Channel MattNass: MSS Draft #2

Channel MattNass: MSS Draft #2

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  1. This is literally the worst video player I have every used. I cant even watch the videos. When I full screen is goes completly black.

    Id rather pay like $5 a month to watch these videos rather than have to use this horrible player.

  2. The player seems to work okay for me…my only issue has been that the quality randomly jumps from very high to practically unreadable and then back again.

  3. quality jumps for me too, but it really isn’t THAT bad. the biggest issue is that it crashes several times. tried in IE8, IE9, and Firefox4

  4. Fuel for the cause over Crush? Seems pretty weak since you really aren’t looking to be blue, and crush I think is a fine sb card.

  5. In this Draft:

    solid U/R deck slain by carnifex demon

    maybe the format is not COMPLETELY bomb dependent?

  6. mass for 0 makes actually zero sense. You expect him to do the following…

    1. Kill your phoenix with damage or destroy spell (there are like 2 as opposed to 4/5 that deal with it in other ways)
    2. not swing his ground guys (plus the air would have been 9 damage taking you to 3 life)

    then you obviously have to spend your turn getting the phoenix back, which is obviously the best option you had but its not like you didnt have 4 spells in hand ready to cast.

    Your first block of hulk on 2/2, myr on 3/3 and taking 4 was much better if he did have slagstorm. You couldn’t take it all since you were at 12 and taking 9 and him having slagstorm is GG. You go to 8 and have the 4/4 and he has a leonin skyhunter.

    Hexplate golem is much better than razorfield rhino in the dark in my opinion.

  7. The Artist Formerly Known As...

    Two things:
    1) The player has never crashed for me; the only problem is the occasional jump between qualities.
    2) I’ve splashed for Carnifax Demon in a R/G Dino/Furnace deck (yes it can be done). Granted I was able to get 1 or 2 Leaden Myr and 2 Horizon Spellbombs… I was almost always able to cast it when I drew it. I won the FNM that night.

  8. I dont get the love for Rhino at all. You have like 1 playable artifact and you are taking awkward artifact 6 drops in what might end up as a red green dino deck? You should have no problem picking up vastly superior 5 and 6 drops in R/G and you have no signs you will be metalcrafty at this point.

    Seems way better to take Tangle Mantis and Dross Ripper.

    I also disagree with Chimeric mass over shatter and perilous myr. You already have four huge bombs there is no need for something to sink your mana into, and mass is not very exciting in the early game. Defensive curve guys or removal would be way better.

  9. That chimeric mass for 0 seems really bad for me, especially when you just abandoned your plan as soon as he presented like 8 damage. With a block with the pheonix there saves some damage on top of that, and you can just return it in your upkeep. Even if he has his 3 damage sweeper he loses all his creatures, and the board is just at parity anyways. It just seems like you lost a lot of value from going with a risky plan, and then just abandoning it instead of getting a large percent that your plan actually works.

  10. Grindclock not even worth a mention? This card seems kinda sweet. Maybe I just wayyy overrate it.

  11. @kivel – I believe the deck he lost against had slagstrom, steal hellkite, and mirran crusader… so… no?

  12. Video player works fine for me, doesn’t mind it at all. Though I do have a good collection and decent computer.

  13. The player is horrible. I have a good connection and great computer and yet it will randomly change resolution. It doesn’t crash all too often,but it does tend to give me head aches due to the change of res. >.< I'm glad that I only need to watch the draft portion on this site and the matches are on youtube.

  14. Yeah the mass for 0 was way to cute. I mean your expecting him to have removal after you block and chances are it will be removal that kills more than one creature. Because his only options really are turn to slag and arrest for just killing the phoenix, and arrest would lock you out anyways, you were willing to lose the phoenix because it means you wouldn’t lose a guy because of buyback, but you are losing a guy anyways for no reason by ditching mass. It would have been much better to wait an extra turn and have a 5/5 or 4/4 mass then re-buy phoenix

  15. The player doesn’t even bother me. What bothers me is that all the comments end up being about the quality of the player instead of commenting on the draft…

  16. NIce to know that ‘pros’ have trouble with MSS.
    This was not a + for the open-ended draft style.

  17. I can’t imagine ever taking Flamefiend over Crusader, especially since it is free wins vs BG infect and any equipment makes it basically unstoppable. Getting beat by the guy you passed to was a nice touch 🙂

  18. The worst thing for me ist, that the player crashes every 1 minute or so, makes it unwatchable

  19. No love for the Crushes you passed? Yes, they are narrow removal, but they tend to find valuable targets most games and are at least a solid SB card. Also, keeping your options open for bombs is good, but I tend to get better results doing that if I focus on one color early on and keep my second open. This way, better signals are going out in one color and I’m still pretty open for whatever flows in my direction. In this draft, focusing on red early (and take some crushes over optional colors) might have granted you at least some removal in red later.

