Channel LSV: Pauper Daily Event #2

As promised, I took the UR Pauper list I played last time and made some changes, after which I battled in another Daily Event. The maindeck land destruction just wasn’t good enough, since aggro was way more popular than Storm, so changes were needed. I moved all the LD to the sideboard, adding removal to the maindeck instead (plus a Negate, to make the numbers work). I also paid way more attention to what I was boarding in/out in the matchups I expected, since playing against something like mono-black and having to leave [card]Gorilla Shaman[/card] in as a 1/1 is definitely not optimal.

Updated List:

[deck]3 Steamcore Weird
2 Mulldrifter
4 Compulsive Research
4 Preordain
3 Flame Slash
1 Deep Analysis
1 Rolling Thunder
3 Lightning Bolt
2 Mystical Teachings
2 Prohibit
2 Mana Leak
2 Condescend
1 Shattering Pulse
1 Negate
1 Staggershock
1 Capsize
1 Mysteries of the Deep
3 Prophetic Prism
4 Glimmerpost
4 Cloudpost
7 Island
6 Mountain
2 Terramorphic Expanse
3 Stone Rain
4 Earth Rift
2 Hydroblast
1 Ancient Grudge
2 Gorilla Shaman
3 Pyroblast[/deck]

Channel LSV: Pauper Daily Event #2

92 thoughts on “Channel LSV: Pauper Daily Event #2”

  1. Thanks for the Pauper content – it’s definitely a lot of fun to play on mtgo 🙂

  2. Pauper: great format or best format?

    I think its the latter. Thanks for the vids 🙂

  3. Round 1 was hilarious. It’s games like those which are why I stopped playing that deck.

  4. Well, I didn’t feel like Ulamog’s Crusher was very good in the deck either, but I expected you to replace it with a different win condition. Right now 3 Steamcore Weird, 2 Mulldrifter, and 1 Rolling Thunder are literally your only ways to kill the opponent… seems kind of loose.

  5. Shatterstorm seems pretty insane against affinity, albeit it is already a good matchup but 4 mana destroy all permanents target player controls is gg

  6. Lol in round 3 game 1 I Love UGH! sound he makes the when the third myr enforcer comes into play.

  7. Playing less than 4 prophetic prism seems wrong to me. I’d probably play 2 rolling thunder also.


  8. Just because it’s pauper doesn’t mean you can play sloppily. There were so many mistakes that could be avoided had you paid a little more attention, especially in the second match. That really diluted the appeal you videos normally have.

  9. by the way… lightning bolt is an instant. In m2g2 and you’ve already shot yourself in the foot twice by main-phase bolting stuff.

  10. Good observation, I’m pretty sure LSV didn’t know lightning bolt was an instant. Either that or maybe he was playing around prismatic strands.

  11. How about sideboarding Gorilla Shaman for Shattering Pulse against WW? Eats Bonespliters and even blocks those pesky x/1s.

  12. @MaximumKill – What plays are you referring to exactly?

    Also, Pauper is really fun to watch. Thanks so much!

  13. He avoids protection spells by casting Bolt on the main phase, because either the opponent is tapped out, hasn’t drawn the protection spell yet, or he can’t double-dip with the protection spell from both the damage and a blocker. It’s not like he was going to 2-for-1 an aura or something.

  14. I wonder why you insist on playing the staggershock during their turn. I’d understand if If you waited until combat to knock of the equipped creature. but what’s the advantage of playing it during their upkeep after they untap, rather than just playing it on your turn when they’re tapped out?

  15. I played against someone using this deck today. It was a pretty stock list, except he used Serrated Arrows. This was in the late game so I didn’t have a constant flow of creatures coming (I was using WW), and he simply managed to kill every single one of my creatures within a couple of turns of it being played, then Capsize his Serrated Arrows to use it again and again. The card really needs to be looked into in this deck.

  16. yeah match 4, that deck can consistently blow UR cloudpost out of the water. if they get a fast draw with kiln fiend, give it haste and start storming, its over and you have no blockers. def keep the bolts and hydroblasts black so you can stop that.

  17. they can also simian spirit guide after a counter war and continue the storm which can get pretty nasty.

  18. turn 2 rite of flame. kiln fiend, rite of flame, desperate ritual, crimson whisps, rite of flame, empty the warrens, attack for 33.

