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  1. gruesome encore

    it was a gruesome encore of all the same commons, with a gruesome encore next to them

  2. You have the worst voice I’ve heard in my life. You sound like a 10 year old retarded girl who learned English from someone with a stroke.

  3. m2g3 You can instill infection his 2/4 drake, making it 1/3, pump your 2/2 hellkite to 3/2 killing drake and maintaining a dominating board position and a very short clock.

    m3g2 you use the palladium myr an play putrefax with withstand death backup, worse case scenario he bounces it and it doesn’t cost much, then you do it again, with the withstand up you’re still in a great position, and putrefax +thrummingbird has him dead a bit earlier, and if you save the withstand then proliferate him out with thrumming bird which you can save.

  4. [email protected] DERP.^^

    i was not thinking as offensive as you were, but i wondered if his mic was broken. sounds really chopped off and hard to listen to.

    @draft: really frustrating to watch, but generally what forcing infect should lead to.

  5. PV: The first couple times I watched you draft SOM block, I felt bad because it seems like you always have bad luck with packs/signaling. However, I think I’ve discovered your critical fault in this format: you are too passive a drafter.

    In many formats it’s perfectly fine to be passive (core sets being the most obvious) but SOM block is more about drafting a synergistic deck than drafting a powerful collection of cards. Traditional color signaling is largely worthless, but is crucial as far as infect/metalcraft/goodstuff (the only 3 real archetypes), and as a result you frequently end up with schizophrenic drafts.

    The best example of this is p3p1. You open Steel Hellkite, you have a Treasure Mage, yet you also opened Galvanic Blast and Trigon of Rage for your aggressive-ish infecti-ish deck. Obviously Hellkite is the best card in a vaccuum, but it doesn’t help your infect plan, doesn’t play into your GBr deck (at the time), and in fact further defocuses your already unfocused draft.

    Sure you got a shitty first pack, but you realized in your first few picks you were being cut from infect. Take that signal, run with a Ux deck (either metalcraft or goodstuff). Instead, you find some dregs of stacked infect packs and convince yourself that it’s open.

    The best signal worth reading in this format is “infect or no” and you missed the blinking red sign in the first pack. And to compound that, you stayed inconsistent.

    I hate to say it, but you asked for a 0-1 exit from p1p4 on.

  6. Well, the draft obviously worked out for you, but I’m not sure about the P1P1 pick. Obviously the infect guy is bonkers in an infect deck, and I can’t really fault you for taking it if you’re pretty certain you want to be infect, but committing that heavy P1P1 seems questionable when there’s an equally powerful removal spell that’s good in just about any deck, infect or no, and easily worth splashing for if black gets cut.

  7. M2G1 at 6:00 isn’t it better to play treasure mage to block? Anyway good video, I lol’d so hard at the end of that game when you thought for more than 2min about whether to kill him with putrefax or untamed might. He must have felt so slowrolled.

  8. I think that Paulo’s round three opponent was Conley’s round 2 opponent. Were they in the same queue or is it just coincidence?

    Audio quality was bad but the fact that it was Paulo more than made up for that. Anytime that a PT Champion makes a video for this site its best to learn from their mastery, and unlike a TSG vid, if you disagree with one of Paulo’s picks or plays you’re probably wrong (Although not always as evidenced by R2G2, and also not saying that TSG is bad just more debatable.)

  9. is running the ichor wellspring as a cantrip not right there? doesn’t it just dig into your bomb laden deck? Then again,you have loads of cantrips already…also, I think that those packs WERE TERRIBLE and PV is obviously good…he drafted a bomby deck, high variance but strong.

  10. Jotram: What are you even talking about? PV went 3-0. Infect is such a powerful deck that it’s worth forcing, which he pointed out in his last article, and the Imp is a perfect creature to start a draft with. It was clearly the best pick in that pack. And this format is all about bombs, so even though you are in infect, there is just no way you would pass a Steel Hellkite. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t have infect, it will win by itself.

