore Vassal plus Contagion Clasp, because when he sacrifices the Gore Vassal, Skittles gets a regeneration shield. The best he could do with that particular combination is to shrink Skittles to 2/2, but he can do that anyway. The same is true if you replace Contagion Clasp with Virulent Wound or Instill Infection. I think you should have blocked here (unless you wanted to stop him from drawing a card with a Morbid Plunder that he might not even have).

    If he had had Tainted Strike instead of Contagion Clasp, then he could have killed Skittles, but it would have used 3 of his cards and you could have gotten your dragon back with Corpse Cur. Everything else I can think of accomplishes even less (e.g. the +1/+1-and-first-strike card saves his Rager, but does not kill Skittles).

  15. I think you missed a play when you couldn’t stick the Skittles. You had mana to get him down AND equip Mortarpod. That makes him impervious to stupid Goblin guy, what with him having 5 toughness and all.

  16. From the FAQ:

    “Our video host automatically scales the video based on your connection.”
    This is a lie. I have 16000k broadband and I can stream 2 HD movies at the same time if I want to, yet your play gives me a video possibly rendered for modem users…
    I will give you that one though, as I suppose its not your fault but the fault of that abyssmal bad player you have chosen

    “The videos will in fact play on your mobile device”
    This is a lie. Many mobile devices, most commonly Apple, have stopped shockwave/flash support for beeing a faulty and dated technology to begin with.

    I watch apps and I buy cards, but I will not watch any content. I just feel really sad for the drafters putting all the work into what ultimately becomes a awefully bad product.

  17. the player still has kinks to work out.. try clearing your caches… and making sure your copy of flash is current since they just released a new update…

  18. @Pie – It doesn’t matter as much what kind of connection you have, the quality largely depends on upload capabilities of the servers hosting the video.

    I don’t have issues with crashes (win 7 x64, firefox v 3.6.16, flash v 10.2.152) and don’t have problems with ads (adblock ftw, a sane person won’t browse internet without it), but the player is still terrible.

  19. Whats even worse then the player imo is the fact that they can’t even upload a draft properly anymore. Either the videos are missing, they are out of order, or the draft is named something wrong.

    On youtube this set is missing all of round 3, as well as round 1 match one. Here it is missing Round 3 match 1. On youtube this is Tom draft #4, but here it is tom draft #3. The other day they had a Web draft labled as a Conley one

    Just really sloppy and unprofessional, and in my opinion doing a really bad thing to what was once one of the most prestigious names in the game.

  20. Is there a better target for Gargantuan than Bloodshot trainee? Only if you have red for spikeshot elder.

  21. Why do people compliment Martell on his drafts all the time?
    They are ALWAYS 3color and more often than not he doesnt have a deck but just a huge pile of cards.

    Since I have mana troubles in 2 color decks with 22 Manasources including 2 Horizon Spellbombs those Drafts are useless to me.

  22. @ TomM

    You cannot clone Skithiryx; it is a legendary creature (they will both die). Just as a note (you mentioned it after you’d taken your Skith).

  23. video keeps crashing, was loving the new player until it started doing this, might be problem with the flash update.

    also do the videos not buffer anymore?

  24. Video is crashing way too much. Been dealing with it, now I’m frustrated. Not watching these anymore until it’s fixed and they’re the main reason I come to this site. So fix it.

  25. At first I didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon and start trashing talking CF for the new vid player but… it really f***ing sucks. Between the horrible video quality, black screens, video pauses and “First 5 California” ads getting slammed in my face after refreshing to get the player going again (at decibel levels twice that of the video I was just watching no less)… I’m over it. I appreciate all of the content but I will not be returning as long as this video player is still being utilized. Later CF.

  26. M2G1, he tapped the forgemaster because you could have blocked his drone and made it a 4/3 with spitter. 😛

    I have to echo everybody else’s sentiments, this player is horrible, borderline unwatchable. I actually think the last one was better, but Youtube > both.

  27. I don’t understand everyone’s hate on this player. It’s so much better than any other player out there. Sure, other players are higher resolution and let you read cards you don’t know or haven’t memorized like Quicksilver Gargantuan. But this one makes you GET BACK TO WORK so that you’re not wasting valuable working hours

    Thank you Channel Fireball!

  28. My personal favorite is when the video goes from blurry to blurrier. It seems to do it frequently. It gives me less incentive to watch magic videos and more incentive to GET BACK TO WORK.

    Again, thank you channel fireball!

    And the crashes? Just another incentive to GET BACK TO WORK!

  29. I actually agree with OptimusPrimal and have decided to commemorate this bold new step in “GET BACK TO WORK” related internet applications with a new gravatar.

  30. I haven’t heard anyone about this, but I use Google Chrome and the player never crashes. Not even once. Chrome is superior.

  31. I think you should have blocked with skythiryx game 2, match 2. Most of the tricks that your opponent may have had wouldn’t have mattered, since gore vassal regenerates the creature it puts the counter onto.

  32. How do you find these terrible opponents? Last game, he does turn to slag on your dragon….. If he uses it on soliton, then you have just the dragon in play and he’s got a 4/3 and a 4/4 guy!!! Your options are then to chump or go to 3. You should have lost that last game.

  33. @Claesar I use chrome too, chrome is superior, chrome crashed for me about 12 times over the course of these videos. I’m glad it’s working for you, but chrome has a big enough share of the market that you should expect that some of the people complaining are using it.

  34. I would probably have copied Skithiryx with the Gargantuan m1g3… I am not always very smart about magic.

  35. Can you please disable whatever it is that is making those awful bubbly beepy noises in the background of your videos?

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