Channel MattNass: NMS Draft #1

Channel MattNass: NMS Draft #1

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  1. You must have been pleased to see that your opponent didn’t play any foil Hell’s Thunders…

  2. Thanks for the draft, and for showing something different. Mediocre cards got you pretty far, but it seems wrong to not play a few red sources to turn on Vulshok Replica and Volt Charge.

    Mostly though, I just wanted to point out that Rusted Relic and Rusted Slasher are in fact different cards.

  3. Not playing that volt charge seems VERY bad…. Playing 4 mountains does little damage to your mana, and gives you six more points of reach in a deck that could really need it. Taking Sentinel over Concussive Bolt was also poor.

  4. p2p9 the treasure mage tabled but you picked a rusted slasher over it. Seems like a big missed chance to go deep with the thopter, and the trinket mages next pack wouldve supported a nice blue splash possibly cutting red. the rhino in the previous pack could boost treaure mage value further.

  5. I think this archetype was quite terrible. You managed to rip two on-color bombs (Thopter Assembly and True Conviction) and played absolutely no removal, artifact or otherwise, and managed to get through some pretty weak decks.

    You didn’t splash red while playing Vulshock Replica and having a volt charge (which goes to the face, very relevant in an aggro deck). You also passed a very late treasure mage after having a thopter assembly and having no second color to speak of. You played TWO off color flight spellbombs.

    Your deck was absolutely cold to Vedalken Anatomist except for mana screw. Between bombs, good draws and mana screwed opponents, I can’t say the archetype impresses me.

  6. UGH this was such a bad draft. i stoped watching after M1G1.. thats absurd because i crave this content. sure u did well for this pile of garbage but who wants to see this? its soooooooooooo bad. he even declares some horrible cards good and good cards bad? i dont get it.. isnt he a really good magic player? please M. nass release something a little more exciting

  7. Ha! I love the complainers. They seem to forget Matt managed to get to the final and lost on the 3rd game right after they see it (some don’t even bother to watch the whole thing).

    I can see this archetype being awesome with the right cards. He just didn’t managed to get all of them. It is an archetype you have to force because the best pack you have is Scars, but if you get the awesome cards, then this should be pretty good.

  8. Cool draft. I like how you went with synergy over power especially considering most CF member like to stay open for as long as possible. Nice to see someone commit early.

  9. had to be incorrect not to play a few mountains at least to turn on vulshok replica and even possibly pay mana for slash panther. i mean i know you may have been worried about hitting double white or even triple white for true conviction, but just playing 2 or 3 mountains makes the odds of your mana being bad extremely low. i mean sure if you only draw 2 lands the whole game, 1 could be a mountain and you’d be screwed, but if you only draw 2 lands the whole game you lose anyways. and while you’re playing mountains, you should definitely splash the volt charge.

  10. Samuel The Swede

    Think u should have run 16 lands with voltcharge, running 2-3 Mountains. And i would have played like any artifact over flight spellbomb. You had the chance to grab a Golden urn in the last few picks, but apparently that 1 mana artifact wasn’t good 😉 Overall good drafting though.

  11. Quite the original draft! Not sure if a few mountains would’ve hurted that much but kudos on the draft picks and the plays: keep up the good work Matt!

  12. Yeah! Get in there, 5/5 Rusted Slasher!

    But in all seriousness, your style seems different from anyone else I see on this site. Not playing Volt Charge seems clearly a mistake though.

  13. not playing volt charge when you are playing 2 red cards already (replica and slash panther) seems really really loose. At that point the treasure mage in pack 2 that came around after u grabbed the thopter horde would have been a nice splash. entertaining but loose.

  14. Ok i can understand the mono white stand, i can go with the commitment early (i actually appreciate that). Matt Nass has won a gp, he seems to know a bit what he is doing… ok he got lucky in that his opponents drew pretty bad in crucial moments whereas he ripped assembly in great spots.

    Still, walking into that so very obvious counter in m2g2 was so ugly i’m just hoping it was the video making that made him brainfart because that was not defendable.

  15. I really enjoyed this draft, nice to see an original deck, im not a great fan of this limited format, but i did enjoy this draft. Kepp it up!