    I agree that infect is the way to go, almost all of the decks I’ve done well with in this format have been BG infect. The only thing that sucks about it is that you can’t draft it at FNM because terrible players will move in on it when they see as much as a late mediocre infect guy, probably because they draft so seldom and want to try it out.

  11. This is what I call running hot with a weak deck after a weak draft by unjustifiedly forcing infect and completely luck out on both picks, and plays. My grandma can win a draft if she gets lucky like this. This was a trainwreck draft. Unfortunately, you won it by blind luck.:-(

  12. @Derp: Hey, I guess I can’t do much about that can I? :p
    Unless you were actually fine with the other drafts and it’s a problem with the mic or with how far from it I am speaking, that I can do something about. To the other people who complained about the sound, is this the only video of mine you have a problem with?

    @Efrate: If I recall correctly, you’re talking about when he Grasped my Hellkite, right? If it is so, then my guy is a 1/1 not a 2/2, and it will die anyway. For your second point, I’d have to watch it again, I’ll do that when I come back from class and answer

    @Ogretaskmaster: uh, I think it’s a much better card, I don’t really want to play spellbomb, they’re fillers, and Paladium Myr could be very good. Even if it’s not very good in my deck right now, it’ll probably be better than spellbomb, and it has the potential to getting better dpending on what I pick

    @Chris: how many lands would you have me play?…

    @Stumbles: I don’t think it’s worth it to play ichor wellspring there. I also don’t think my deck is any “bomby” for that matter :p

    @Jotram: I agree with you that it happens most of the time, but I don’t really think it happened there – I was actually focused. I don’t think Trigon or Blast would have been better than hellkite even if I decided not to play Treasure Mage, and, though it simply added another decision that I had to make (U or R), it did not take away any focus from the deck. Also, I would not put “metalcraft” in the list of archetypes – to me, they’re Infect /WW /Dinosaurs /Control. Also, Imp is a much better pick than Go for the Throat – to not pick Imp would be only because you really want to leave your options open or you are forcing non-infect.

    @Jan: well, even though I drafted this long before I wrote that article on Infect (they really do take a _very_ long time to upload for me), I guess that was kind of the point I wanted to make – a bad infect deck will sometimes just win. My deck is not necessarily good, but some of those games my opponents just had no chance.

  13. @PV
    I agree that a bad infect will occasionally give u some free wins, but I think you are definitely better player than just hoping to get some free wins by forcing infect. Completely agree with the first pick, but after that infect was obv completely cut and it was time to abandon ship.
    You missed on 3 accorder’s paladins and could have had some nice wx agro. After that u opened a couple bombs and lucked out on a couple plague stingers and that saved the day, but again, you did not have to just hope to get some lucky breaks, you could give yourself a better deck by drafting more reactively
    Either way, solid gameplay like always, that gives you the biggest edge over other guys, but i think you should work a little more on the drafting portion.

  14. But why do you say I “lucked out”? There have to be _some_ infect cards somewhere, and there should be more if I pick Infect myself, so that other people won’t. The thing with Accorder’s Paladins is not the 3rd, it’s the first – how do I get to pick the first paladin? 3 Paladins is good, but 1 Paladin is not good. Since 1 is not good, I’ll not pick it, so I’ll never get to 1 much less to 3. Also, what bombs did I open? I got a Steel Hellkite, but it was never even very good, it’s certainly not like it “salvaged my draft”

    I agree that trying to get free wins when you are good is not the best way, but that is only if those free wins come at the expense of anything. With Infect, I feel like you have a normal deck PLUS more free wins than the other decks – it’s just a bonus. If I felt like I could only win by free wins, then I would not draft it.

    I also notice how some people are complaining that I am too passive, and others that I should have drafted more reactively 😛

  15. In round two right before you win game 1 if you play the trinket mage then he goes to burn the impure even in response you can sack the plague stinger and then use the untamed might to pump it once to 4 power, so when the trinket mage comes into play you can sack it and get five power killing him regardless of him having burn the impure or not. It also works if he tries to burn the impure in response to you sacking because then you still have a pump off of untamed might.

