Channel TomM: 3 INN Draft #2

Channel TomM: 3 INN Draft #2

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  1. Now i can really say this play is crap. It takes up so much cpu I know its running malware in the background! It really is horrible now this. Take our Money Damn it!!!

  2. really guys? its free content if it takes a day or 2 to fix something then be patient. There are other videos that were put out today, watch those for now.

  3. Really both drafts. I guess I get to pass out to Conley piloting that crappy sealed pool, since I already watched LSV fail to find a second color.

  4. @Aaron:

    “Conley piloting that crappy sealed pool”

    What. That pool was insane. Bloodline Keeper AND Liliana? That’s the stuff of dreams.

  5. This video does not work. At all. This is not a hyperbolic complaint about the ads or something like that. It doesn’t work on firefox. It doesn’t work on IE.

    Please fix it 🙁

  6. “It doesn’t work on Firefox. It doesn’t work on IE.”

    Doesn’t work on Safari either 😉

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  9. “Tim Froehlig says: November 23, 2011 @ 10:54 am

    Should be fixed now, sorry ’bout that.


    It is not. Guess you’ll have to apologize again? lol =p

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  11. see, i don’t play in 8-4’s cause i hate getting round 1 outed by theme deck drafts, granted that was a good deck but those packs were all over the place, plus innistrad has weird packs that are like 6 cards of x color, crap for the rest that really messes with draft (especially without the werewolf info)

  12. please, find yout how LSV records his videos and do it the same way. Or not LSV, really anyone with a good mic, the background on this is just horrible. I really would likeo watch it for your play, but i won’t for your bad recording hardware.

  13. Hey Tim Froehlig, is the automatic video switching ever going to work again on apple devices? Quite frankly it can be a real pain in the ass to watch these if you aren’t at a real computer.

    Love the videos though!!!

  14. Tom…. “We” did not keep that hand. “You” kept that hand – and it was wrong. Horribly wrong. I would never want to be on your team. Stop trying to share the blame with the viewers and own up to your mistakes.

  15. Yeah, taking Doomed Traveler over Noble is always a good choice as a 4th pick. /sarcasm

    Now, I Haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but it seems you stick to your colors way early and take subpar cards as a result. Had you gone to black you would’ve gotten the Bat as well or Makeshift.

  16. Hey Tom, I hope you don’t feel too down just because there are trolls and haters. They’re not where you are for a reason.

  17. Shame to see so few comments focus on the play.

    Regarding the play…

    In some respects this stage of the season ought to be the most informative, because pick orders have been established. But I actually find the reverse is true – a lot of picks seemed to be auto-pilot, and missed any real intuition. I will say that Tom very expertly saw a chance to go back into GW and took it, but I think brushed off RW prematurely because it was a ‘bad archetype’, whereas I think you were showing a very low curve which could have supported a RW build.

    I also think you should have taken the cleaver.

    Regarding the video…

    Nice pace, but still a bit too mumbly!

  18. I hate it when I pass the card that beats me! the outlaw is nuts but so few decks want to play it. I’ve also had what I can only imagine is better than average luck with white/red decks. cheap durdles like doomed traveler and ashmouth, hopefully some mausoleum guards or hauntings and some always late pick rallies and you’re good to go. sure everybody snags your removal but there is so much of it in those colors you’re bound to get some and everybody passes the red bombs like outlaw and falkenrath marauders because of the double red. I’ve had about three drafts push me into white red and it’s always turned out better than I expected.

  19. Snatchcaster Mage

    Really bad at drafting. Really bad at playing.

    I think I could take 2 days to teach my grandmother how to draft, and have her draft a better deck than this crap.

    1st. You don’t get passed any good white first pack, you get great picks in blue black and red but take crap white cards instead. So your left side is building great blue/black red/blue decks and of course are going to pass you stuff like slayer and such pack two but you get excited like a schoolgirl that finally the white and green is coming. Well guess what is coming back pack 3? Garbage. Fundemental rules of drafting yet you ignore it. Your right side feeds you twice so you take his signal, not your left. Jeeze. Learn to draft.

  20. i enjoy lsv and conley drafts even if they do crappily. pretty informative and fun to watch. i dont feel the same with tom’s. i didnt agree with many of his draft picks but thats fine. he also made a couple play mistakes which is fine too. but whats with the trash talk? sure everyone does it but he really sounds like nerd rage and its embarassing since his overall play in this draft was subpar. also get a better mic plz.

  21. That went exactly how i thought it would go after the first few picks. Maybe next time you take the noble and dont try to force something that isnt there

  22. My vague memory of at least one previous TomM draft matches up with this one, where you try to force something that isn’t entirely coming together after pack 1, then in pack 2 it’s suddenly available (since whatever you wanted was cut both by the guy to your right and you) and you decide that it’s going to work out after all, and then you get cut again in pack 3 and end up with a deck that’s a couple cards short of competitive.

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