  16. I rly enjoyed this draft!
    Splashing Volt charge and increasing the possibility to get an akward draw even further… isnt exactly the place i wanna be..

  17. This almost looks like the Training Drone deck that Geordie Tate tweets about sometimes. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a draft video on that strategy (take any equipment that comes your way, plus Training Drones, Goblin Gaveleers, etc).

  18. Geez, why is there so much complaining about free content from professional players? Offering some criticism is one thing, but come on. Personally, I liked seeing a different take on the format.

  19. Why would you not trade hovermyr for a spin engine in Match 3, – Game 3, the myr did 3 dmg while the engine did 9, and is a finisher for later.. That would’ve won you the game for sure.

  20. I have to agree on the Volt Charge + ~5 mountains comments here. One of the traditional problems of white aggressive decks is the lack of reach, so why not fix it. You already play the Panther and Vulshok Replica….

    Anyways, nice draft and: haters gonna hate.

  21. Thanks for the vid.
    Niche to see someone draft in a different style, not the typical “Keep my options open/Tend to draft a controllish deck”. i think it worked out pretty well. Now to the criticism:
    With your final build , you just have to play 1,2 or 3 islands. They doesn´t hurt your manabase, like explained above for splashed Volt Cahrge(+ Vulshok).
    Also you totaly missed the blue train. Whatever archetype you draft you have to pick the second thopter assembly and splash it(you even had’t a second color).so if you do that you had could also pick up certarch, lumengrid drake, school and trinket mage + one of the flight spellbomb (I think) and would have a much better(and still aggresive and heavy white) deck .

  22. @everyone asking about red splash: I considered the red splash, but the problem is that I really didn’t want another non-artifact card anyway. Playing one or two mountains for Replica is reasonable, but I did have a Relic-Warder in my deck. It still may be right though.

    @wietse: He used Spin Engine’s Ability so I couldn’t block.

    @people suggesting to pick/splash the Treasure Mage: not a bad idea. The mana was tricky and mana issues really are much more troublesome in aggressive decks. Even if I do take the Mage, I don’t think I would want any other Blue cards (except for the FLight Spellbombs of course) since I have to keep my Artifact count high and my White non-Artifact cards were already pretty sweet.

    I don’t think that tihs was necessarily a perfect example of this archetype, but I did want to point out that this archetype is powerful enough that a pretty weak version of it can still be qiute powerful. Curving out is just something that a lot of decks can’t beat and cards like Piston Sledge and Copper Carapace can make cards like Hover Myr look a lot more powerful.

  23. Is CF that desperate for content that they just take anyone off the street and throw a modo account at them? Its getting pretty pathetic.

  24. That was just a horrible mana base. You have a couple WW spells, other than that, there’s no need for 17 lands. It’s not like True Conviction costs WWWWWW.

    You have “free” lands to play. I would definitely splash red for Volt Charge and Vulshok Replica’s activation. If you want to play it safe, at least 3-4 Islands is easily safe for the Flight Spellbombs.

  25. Wow! Unlike a lot of the commentors, I really liked your deck. At some point you have to commit to something, and selecting/playing 2-3 less artifacts or more powerful but bulky guys would throw away the value of most of your deck. Its understandable that most people aren’t comfortable drafting/playing this style of deck, but its good to see something different.

    It would have been nice to draft Trinket Mage, given that we weren’t really invested in red, and we had the Spellbomb and Carapace. Otherwise, I would probably play the Volt Charge, but its an understandable call to maintain value for 2xArdent Recruit, Rusted Relic, Sunspear Shakari, the double strike guy, Dispatch, etc.

  26. I appreciate seeing different approaches no matter how bad the cards may seem at first (or even second) glance – keep it up.

    However, I do think that there is no way anyone could make me not play the volt charge and add a few mts. If someone ever managed that feat, I am certain I’d have felt comfortable with 16 plains.

    I do wonder about your decision to mulligan M3G1 on the draw when you only had one land but actually had cards you could play T1 and 2 with any land draw first 2 turns. I hate mulliganing and I hate keeping 1 land hands but it seemed a reasonable choice to me to keep that one. Mostly I was surprised you didn’t go more in depth on that choice

  27. I appreciate how diverse the Jeremiah Weed commercials are. at the least they’re not completely silent like the axe commercials, they don’t cover the bottom of the screen when they have during video pop ups and they don’t last an entire minute.