  19. Breaking News: There are people in this world without a clue of anything – even of the fact that they are without a clue of anything.


    Thanks a lot LSV, awesome to watch vids, interesting deck. I was looking forward to this continuation. But I wonder too: Isn´t cutting the Crusher without any replacement a bit too greedy? Or is it really that regular to achieve a lock eventually that it doesn´t matter how long the killing takes?

  20. Well, current standard is boring as dirt so basically any type of video is more entertaining than that.

  21. Gotta be honest, I love pauper, but stopped watching after the third vid because I can’t endure the stupid ads at the beginning of each game.

  22. You are able to turn off the notifications for leaving mana in your pool. I believe it is in players options.

  23. Love the content, hate the video player. I kept having to reload because I would get a black box with “Loading” covering half the screen about ten seconds into the video… while LSV was narrating and playing behind the black box. Annoying. But, well, thanks for the cool videos anyway.

  24. + 1 Serated Arrows comment

    @ Brady, Capsize lock is also a win condition, which makes those 5 creatures super powerful…

    @ LSV I wonder what this deck would look like with IRL pauper rules…

  25. Another daily without frantic storm anywhere near the finals… I guess the price of the deck turns people away.

    Leaving out the crusher is not a bad idea in the RU incarnations of post, as you don’t intend to win by speed, laying it out there in turn 3 or 4, which is what green post tries to do. Still, you need more ways to win: Just consider the possibility of the mirror: The deck has a whole lot more answers than victory conditions. A more typical RU build would have a significant advantage over your brew.

    Fortunately for you, the dailies are cheap enough that people try to show up with all kinds of brews, instead of just concentrating on what works best. A week or two ago we even saw a Tortured Existence deck go 4-0!

  26. I’m a big fan of the pauper videos. There are so many decks that are viable, and the games play out really well. The player has actually been pretty consistent for me recently. I just mute for the ad (since they are way louder than the videos), unmute for the videos and enjoy. It only rarely crashes for me, and even that is just a refresh and a 10 sec ad to fix. I will happily sit through -maybe- 1-2 minutes of ads for this.

  27. @Harry

    Capsize is a win condition against some decks… certainly not against burn, or mono black discard, or storm.

  28. I can’t ever watch any of these all the way through, and half the time I can’t even load these. I’ve taken to just skipping all the video related articles, which is sad because that was among the parts of CFB I enjoyed the most.

  29. @LSV Would it be worth adding a single Swamp to the maindeck for Mystical Teachings? You can fetch it with a Terramorphic Expanse and it wouldn’t hurt the mana too badly.

  30. Peter: as the first round opponent, games like those are why I stopped playing affinity too =)

  31. @Brady: Capsizing Glimmerpost is a win condition against burn.
    I do agree with you there should be at least one more win condition in the deck.

    By the way I’m having no problems at all with the player. It’s no youtube, but it’s pretty good for me.

  32. Wow, these were some surprisingly entertaining matches. I particularly enjoyed seeing the deck in the finals as it really was unexpected.

  33. the Pauper Daily yesterday had more people than the Standard Daily that fired around the same time (67 vs 63). I believe this is due in part to your first pauper video, so please keep it up!

  34. I was at first annoyed by the ads, but the player seems to be a lot better now, it doesn’t crash nearly as much and by the way, there ARE little red X’s that you can press to skip most of the advertisements.

  35. @Zage

    Mon’s Goblin Raiders is a win condition against TEPS too. Point is, some more consistent win condition would be better.

  36. How come you’re running 3 Stone Rain 4 Earth Rift rather than 4 Stone Rain 3 Earth Rift? On the draw, Earth Rift often just isn’t fast enough to stop the storm decks, and if you can blow up an early land or two you can usually disrupt them enough that the flashback isn’t needed.

    I’d definitely recommend running 1 Seismic Shudder. It hoses Empty the Warren combo and the GW Trollshroud Aura deck that sometimes pops up, plus randomly gives you value against WW and Goblins.

  37. My god.. M3G3 you completely molested that Affinity deck.. This deck is absolutely nuts, I love it. 🙂

  38. Johnny Mnemonic

    One Mnemonic Wall would go a long way. Definitely better than a random Deep Analysis.

  39. I’d like to see you all do top 8 pauper cards for each color. After watching your videos on it I’m interested in getting into the format and, being the knowledge-whore that I am, I love learning more about different formats.

