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  2. Why do you think Frost Breath is good in an aggressive deck? It saves you sooo much damage. Just look at WR Wheenie, maybe your opponent has a 3/2 flying griffin and a horse out, then Breath would safe you 2 attack steps => 10 damage at least. You can use this time to stabilize very good in m12 imho.

    And bc it’s just my thought, can you give me some opinions on that?

  3. why do ppl think frost breath is so bad tap ur 2 bombs in ur swing my turn ur guys don’t untap swing again in my turn win

  4. Ignore Fireslinger and Chandra’s Outrage ‘hmm Im never aggressive I don’t know why’. Azure Mage is no reason to just force blue.

  5. I tend to disagree with Paulo’s draft choices, but his play is always solid. M1 shows a ton of examples of playing to his strongest line in a complicated board state. Sure, the Child of Night was a lucky draw, but he played to his outs and was rewarded.

  6. I would have windmill slammed that fireslinger pack 1. I might have even victory lapped afterwards. Maybe I under rate azure mage but I don’t know why you wanted to be blue when red was flowing.

  7. It seems that had you taken the second overrun then you could pick a lot of green creatures and abort your only good blue card.

  8. Tight play after an awkward draft.

    I think you were altogether reasonable in your drafting. Green and white didn’t show any signs of real strength until pack 3. You were sharing black with at least two other drafters though, and were pretty unlucky late.

    You could have taken Carnage Wurm over Manabarbs, given you were considering splashing for the Spider, were low on guys and needed win conditions. It seems a much better curve topper than the Gorger.

    @freshlop: Red didn’t have that much good afterwards – the Fireslinger was the only decent red card for the rest of the pack. Mana Leak and Ice Cage over Goblin Tunneller and Firebreathing? Ice Cage over Tunneller? Mana Leak over Goblin Bangchuckers? The red was terrible.

  9. cudgel the troll

    hi my name is cudgel and i am a troll. i was the second pick that you never took and i could have put you into a solid double overrun green deck.

    alright azure mage has better girly curves than me but she screwed up your draft more than i would have.

  10. So many different paths you could have taken. You didn’t take time to ponder the possibilities. If you were hell bent on black because you thought “OMG DOOM BLADE PACK ONE OMG!” You made nearly the best possible picks. You should’ve picked up that Carnage wurm or maybe a few more white cards and considered 3-color. You had good white cards and passed a Serra Angel plus that stave off. You should have taken Frost breath too, there was no reason to pass it. You need some way to win. You weren’t focusing on the win at all, just the quality of cards and “BLACK OMG BLACK!”

    You made the right call on that dragon, I don’t know why you were complaining at the end of your draft. You saw two fireslingers out there and plenty of other cheap spells. It would have connected maybe once at best.

    This was a subpar draft compared to others.(even your own others) Hope you take your own advice you gave and don’t pigeon-hole yourself into a color again.

  11. @frost breath/aggressive/azure mage: This was one of the first drafts I did, so I did not know much about the format – I was learning. The last draft video, for example, was labeled #3, and this is #2 – it’s from even before that one. This big delay will usually happen with videos because it really does take a very long time for me to upload and any complications means I have to start over. By the time I recorded this, I thought Azure Mage was better than I think now, and Frost Breath worst if you’re not that aggressive.

    I agree I could have gone Red pick two, though I don’t know what you’re talking about with Fireslinger. I didn’t pick the Carnage Wurm because at the time I wasn’t reeeally considering the Green Splash.

    I think you people talk too much with knowledge of what is going to happen, though. Things like “Red was flowing and you picked Azure Mage” – by the moment I figure that “red is flowing” I’ve already picked the Azure Mage, and then it might be better to just stick with it (though in this case it didn’t turn out very well, but not horribly either). The two Overruns I could never have played unless I second picked the Cudge Troll, which I am never going to do over Chandra’s Outrage or Azure Mage when my first card is the Vampires. Basically, I think I could have ended up in Bu or BR, but it would require future-seeing powers to go into either white or green.

  12. On the resolution thing, I don’t actually know what is wrong and how I fix it, hopefully when I get in the US me and zaiem can work it out.

  13. Second draft in a row where you underrate Phantasmal Dragon. There are only 2 reusable targetters (Alluring Siren which almost no one plays and Lawkeeper), everything else like aura’s or wring flesh is still a only a 1 for 1. A 4 mana flying 5/5 is definitely worth that. And that shouldn’t take practice to figure out like the other things (azure mage etc) which I agree do.

    Aside from that only pick I would have done different is the Manabarbs. I’d have taken the Carnage Wurm over it since you needed creatures, needed a finisher and you were already thinking fo splashing green at that point.