    The ads would be more profitable if they were more like that. but not the ford commercials, please, they were diverse but variety in lameness is not a plus.

    If you have any control over which ads pop up or who it is that sponsors you, it would be well advised for you or your sponsors to create a better ad strategy that would encourage people to watch the videos and still watch the ads. (I thoroughly enjoyed watching some big guy lifting a thousand pounds of tire, or a gigantic burger made for some huge chinned oddity.)

  28. I enjoyed seeing a very different take on the draft. I haven’t seen a pro-metalcraft take before, so it was fun to see. too bad the draft didn’t seem to pan out. It seemed like you were a little greedy, (missing out on concussive bolt, chrome steed) I was surprised that you didn’t mention Master’s Call vs. Copper Carapace. Seems like Master’s Call was made for the metalcraft deck.

  29. good content, interesting draft, good player….but jesus you have the most stereotypical, nerdy voice ive ever heard. Take a second to blow your nose, then breathe through it

  30. Not sure why you didn’t consider a Blue splash.

    Bounce is huge and plentiful in an agressive deck.
    Lumengrid Drake is great if you can consistently metalcraft.
    Plus you had the flight spell bombs and a shot at geting both treasure mage and trinket mage.
    You were allready at a point were you considered cuting red entirely so adding a blue splash just seems way more benefical.

  31. Match 3 Game 1 was winnable.

    You should have traded the Edgewright for the Juggernaut instead of the Berserkers. That way you don’t randomly die to poison like what happened.

    If you did that, you would have gained infinite life with True Conviction, then played Assembly again to race Contagion Engine.

  32. Do another draft with the same archetype. I think you got a really weak draft pool and still managed to almost win the entire 8-4. I would love to see a repeat performance!

  33. Nice draft thanks, I miss the legacy gauntlet though.

    Why do people complain about free content? I like all the videos on here.

  34. The metalcraft strategy definitely has its merits, especially with the format losing a bit of its ability for long-game power. I think the better points that some are missing are (1) this wasn’t an optimal representation of the archetype BY FAR, and yet it still showed off, and (2) this archetype maximizes the SOM pack more than most others, which has been an obvious problem in the format if you’ve watched the other content floating around.

    For a better look at how this archetype can rip through format, look at Tsuyoshi Fujita’s draft from PT Nagoya: http://gatherer.wizards.com/magic/draftools/draftviewer.asp?draftid=6_11_2011_1&player=2&pack=1&pick=1&showpick=false

    Saying the cards are “bad” sorta misses the point, Matt. Remember when Sligh first came out as a pile of “bad cards”? If you can keep a curve and figure out a way to maximize the potential of said cards, they aren’t really bad. Arden Recruit isn’t “bad” now that the format allows for better aggressive artifact builds.

  35. don’t know if someone already said this. too lazy to read all the comments, but in pack one, i really think you wanted to take invader parasite over dispatch. if you don’t end up getting a ton of artifacts (which dispatch requires), the parasite is pretty sweet play against a lot of the format’s slower controlling decks. plus, its in red which you’re already semi-committed to if you want to play the volt charge and chancellor. cool draft and thanks for the video man.

  36. Hey I thought this was a very interesting video, m1 showed how efficient this archetype can be and I am unaccustomed to drafting such a focused deck when there are ‘better’ cards in the pack. Great

  37. trollington troll

    ummmmm *sniff* *suck* *sniff* you think you can blow your nose? whats wrong the people here? everyone is yawning or chewing gum into the mic?

  38. Even if you want to draft something different, which I think is fine, Ardent Recruit over Ichor Wellspring has to be a gigantic mistake. Sunchaser is just better and you can get both of them extremely late, and you never want to play more than a couple (you have Dispatch already). It’s like, THE metalcraft MBS common, can’t believe you didn’t even mention it.

  39. @mike: you may be right, although I thoght at the time that normal damage was going to be more likely to kill me than poison and then drew Conviction.

