Channel Owen: TPF Draft #1

Channel Owen: TPF Draft #1

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  1. Using Tolarian Sentinel in response to activating your Flowstone Embrace doesn’t work the way you want it to. You could have taken Fatal Attraction over the first Flowstone Embrace for a combo that does work.

  2. Hey, I can’t think of very many people who wouldn’t have laughed at that play. Just ignore the hypocrites holding you to a higher standard of non-laughing. LOL!

  3. mother of god. m1g1 is by far the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. you played that one perfectly Owen.

  4. No mention of the 2 Kor Dirges vs Dead/Gone and Erratic Mutation? Kor Dirge seems insane, although maybe less good with fewer creatures.

  5. M1G1 pretty funny, but the laugh is what gets it there. Owen starts laughing… Then it just gets maniacal. Owen, The Biggest Troll.

  6. pack 2, you probably could’ve taken fatal attraction over flowstone embrace, since it would diversify your removal and give you more outs to various creatures. you already had a lot of stuff that killed 2 toughness guys.

  7. So, keep 5 land: 4 mana spell, 5 mana spell.
    Then complaining about getting bad draws when you loose?

    Way to go for POY.

    It´s kind of annoying since it comes up quite often for Mr Turtenwald.

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  9. When I saw all the comments of people going off about M1G1 I assumed I was going to see some intense and close game with Owen somehow emerging as the winner through some right calls and good decisions.
    And I did! Awesome job m8

  10. Alex: Well, I don’t care about that but if you make a bad keep just admit it was a bad keep instead of blaming it on bad luck with the draws.

    At least that’s what I´d expect from someone who won POY.

    Blaming luck is really something lesser players do, especially when you are the one to blame and not your deck.

  11. “Justin R says: November 23, 2011 @ 10:22 pm

    Using Tolarian Sentinel in response to activating your Flowstone Embrace doesn’t work the way you want it to. You could have taken Fatal Attraction over the first Flowstone Embrace for a combo that does work.”

    This works perfectly well with the ability on the stack, why wouldn’t it?

  12. M1G1 wasnt even good, u people made we watch a joke game. I was looking forward to an epic match but i was let down 🙁

  13. @xsv1nrg2 – No one made you do anything. You didn’t have to watch and it makes you sound childish for saying so.

    The funny thing is that Owen get lucky frequently on draws, but now he gets lucky to play against people who don’t read cards. So unfair.

  14. @MB: Yes, he’s clearly a lesser player. That’s why he made 7 Grand Prix Top 8s in one year. Get a grip.

    @JustinR: Umm, yes it does. You activate the ability of the embrace, then the sentinel in response. The embrace is returned to your hand and the creature dies.

  15. OMG you took, erratic mutation over a kor chant TOO?

    ATTN OWEN: Could I get your reason for not taking those chanys? You didnt even mention them as options and they are SICK. Not to be a dick, but could you justify why you didn’t take/don’t like the chant? I’m truly curious.

    Thanks foryour time. Best,


  16. I don’t get people.

    So many here are like: OHMY GOD, this guy made 7 GP Top-8’s he´s obviously insane and everything he does is awesome.

    It doesn’t matter how many Top-8´s he made. He still sounds like a child when he looses and that behavior is not worthy of someone who just became PoY.

    People should go watch someone like Anton Jonsson over at Starcity, not only is he one of the best limited players of all time (His videos are at least twice as good as anything you can watch here) I´ve also never heard he complain even when he get the most horrid draws.

    Neither do I hear something like that from Conley or LSV.

    Being good is nothing that change the fact that Owen is a winer, a characteristic he should try to get id of.

  17. I love it, the guy says:

    “Owen you’re better than this wtf was all that? Come on you know that blaming luck is something a weak player does, and you made POTY so you’re not a weak player. Cut it out!”

    and the fanboys register it as:


  18. Wow, that laugh at the end of match 1, game 1 just made my toes cringe.

    It was like when you see a movie, and the super-villan had just told us about his secret masterplan of world domination, and then finishing it off with the classic supervillan-laugh.

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