  14. Glad to have more Drafts from you, PV!
    I think you should have played one less Island for one more Forest, you had no double-blue cards, not even out of the board, and even though you had Ponder, you didn’t have an aggressive enough deck to need to Ponder that early anyway, so 1 Island and you were good for the rest of the game aside from Azure Mage shenanigans, which you’d also have time to get online (and it wasn’t that hard to get 1 in time for Mana Leak to be good). Also, I think the Islandwalk Bloodthirst guy should be in over Deathmark, he should win you enough games, more than Deathmark would against the right deck (I’d probably maindeck Ice Cage over it, though it might be wrong; Ice Cage would be good against Black, though, which you knew was being drafted by at least 2 other people, given the low amount of it flowing around – another point in favor of the Islandwalker, actually, given the same applied to blue -, and Deathmark would be better against white/green, at least one of which was considerably underdrafted), and is another dude. In the dark, with a deck low on creatures, I’d have played him main deck. That being said, I think you played absurdly well, even with a subpar deck, which makes it worth it to watch even if the Draft didn’t go very well.
    PS: With Outcasts, I’d probably windmill slam the Fireslinger pick 2 as well, but I like Cudgel Troll a fair bit, so I might have taken him instead.
    PPS: Stop complaining about their draws (or at least complain a little less, or make it funny), you also draw good every once in a while, it happens. Granted, it happens against you more than with you, but hey, you ARE unlucky. πŸ˜›

  15. Pack 1 was fairly weak. A lot of your good black was actually in pack 2, so the person to your right must have opened a Grave Titan or something in pack 2, resulting in a weak pack 3. White was fairly strong throughout pack 2, but never did you see anything worth abandoning Azure Mage for. If the foil Alabaster Mage was a Serra Angel, maybe you could have moved in on White and got paid off big time.

    I would have take Phantasmal Bears over Deathmark p1p4.

    I think someone switched colors which screwed you over.

  16. In the game where he had the mummy and killed your azure mage and you saved with unsummon. I would simply use the disentomb to get it and use the unsummon when he cast the mummy to attack again.

  17. Gah won’t let me post comments for some reason. If you would’ve picked the Harbor Serpent over the Ice Cage which you didn’t even end up playing, you wouldn’t have had to splash to get to play a finisher.

  18. KFG_EaterOfWorlds

    in match 2 game 1 when you are trying to figure out what your attacks should be and then start thinking about whether he has shock, he does not have a mountain untapped, so he couldnt have shock that turn…

  19. M2G1 your opponent obviously pacified the 2/4 because he wanted to swing for 4 damage as he thought he would be the aggressor now that he also had the serpent in play. He wasn’t really thinking it through though, since the attack for 4 didn’t shorten the clock he put you on unless he could get another attack in. He also seemed to think you wouldn’t be able to deal with the serpent (while in fact you had Unsummon to delay it for a turn).

  20. Keep the drafts coming. You definitely got very unlucky, other than passing the dragon. Which you seem to agree with

  21. Paulo,

    You can hide all cards of a color by right clicking and choosing “Hide all ‘X'”. It might save you a few seconds during the draft :-/

  22. wrong draft choice. you may not be able to go black after taking outcast and so u should slam the chandra outrage just in case. azure is good but is not close to outrage.

  23. I understand this was early. I’d like to know if you still think gorehorn has enough power to eschew the consistency of picking the bat p1p3?

    At that point I take phantom bear p1p4 and go aggressive blue black, looking forward to frost breath, aether adept, and obv removal, supplemented with ice cage.

  24. Did you realize that saccing a dude targeted by the Pharaoh means that it’s not put on top of your opponent’s library?

  25. M1G1 that is. You definitely could have used the Unsummon better.

    Good to see you RTFC’d g2 πŸ˜›

  26. Seems like you got fixed onto the idea that you’re blue way too early. After “hating” that overrun and then having serra angel passed, you could have tried to jump into another color. Your blue was very mediocre at that point. Azure mage was the only awesome card, 2 mana leaks are fine, but nothing amazing.

  27. Does the ChannelFireball watermark have to be placed on the lower right? It blocks my view of cards being drafted.

  28. M1G2 was amazing. Yeah, your opponent had to misplay a few times (killing Swarm instead of Drake, for instance), but your play was fantastic.

  29. I’m always sad when i see that ChannelF posts this stuff insted of more Conley or LSV …

    Try to speak slower and articulate better, I would almost call it mumbling (if that is caused by your microphone – it’s no excuse), you are speaking to public even when you’re alone with your mic. Get used to it and bring better presentation next time. Also, do something about that screen – half cards outside the video – that is disaster and amateurism. You need more than just good magic skills to make your video enjoyable.

    I wish you the best

  30. get a life gajdosh. if you can’t understand him you must be deaf. it’s a magic video not the nightly news.