  16. Picking up the septic rats and rot wolf late in pack 1 was a bit lucky I think. Until then it was looking like a train wreck.

  17. Infect was not necessarily cut off after the first few picks – it happens a lot that there are not that many infect cards in the first pack. In fact, the only pick I really question is the failure to take the 3/3 servant.

    to jortram and grf, I think that the imp is a better card than the removal though they are fairly equal in power level. In fact there are rares like Rebirth that I’d take imp over So to me the first pack was certainly not sh*tty

  18. M2G2 You should play hellkite. next turn you attack, he double blocks, you withstanddeath pump and trade for both sky eels. its a much better line of play imo.

  19. @PV
    Well, what else do u want to open than steel hellkite? Well, if you are disstisfied after opening a strata scythe and steel hellkite, than I guess you have very high standards. 🙂
    Just look at your deck one more time and you ll see that it is pretty bad. Withstand death, tel jilad defiance 2x are fillers and so are the goblins. On top of that you have double black and double green cards and have a shaky blue splash and steel hellkite that is there just because it is nuts. Sorry, but that is not my idea of an ideal infect deck.

    The reason why I say you lucked out is because it could have been much much worse. You got passed a third pick skinrender (lucky after you passed a gftt and the guy left to you should have been black). You get passed putrefax and plague stinger third pack (it looked that the guy right to you was infect in first booster but changed his mind later on, these cards should normally not have been there). Just getting 2 stingers is lucky, the probability of just openening a stinger in 8 boosters is less than 50% and you got two stingers, these cards just did not have to be there.

    You can pe proactive and reactive at the same time. That first pick is totally proactive trying to look for infect and I would do the same, but if infect is clearly not in there and it wasn’t, you should learn how to forget about your first pick and draft what cards are coming to you.
    I agree that 1 paladin is bad, but sometimes you just have to go for it. There was nothing really in the pack and it looked like white was open at thyat point, so you could have just go for it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but overall I think u ll end up with better decks, and I am sure that you know that this was far from an ideal infect deck.;-)

  20. I’m not sure what people would have had PV do with this draft. None of his picks were bad, the packs were underpowered. None of his opponents seemed to have great decks either. Also, he WON THE DRAFT despite punting a game in round 2.

    People should just try to learn something rather than try to teach something to a pro player who is clearly better than you.

    Sometimes the packs are underpowered and you end up with an awkward deck – I think he gave a solid example of how to win when that happens. Just my 2 cents.

  21. @Bob
    Who cares that PV won the draft?? TSG wins every single draft, so i guess you reccomend watching his drafts to learn something?
    Just my 1 cent. 🙂

  22. I admire PV for responding to majority of comments and even more than once.Cool.
    PV’s accent can be hard to understand for some, but at this case it was obviously a case of bad mic or bad rendering or something.

    Grats on the 1st (?) win

  23. @PV The audio quality is bad in general but there’s not much to be done about it short of getting a new mic and potentially increasing the size of the video files (longer uploads :D).

    @Jan The difference is that TSG plays the 4-3-2-2 Queues and even when he does an 8-4 I doubt that the caliber of opponents he faces are comparable to those in this daft (referring to Conley and the deck that beat Conley).

  24. I was your first opponent with the worst draft deck for me ever. I opened phyrexian crusader and then go for the throat first two picks and decided I’d force infect… little did I know you and probably others were also forcing it. =(

  25. @Seijim2 I wonder if Phyrexian Crusader is “good enough” without other infect cards or even not part of an infect strategy. It sounds to me that Crusader+ 2x Go for the throat sounds like a decent start for a B/R or B/U control deck.

  26. for the scythe counting… you could actually see the p/t it was adding to myr, which is originally 1/1, so it’s really easier than go counting lands…
    You got some very good plays… the turn you went for it with the untamed might and he had counter, I think I’d have gone for it the turn before, it’d time warp you, but you were not in any danger, and in this case, he wouldn’t even have the mana to use the card he had that turn. And what you said about sky-eel school was also true one turn before.
    I wouldn’t have picked up neither the treasure mage nor vivisection, but that’s just me… moving to blue for no good reason I don’t like, is not a very good place to be. I also don’t like your splash all that much, it probably hurts your deck more than it helps. And treasure mage… maybe if the 6 drop was contagion engine, but anyway, if you had to do it, I’d pick red.