  40. Ok, let me defend Mr. Nass here, as I think his build was completely correct. First, the red splash was not that relevant or even decent. For THIS style of deck, a WW start on T2 is much more relevant than a mountain late game with charge or replica online. He was playing 3 WW dudes. Second, the flight spellbombs were FINE even if he couldn’t cantrip off them. Clearly, he wanted metalcraft ASAP and flighting a doublestriking dude, rusted relic, or ardent recruit late was house. Also, not every deck needs removal (though he did have a dispatch) if the deck is fast enough – yes, this is aimed at the fella who said this deck was “dead to anatomist.” This deck was simply too fast for anatomist to handle since it bogs down a large chunk of mana every turn. Nice deck, Matt. Don’t worry about the haters.

  41. He passed two ichor wellsprings in a metalcraft deck? I’m not really sure what’s going on here, but I’m very certain that I don’t approve. And they were *late* ichor wellsprings at that.

  42. Copper Carapace is MUCH better than Ichor Wellspring in this type of deck. Wellspring vs Recruit is closer, but I felt that I was more in need of Metalcraft guys than artifacts at the time.

  43. jesuschristtheseads


  44. Hate to hate, but I am in agreement with the lack of splash. As much as I understand the WW guys, were they really better than splashing red to turn on vulshok replica, volt charge (pack 1/pick 1), not taking life on slash panther, and putting a counter back on the trigon (which can also be done with volt charge). Mind you the latter 2 never were relevant, but what if they were? Would a hand full of Mountains really been that bad?

    Also, treasure mage sounds good with the Thopter. Rusted slasher was picked over it and not even played and the vulshok replica and the sunspear shikari were both picked over the trinket mage. While none of this is obviously game altering, it just seems like the archetype you WANTED to draft took priority over creative picks in the packs.

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  46. @Matt Nass

    “@mike: you may be right, although I thoght at the time that normal damage was going to be more likely to kill me”

    Damage vs. poison is irrelevant when you can’t take even a single hit from the juggernaut, you were at 5 poison and it dealt 5 poison if it got through, which would kill you. On the other hand a 3/3 is much more manageable and since you’d have to always block the 5/5 that means you can always at least block the 3/3 (or you’d be dead from the 5/5 anyway).

  47. LMFAO Mono white with vulshok replica and slash panther. Splash red for volt charge? Nahh. This is a MATT NASS DRAFT. STEPPIN ON GREMLINS WHOO BEAR.

  48. Not picking the tabled treasure mage when you already have thopter assembly (at which point treasure mage is like 5 times better then your only real red card volt charge) just seems horrible.
    This could have led to flight spellbombs that are not terrible, a sky eel school, certarch and trinket mage in pack 3.

    Also slash panter is a pretty aggressive card. Because of the haste you can usually get in for 4 and then trade with something, seems like good value to me and definetely better then 1/2 flyings for 2.
    I prefer gut shot over hover myr too, there are so many 1 toughness creatures.

    Not seen the games yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if you won most games on the back of either copper carapace or one of your 6 mana card instead of the mediocre pile of artifacts and suspect colored metalcraft creatures.

    I do like me a white red aggresive deck but I feel the reward for drafting a lot of artifacts just isn’t there. I’d much rather have a lot of skyhunters/guards, ogre resisters and kuldotha ringleaders to beat down, since there are far fewer answers to those cards. Sure you don’t get chrome steeds and relics in the last pack but you still get a lot of good commons like blast, turn to slag, arrrest, revoke, skyguard, vulshok replica, magnet etc.

  49. I liked this draft and I thought Matt made some interesting choices.

    But seriously Matt, you need to stop mumbling and recall that you’re not just speaking to yourself.

  50. People seem to not realize that splashing 1 and a half cards is extremely inconsistent. In a controling deck (which is what CFB crew drafts most of the time), splashing it is obviously always correct, because games are expected to last 10-15 turns. This deck is super aggro, you can’t bank on drawing mountain 3 turns later, because opponent will have stabilized by that point.

    Don’t get me wrong, volt charge is removal, but it’s not lightning bolt quality. It still costs 3 mana and the times you will end up drawing a mountain and not be able to T2 skyhunter/Relic-warder OR have volt charge sit dead in your hand, DO matter in an extremely aggressive deck like this one.