  40. BrightcoveSucks

    I appreciate the pauper content, but that player/video hosting is pretty terrible. Half the time I watch videos here with that player it works fine, but the other half it’s really laggy. If you try to pause to let it buffer occasionally it will cause it to glitch out. Either it just fails to restart, restarts but the audio is gone, or it plays the video super fast up until the point it buffered to.

    I assume there is a reason you stopped using youtube for videos you want to play one after another, but could you please try something else like maybe Vimeo or similar.

  41. Those dailies you play are kind of weird.
    All I used to play was familiar storm and some monoblack and white weenie.
    Because of all the storm combos I didn’t like any deck so I just started playing burn. So obviously last daily I played 3 monored mirrors. And the one before at least 2. (6-0 in the burn mirror btw)

    Whats annoying (or sweet? I guess?) about this format is that people really do play anything. I mean, WW? Seriously? COME ON! I guess the whole deck is like 5 tix but since you are playing pauper anyway, do you really care whether your deck is 20 or 5 tix?

    So there are lots of random people running around with WW which is ridiculous since they have a 0% matchup vs familiar storm. So what happens is that you pick a deck that beats familiar storm (or at least tries to. 50% matchup maybe?) you play vs all the white weenie decks. That’s probably how the manage to win. This shouldn’t happen though since familiar storm is BY A LARGE MARGIN the best deck in the format. Impossible to disrupt and stop.

    I hope you will play at least once vs familiar storm in your daily videos. It’s annoying to watch/play against but I feel the format isn’t represented well without it.

  42. I have to agree with cutting crusher. Only issue I’ve had with this list is WW with guardian+bonesplitter. Been looking for multi colored cards to play against WW and agony warp is the only thing that comes to mind. Does anyone have any other(useful) suggestions?

  43. Forgot to mention…does anyone else think Spell Pierce is a good Sb card? It’s amazing against the mirror…nullifies most of the LD cards due to the fact that it isn’t commonly played.

  44. When the deck is all about value,value,value and running your opponents out of cards, those 1/x and 2/x creatures are pretty strong win conditions.

  45. Great videos, i love them! Keep the good work! Btw i agree with Basstastic, i play a lot of pauper also and frantic storm is all around, it is weird that u didndt face anyone in your two dailies.

  46. Awesome to see some more Pauper videos! I just recently started playing Pauper (paper) to get away from the constant “same old, same old” of Standard and Legacy and it really is a great and diverse format. These videos have been really helpful in gaining insight into the Pauper metagame and have been very entertaining as well.
    So thanks a lot for posting them Luis, I sure hope we’ll get to see more Pauper videos in the future too.

  47. Counterspell requires double blue, so it’s probably not going to come online consistently until turn 4, unless you refrain from preordaining and such, and get lucky. By that time, you often have a cloudpost or two, so condescend gets you pretty much the same effect, and has scry..

    It sometimes sees use in Ub decks that try to play a bit like a fish deck, and in the rare sighting of mono blue control, but that’s about it.

  48. LSV. Try running some Arc Lightnings in your deck. Very good VS mono-black and especially mono-white; you would be able to take out 3 dudes against them numerous times. Nullifies squadron hawk easily. Decent against affinity also, able to take out disciple and frogmite in one hit. Plus able to dome shot opponents with them also.

  49. @basstastic WW is ridiculous? Perhaps you should learn about the functioning of what we like to call a “metagame.” There is a reason the deck still puts up Daily wins.

  50. First of all, great video

    But why dont you use Brainstorm instead of preordain?

  51. @Engelskhorn

    Brainstorm is not as good in Pauper as it would be in Legacy for lack of reliable shuffling effects.

  52. Hey LSV, why don’t you run like.. 1 copy of Counterspell in your deck just so you have a hard counter that is always live late game. It’s also tutorable with Teachings if you need.

  53. LSV you are one of the greatest players in the game. You have such a good head on your shoulders, i love your content and learn a lot from it. I just wish you could put something up a little more often than you do. Maybe some sealed videos would be nice.

  54. Very cool deck, a lot of subtle intricacies here. This actually feels like more of a “true” control deck than anything that’s been viable in Standard for the last couple years.

    Compelled me to put a similar deck together on MTGO, been having a ton of fun with it. Also got a bunch of my playgroup talking about putting pauper decks together in paper form as well.

    Definitely like to see more Pauper videos!

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