  27. I too died due to strata scythe counting other player’s lands. It was a bit more gruesome though – it was in EDH. Bet we’ll never make that mistake again?

  28. @P.V., usually I am on your side, but in this case I think that the comments are correct in calling you lucky. In this draft, you opened up sick on-color cards after your draft was a wreck, and you drew well on top of it all. Obviously a lot of skill was involved in the win (even with the huge Strata Scythe punt), but I think a lot of luck was involved as well (more than usual).

    For instance, even after your mulliganed low, you pretty much drew runner-runner-runner-runner to get the win. I hear you complain about your luck quite a bit (about how you are the unluckiest, etc.), but in order to have the success that you have had, even if you are the most skilled person in the tournament (usually top five to ten in your case), you still need to get quite lucky to put up those results. I think you just take variance worse than others because of your attitude that bad plays should be punished and good plays should be rewarded.

    Overall I very much enjoy what you write/record, and other than the occasional complaint on your end (I have gotten use to it by now), I have nothing else to complain about.

  29. Nice draft! You had some good luck, but also some bad luck – the main factor was that you didn’t have too much bad luck in a given match (wish I could say that about my draft tonight). Too bad that Treasure Mage was never anything but a Blue Ogre. I had no problems with the audio quality. Your voice seemed perfectly understandable to me.

  30. @Efrate: I think playing the Goblin is better – it gets him poisoned to proliferate anyway but adds something to my board, and I don’t expose my Putrefax to a counterspell, but I think both plays are actually defensible since he does have Myr Siren and he might play something like wall of tanglecord

    @God: that’s true, I did not even think of it. This play plays against burn the impure but is much much worse against Go for the Throat, though – I think that at that point I have enough of an advantage that I can risk not killing him that turn (if he has burn but no GFTT) to make sure I kill him next turn even if he has either of those cards instead of winning if he has one and losing if he has the other

    @Zach: you think so? I think my deck looked good before I picked those cards – Treasure Mage, Burn the Impure, Vivisection, Ichor Wellspring and Imp are all good cards and they kind of go well together, with the imp standing apart a little bit but still a fine card on a grixis control archetype. I think it was the picking of the infect cards that contrasted with what I already had, and if anything that made it look worse. Hard to be a train wreck in pack 5, anyway.

    @Derek: Ichor Wellspring is actually very bad in my deck. Why would I ever play it? It’s 2 mana draw a card, no benefits. It’s like playing an off color cycler.

    @Jan: Oh, I don’t think I necessarily opened bad, I’m just saying the opening of steel hellkite did not “salvage my lost draft” as you seem to imply. If my deck did not have Steel Hellkite in it, I would have won the exact same number of games, it was completely irrelevant in any situation (in fact I would have won more because I would not be playing blue). In any case, I’d much rather have opened a power uncommon like Skinrender or Clasp, they’re both better than Steel Hellkite.

    I think there is no moment a reasonable person would have ever picked a Paladin in my draft – by the time the first arrives, I had Imp, Treasure Mage and Burn the Impure, I’m not just going to abandon everything instead of picking one of the blue or artifact playables. And a pick four paladin is NOT a sign of anything.

    You say “Infect was clearly not there and it wasn’t”. Well, why did I get passed a very late Rats and Rot Wolf, as well as Putrefax and the two Stingers that I did get passed? It seems it was there a little bit, at least more than you think.

    That said, I do agree with you that my deck was not very good, I just don’t think blindly picking accorder paladin would have been the correct solution.