    It may be incorrect, but it’s certainly not “LOL NUB” kinda wrong.

  51. Kenny McCormick

    MattiasNL pointed the biggest mistake out. Not taking the extremely late Treasure Mages and going WU.
    The rest of the draft was good, most people here don’t quite understand that in an Aggro deck curve is more important than quality sometimes.

  52. @Matt, Thanks for an interesting draft! Some of us do appreciate pro level magic content for free, especially when it is something out of the ordinary.

    @Those that think treasure mage was a slam: To put it in context, treasure mage was passed for a rusted slasher, which ended up replacing a bladed sentinel.

    The problem with TM in this deck is that it is very inconsistent; you can either draw it when you have Thopter assembly already, or you can draw it without getting an island. If you play the trinket mage as fast as possible (t3 on the play) to avoid blanking it, you will have seen 9 cards minimum. If one of the 8 cards that aren’t the trinket mage is a thopter assembly, the card’s upside is wasted. So in the best case scenario for casting it, the card is terrible 20% of the time.

    If you have 3 islands in your deck, your chance of getting an opening 7 without a single one is ~55% (though this includes hands with no lands that you would mull even with a more consistent mana base). Obviously to work out consistency, you’d need to do a lot more maths, but the point is that treasure mage is often going to be uncastable and/or pointless. The 2/2 non-artifact body offers very little in the deck. I think rusted slasher is the better pick, and it’s certainly not *obviously* worse.

    I get the impression that a lot of the haters simply absorb what’s good from LSV, and then apply it to every pick without thinking critically. This is a pity if it means they won’t appreciate drafts like this.

  53. He could easily run 7-8 islands. You know, like normal two colored decks.
    If you already have thopter assembly in hand then I don’t think it matters that mage is a just a grey ogre since your chances of winning should be high.

  54. Fun fact about how combat damage works, if your 4/4 is being blocked by 4 1/1s (like in match 3 game 1) You can assign 2 damage to one of the 1/1s so that you only kill 3 of them, which would have wrecked matt nass’s plan if his oponent had seen it.

  55. Near the end of pack 2, a treasure mage wheeled, and I was literally shouting at the screen, “Take the F***ING treasure mage!” while you mumbled about mediocre cards and took one of them over it…I really don’t see why. You already said that you would splash volt charge and ignore the red chancellor, so why not take what is, effectively, a second thopter assembly!? I know you’re a pro and I’m not, but, as long as I live, I’ll never figure that one out. I haven’t watched the rest of the picks, so maybe it’ll pan out, but, to my mind, what’s better than one thopter assembly? TWO thopter assemblys! (or, if you’re Matt Nass, some random durdle…)

    I try to be respectful, but that pick just seems ridiculous.

  56. @MattiasNL: You make a fair point that the loss of value by drawing both the thopter and the mage is mitigated by the fact that you have the sweet thopter. However, the thopter and a grey ogre go pretty poorly with the rest of the cards in the deck, given that the thopter is a six drop and the mage doesn’t add to the artifact count. This is pretty speculative, but thopter+mage draws are probably pretty reliant on the thopter sticking in order to win games, and the card is very vulnerable to removal.

    If you play 7 islands 10 plains, the chance of getting 0 plains in your opening 7 is ~7.61%. Compared with ~0.6% for 17 plains. Now, perhaps not every hand without a plains is a mulligan (though I’d say it was very likely a sketchy keep), but it’s certainly costly to increase the deck’s mulligan percantage by ~7.

    On top of that, assuming you have a treasure mage in your opening 7, the chance of having no islands in a 7 island deck is ~27.8%. Again, the card looks suspect if a quarter of the time you draw it you either mulligan or risk having only 6 playable cards anyway.

    Sure the islands cycling spellbombs help the deck’s consistency slightly, but spending mana in the early turns to have no effect on the board is not really what an aggressive strategy wants to do.

    Of course you can tweak the numbers of lands, but I think the deck’s main plan is good enough that increasing the chance of playing a vulnerable bomb does not make up for the loss of consistency from mana screw or drawing an uncastable or redundant mage.

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