  20. One of the most interesting drafts on the site so far. Cool strategy, just a bit bad luck that no removal came or was opened at all despite being red/black.

    Player resolution

  21. This guys have the most amazing reasonings. Forgetting the fact that he lost on the first round and the only game he won was the one where his opponent was totally mana screwed, he thinks his deck was good and that he played really well…

  22. Man do you love cool things. Be honest, how many times have you played praetor’s counsel?

  23. The sad thing is, that the next step (removing the picture alltogether) would actually work as an improvement.

  24. Please improve the resolution/stability of your video player. I have been unable to watch these recent videos.

  25. I can’t help but think that you could have had a much more solid R/G deck splashing black, using your Emissary (which you could reliably cast if playing G as a main colour) and then not be so top heavy on your 5/6 drops.
    Otherwise was an interesting draft, and no problems with the player at all!

  26. pack 1 pick 2, pierce strider, hands down. gives you an artifact to sac to flamefiend if you need to, It’s a good guy and can win games out of nowhere, plus with your first 2 picks you have 7 direct damage. and it leaves you open in case green doesn’t come. way better than blightwidow.

  27. I could actually watch this video. Granted 50% of the time I had to try and guess the card by the blurry artwork, but then again, 50% of the time I could -read- the card. First time on this player. It was a nice change. Now to go watch the matches on youtube.

  28. Seems like Mass for 0 lost was not a particularly good play and arguably lost you that game. If your opponent has any number of spells in r/w, they can get you off Metalcraft, can’t recur the Phoenix and you’ve thrown away a game-winning bomb for nothing. Most potential ways to deal with Phoenix will also shut off your Metalcraft and the ability to recur Phoenix.

    If you had held Mass back and just ran Phoenix out there with no immediate way to recur it, you would have been able to play Mass on 6, and probably win whatever post-boardwipe race.

  29. Player crashed my browser repeatedly.

    I know the staff is clear on wanting to use this player, but you’re losing your audience.

  30. I think the Blightwidow is splashable here. You have the Horizon Spellbomb to go get the Forest that you are already running, and the Glint Hawks were beating you pretty hard.

  31. CFB PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE ARE TALKING TO YOU, LISTEN! We want to be able to set our resolution in the player. We are tired of the player crashing and freezing. Fix it or you’ll lose our business. I haven’t seen a single reply on these about what is being done or any kind of public announcement to appease your loyal fans…. that is for now.

  32. The first time I played the drafting video, no sound. Then I watched the games. Then I watched the draft again, and there was sound. Weird.

    Mac, 10.6.7, Firefox 4

  33. You guys do know all of the videos are on Youtube right? They are posted on both. Also, I never have any problems with the videos and will bet that most of yours would be fixed by an addblocker.

  34. @ Dark

    Can you please share the Youtube link for Conley’s MSS Draft #5 ? ( the drafting part)


  35. Yeah I’ve been watching on youtube, since this player still doesn’t work for me all the time.

    Definitely thought the Chimeric Mass over the Shatter was a mistake, given that you didn’t have any removal but a lot of ground dudes. Mass might be better in a vacuum (not even sure about that), but your deck needed ways to handle artifact flyers like Idol and Hellkite. The splash for Sylvok Replica made sense since you didn’t have any other artifact removal, but otherwise, I thought it was a little greedy given that you needed triple red and double black. Mana seemed to work out ok for you though. This was not an easy draft – there were a lot of decisions to make and your first opponent’s deck would have been tough to beat even if you drafted perfectly.

  36. I stopped watching after the first 3 picks…

    Crusader is like a free win against infect…
    Claw is super strong, and doesn’t force your colors…
    Then you take Steel over Tangle Mantis, when you say you want to go Dinos?!

  37. I think the drafting portion was fine. It was a powerful strategy that didn’t quite get there based on what was passed. I feel the real mistake is in match 3 when you mass for 0. If you actually thought through that play you would realize you’re going to have to block with things like your perilous myr, thus losing metalcraft, whereas if you held the mass you wouldv’e had a big guy to battle with later on when you were drawing thin to outs to mirran crusader.

  38. This was a tricky group of picks, navigated ok, but I think there were still a few mispicks. I’m just going to do pack 1 here, because the player gave me issues.

    Close picks:
    Fuel for the cause vs. crush – fine sideboard card vs. expensive counterspell lacking synergy with your deck. I probably take crush here, but fuel isn’t horrible.

    Steel sabotage vs. tangle mantis – this is close, but I think correct, because sabotage is hands-down the most underrated common in the set. The card is just a blowout in so many situations that it’s power level is higher than the mantis, which will always be solid, but never amazing.

    Vivisection vs. Viridian Emissary – I probably take vivisection here and look for oculus, perilous myr, or another emissary to pair with it, but if you prefer R/G dinos that much, emissary is early defense and potential ramp in one card, so it’s justifiable.