    @fd8s0: well, you’re right obviously, but I almost never play online and I’m just used to counting the lands for the p/t, because IRL there is nothing showing you. I actually knew it counted both players, but I completely forgot (and/or forgot I had an Island)

    @Bane: Oh I agree with you, you can’t win a tournament without getting lucky. I actually don’t think I am an unlucky person, I just like to complain 🙂 and I do think I got reasonably lucky this tournament (I had some very good hands, my opponents didn’t really have anything, and I drew well after my mull to four, though mulliganing to four was unlucky on the first place so it kind of counters it). And you’re right, I do think bad plays sould be punished :p

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  31. Thanks for posting the draft….

    but some people just make so bad plays….no wonder a relatively bad infect deck can steal wins…i mean…R3G1…
    And you were quite lucky and drawing the perfect answers just in time….

    But that is part of the game….I had an infect deck with 3 plague stingers, the flesh eater imp, hand of preators, 2 untamed might, 2 contagion clasp…and lose round 1 due to the inevitable screw MTGO is giving all of us once in a while, and to a nuts draw of the opponent game 3…1) axe, 2) blue myr, 3) scrapmelter my igorclaw, 4) golem artisan 5) bounce my blightwidow with lumengrid drake, 6) kill my blightwidow with turn to slag..
    so yeah, seeing this deck going nuts all rounds and winning by all the misplays makes me a little sad…

    But I really like your video’s, you talk through every possible situation and cards the opponent might have, that is very helpfull.

    One question…late in Pack 3 you take without hesitation and tel-jillad defence over a disperse, while I would think disperse would fit your deck well (especially with putrefax). I mean, the defense is decent (and nuts in G2 i guess it was with that block on rot wolf), but I wondered that you not even considered it.

  32. Thanks for the video, PV. I like most of the choices, though after you made your p1p1 I may have stuck with it a little longer, taking the 3/3 infecter. That’s a difficult decision. (Personally, I would have taken GftT, because I don’t particularly care for infect- favouring aggro, control and dinos over it)

    I’ve actually noticed that this week almost every draft I’ve done has been awkward. It seems as though people are becoming more indecisive or focusing more on drafting based on raw power in 8-4’s rather than honing in on specific archetypes early in drafts. My last three drafts have been 3-coloured decks because of this phenomenon, and that’s something I’m rarely happy about.

  33. @ PV your voice is always a bit hard to understand for us, but this draft it was in fact worse than usual. And let the haters record a draft in portuguese, and then we talk again……

  34. Can you help me I bent? I’m so scared that I’ll never get put back together… – Matchbox 20

  35. I wanna push you A-round, wail I waill, wail I waill
    I wanna take you for “granite”.

  36. Good Show, PV!

    Also, CF editing, that drumroll is at a way more reasonable volume level. THANKS!

  37. also now that you’ve revealed theres an actual STORY behind being known as “matchbox 20” you absolutely must tell it.

    i always just thought they were like your favorite band or something but i’m relieved to know you dont actually like them!

    on a semi-related note my college roomate looked exactly like Rob Thomas.

  38. Match 1 Game 2 was such a beating factory. Plague Stinger Rot Wolf Flesh-Eater Imp Putrefax? That’s the Infect start every opponent has nightmares about.

  39. I was thinking, “Idiot! Why get a Swamp for Strata Scythe! You have the last Forest right there in your ha–oh wait, it counts all lands. Derp.”

  40. nice win off the mull to 4 (virtual mull to 3). just want to point out that calling a draft deck good or bad without comparing it to the other decks in the same draft is pretty much meaningless.

    ever notice how sometimes u draft a seemingly sweet deck full of removal and go out round 1 to an even sicker deck.. other times u end up in the finals discussing with your opponent how neither of u have ever drafted a worse deck

  41. PV: Force infect, you’ll win.
    Everyone: Well it depends on X, Y and Z, if you…
    PV: Forces infect, wins easily

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  43. You know, aside from the obvious mistake in the end, I really enjoyed M2G2. You lay out your strategy so thoroughly to us viewers. Thumbs up from me.

  44. Very through commentary throughout the draft. Keep them coming, since these videos don’t “sucks bro!”

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