  31. That Azure Mage really torpedoed your draft. It’s close between Maga and Outrage, but you saw no more blue the rest of the draft and passed some good red cards in pack 1.

  32. M1G1 after you drew the Vampire Outcasts: I think the right play there is to attack with the Drake, do three damage, then sacrifice the drake to prevent the Return of the Pharao.

  33. No love for Chandra’s Outrage P2?

    I think a BR deck was the order of the day here.

    Still, I’m amazed that you did as well as you did playing the deck. While the deck you drafted doesn’t seem like much, I think that you piloted it very well in the games.

  34. If my deck is blue I always play as many frost breaths as I can. Even if your board is nothing but a pair of 2/2s, if your hand is nothing but frost breaths you are winning almost every non hexproof race. It doesn’t matter if you are really aggro or control frost breath just puts you so ahead, it buys you a ton of time to start dropping haymakers and it will often just kill them. I can sort of understand taking card advantage or strong creatures over frost breath, but taking stuff like amphin cuttthroats over it is just wrong.

  35. PAULO: This draft really showcases why you are one of the best players on the planet. I’ve been playing for quite some time, and their is no way I could have maneuvered the decision tree to win match 1

  36. Oh man, M2G1 killed me. Leaving Phantasmal Bear as his only defense has to be a bad play, unless he’s got another Frost Breath in hand.

  37. 1. PV is correct in that people comment as if things were obvious, when much of their opinion is clearly being swayed by hindsight.

    2. [opinion] PV is a poor drafter compared to LSV. Conley is better than PV but worse than LSV. I almost never agree with PV’s picks. I’m not saying he’s not excellent at playing the game once he has his deck, I just think he is sub-par at actually picking the correct cards.

  38. lol you totally would have gotten there if you took serra and went white in p3, serra into assaultgriffin into lawkeeper plus the 2/4 guy = better than your U

    seems really late to switch but i guess the opportunity cost isnt too much when its just a vanilla 2.4

  39. I love Azure Mage, but I try to stay away from UB in this format. With that said, RB is kind of the nuts, and going P1P1 Outcasts, and P1P2 Chandra’s Outrage sets you up nicely going forward. It might not have worked out for you either, but that seemed to be the right line (at least at the time).

    And green is a lot better than people are giving it credit for. It has more bomb uncommons than any of the other colors (Jade Mage, Overrun, Stingerfling, Cudgel Troll). Arachnus Web is more than respectable removal, and I almost always mb Plummets in this format.

    Eh, you this video is still a success because you showed why youre the best player in the world. I have no doubts I would have lost that match in r1.

  40. Hey Paulo

    I’ve watched pretty much all of your pro tour top 8’s and always thought of you as a great player.
    But seeing you do online drafts just makes you seem not that great. I don’t know why this is. πŸ™

    The draft itself was a trainwreck. You should for sure at some point have gotten into green or white and have abandonned these dead colors you ended up drafting. After 2Β½ packs your only descent blue card was azure mage.

    And in the games you also play sloppy. For exampel you use like 2 minuts to talk about weather or not to play around shock in a turn where your opponent was tapped out of red mana.
    And in another turn you completely oversee the fact that your opponent took 3 extra damage, because he used his graveyard-creature-removal-thing after damage was dealt. That ended up being the only reason you won that game, but you didn’t seem to notice it at all.

    Maybe it’s the MODO interface/controlls that dosen’t agree with you, but you sure look way better, when you are playing with paper cards.

    But I still enjoy you putting up drafts, don’t get me wrong. So please keep it up. πŸ™‚

    And by the way your opponents where both horrible in this draft. I don’t know why people think 8-4 have better players than the other formats. I’ve seen so many players like this in these channel-fireball 8-4 videos.

  41. @thromper: I would hardly call him a “bomb”. At the time, I didn’t really think I was splashing, and I honestly doubt you would think about it either if I hadn’t done it. But fair point, it was certainly the wrong pick.

    @gajdosh: I will try to speak slower. I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with the video, I will try to fix it in pittsburgh.

    Again, I don’t remember much of this since it was a long time ago, so I don’t know what I did that was so good in M1, but thank you xP

    @mythic: saying azure is “not close” to outrage is certainly wrong – outrage might be better but it’s definitely not by much

    @Jestr: really, worse than conley?! That hurts :<
    You are definitely correct that I have a lot to improve in limited, as right now my limited is a lot worse than my constructed and I routinely mess up in drafting, but I think your reasons for getting to that conclusion are not right.

    @james: if you must know, I think it's 4 factors.

    The first factor is that draft is not always an absolute thing – with playing, there is the right play and you can prove it. With drafting, if I want to draft blue then there is a pick for me and if you despise blue there is a pick for you. Your pick is going to be different than my pick, but that does not mean it is correct every time. EVEN IF I LOSE, it does not mean your pick was correct. You have the advantage of knowing what is going to happen before you comment, I do not have that luxury – I make what I think is the best decision based on what I know at the time.