    Mirran Crusader vs. Flamefiend – I’ve played with the crusader, and it just eats infect alive, while providing solid game against R/G dinos and non-infect black decks. However, I think Flamefiend was correct here, because the card is always a house. Better-than-pyrokinesis on a 4/4 is just a hands-down blowout that combos excellently with any spellbomb, perilous myr, or necropede.

    Obvious mispicks:
    Razorfield Rhino over Tangle Mantis and Hexplate Golem –
    This is just flat-out incorrect. You had only two artifacts at this point, making the Rhino almost certainly a 6 mana 4/4, particularly if you are looking at R/G Dinos. The pick here
    is probably Tangle Mantis, as it is a solid mid-drop to help you live to 6 mana, and also is a substantial beater in it’s own right. Hexplate is also justifiable to keep options open in blue/red, and just a better body than Rhino. the big toughness jumps in this set are 3-4 and 6-7. Hexplate golem is bigger than any other fatty in the set, because of the 7-butt, excepting quilled slagwurm. It blocks Rhino all day, in a bad scenario, and eats it when they lack metalcraft. It also is the only card except slagwurm that just eats alpha tyrranax. It also doesn’t open you up to metalcraft blowouts.

    Tangle Hulk over Ogre Resister – this is closer, but I still think is incorrect. You are almost certainly playing red, and pairing it with either blue or green. At this point, your green is Viridian emissary and blightwidow, versus steel sabotage, Fuel for the cause, and serum raker in blue. Blightwidow is nice, but synergizes poorly with the deck,
    effectively acting as a 4-mana wall of tanglecord in most situations. Viridian emissary is ok, but not amazing. Steel sabotage and Serum raker are signals, however, that blue is
    probably open. Given that, Ogre resister is the better pick, as it’s better than hulk in non-green decks. This is especially true after the blisterstick shaman pick.

  39. Dittos on the player issue. I really don’t like it. The only positive is that you don’t see how many videos are coming up, so you don’t see ahead of time whether he wins the game or not. But still, it’s something that definitely repulsive.

  40. Can’t even read the cards the quality of the video is so bad. Usually I can just go to youtube and watch them there but the actual drafting portion isn’t up….yay…this player is stupid.

  41. I dont know whether playing mass for 0 was a good idea or not – I did understand your rationale but cannot help but see that playing it for 5 or 6 the next turn would have been much better result.

    As for player, it never crashes for me but it does blur in and out constantly

  42. Liked the way you drafted, even tough i might have done differently at some points, but i guess that’s just because of personal preferences. One thing i think u did wrong though was in the deck building stage. I would most def play a vampire over dross hopper in this build. A sidenote: The player you use seems really bad cause the quality is very “blurry”, and it’s very irritating watching at, even tough i know what all the cards do. Why not change back to the one you guys used before?

  43. Like everyone has said, Chimeric Mass on 0 was a mistake. It’s similar to casing an Accorder’s Shield when you don’t have mana to equip. You weren’t going to resurrect the phoenix at least until your next turn, so at worst you could play it for 0 then. It turns out you would have been able to save it until you could have cast it with 5+ mana.

  44. I actually have a comment for Matt about lands. You say that with 7 black lands (not including bomb) its low for Carnifex but I don’t think so. You can’t drop the carnifex until your 6th turn at the earliest, so thats 13 cards drawn. Statistically you have about an 83% chance of having two black sources at that point. I’d take that any time, even without a spellbomb and you don’t normally need to drop the demon by turn 6. Just thought I’d mention it.

    Odds of 0 black sources: 4% (33!/20! / 40!/27!)
    Odds of 1 black source: 13% ( 13 * 7/40 * (32!/20! / 39!/27!))
    Odds of 2 or more: 83%

  45. Just want to say that was an awesome draft. Despite the results, I think you took all the right decisions. I do think Carnifex demon is worth the effort, and I wish I had your balls to switch color like that. Good job.

  46. This is the worst draft I have ever seen, you are terrible I don’t know how you won anything limited wise.

  47. @people complaining about mass for 0: i still think it was right. Phoenix can only be resurrected at upkeep so I had to do it then if I wanted to resurrect next turn. I had a ton of gas in hand so casting Mass would be unecessary, and making sure my Phoenix lived was the most important thing. I don’t think waiting on the Mass would’ve helped me beat the Steel Hellkite.

    @sean morgan: I like Tangle Mantis a lot more than Resister. Even if the Resister was more likely to be on color, I don’t like playing Resister even when I am red. As far as the Hexplate/Rhino/Mantis pick, I think Mantis is probably right. I like fuel a lot and hate crush. Counterspells are huge in this format and Crush is stricly an sb card. I’m not a huge vivisection fan as it’s pretty clunky.

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