    People will jump at ANY opportunity to say a Pro Player is wrong in anything – it's almost like they are watching the videos just for that, I wonder if it makes them feel better. When my pick turns out bad and yours turns out good, you immediately think I am horrible and you're awesome, because it's very convenient.

    The other three factors are my fault, though. I think playing and recording are two things that require my full attention. When I am recording a video, I have to think about what I am going to say, how I'm going to make it understandable/useful, what is obvious and not worth mentioning, etc. I also have to play. I can't do both well at the same time, it is very hard for me. In a PT draft, my focus is entirely on that draft, I try to reason what the players on my left picked and what those on the right will pick, in a video I hardly remember what I passed last pack.

    Second, when I'm not in tournaments, I simply care less and there is absolutely nothing anyone (even I) can do to change that. Even in practice games I will play worse than in tournaments because that's just the way things are, I'll be thinking about other things, I have little motivation, I want to try new things because if they don't work, whatever. Online, it's very easy to just assume my opponents are bad (because most ARE bad), rather than try to find a reason for why they do the things they do.

    Third, I actively dislike Magic Online and I am not entirely used to it, so sometimes I mess up because of that. Every time I missclick, it makes me hate Magic Online more (no, not myself, magic online :P)

    I understand that I play a lot worse in videos, and I also understand that I will continue to do so because I can't focus and it's my nature to care less. I apologize for that, but it is likely not going to radically change – it will get better, but you'll probably never see the Pro Tour PV in those videos (and honestly you won't see the PT Conley/LSV in those either). Don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean I'm not going to try to bring you interesting videos – I will do the best I can under the circumstances (and in this video, apparently, I played well, so hopefully I was able to teach you something). It is a little sad, though, that after playing for 10 years on the pro tour, I get judged by the most meaningless thing of all, a 8-4 magic online draft video…

  42. @PV

    I absolutely agree that a lot of these comments are based on hindsight. Why not write an article about how people should come to the site and absorb the information from these drafts? We all know that the best decks can lose even if you play optimally and that %’s given on matchups for decks don’t mean diddly without a ton of statistical backup (and is that even fair when a lot of that comes from decklists that are not all 100% identical). I think it would be an interesting article to see how you as a write perceive what you write and how we interpret it vs how we seem to actually interpret it.

  43. If this was a draft by a random scrub on for instance draftmagic.com, he would have been killed in the comments. But this is PV, so he was unlucky πŸ˜‰

  44. PV raises good points about the number of people who jump to slam pro players at any possible opportunity. At the same time, he needs to be realistic that these videos will help shape our opinion of him. I’m not going to judge PV based SOLELY on videos, but it can’t help but be part of how I see him and his competence as a Magic player.

    PV, please understand that you and CFB are putting this out for us to watch, we didn’t break into your home and force you to draft at gun point. You have chosen to make these videos a part of your public body of work and you will be judged in part based on that. Some people will be jerks and slam you, some will try to be fair, but that is beyond your control. All you can do is put your best effort forward (which is apparently another issue) and let whatever happens happen. But if you don’t want to be judged by your results in an 8-4 online match then my advice is not to publish them. I say this respectfully and as someone who does enjoy watching your drafts even if it isn’t your favorite form of MtG.

  45. People pointing out mistakes are lousy players and here’s why:

    1. Mistakes will always happen, there’s no need to comment on it. Even from good players it will always happen. If you we’re any good you’d know this and shut up.
    2. The mistakes PV (and others) do are actually THE BEST source for you to learn from. Ask anyone. No really. They will all say the same thing: you learn BEST from your mistakes. And you have the opportunity to learn from other’s mistakes but don’t take it and don’t realize the opportunity is there.

    Well guess what? THAT’S A BIG PART OF WHY YOU’RE LOUSY and comment, instead of learning from the mistakes someone else did for you!.

  46. For what it’s worth I feel these videos can look to do two things:
    #1 entertain
    #2 educate
    Now if I can’t have both then I know I’d rather learn something. A couple of weeks ago Paulo you made an article with some rules. And in it rule number two read:#2 You don’t think about what your opponent is doing.
    I thought your opponent was just being a baddie when he refused to kill your Zombie Goliith but then you reinforced this rule (albeit after throwing unsummon).
    So while this was not very entertaining I did learn something, which should prove to be valuable.

  47. Far out, the way you just deal with the Vengeful Pharaoh in game 1 is simply superb. You are amazing!

  48. Drafting isn’t easy to get used to for any player at any level. With the added complications of interface, recording the video, commentary.. I can only imagine how hard it must be. Thanks for sharing your strategy and keep it coming buddy!


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