Channel LSV: NMS Draft #5

Channel LSV: NMS Draft #5

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  1. Will people ever grow up and learn that yelling first is just about the most childish thing you could possibly do?

  2. “if you put copper carapace on the legion you can even block two guys”

    After all the LSV puns I want to think he was kidding but I didn’t hear his usual laugh afterwards or awkward silence ):

  3. Before I watch the rest of the draft, when is passing a 5/6 flyer in limited a good idea? While lego is a “safer” pick and will always make the deck, I’m not passing the B/U/W chancellor, they stack up well against the better uncommons like Enslave (probalby slightly better) and Dismember (worse but always good).

  4. in pack 2, when you debated the 2nd legion or hexplate golem, and said its a 6/8 vigilance that can block 2. no. copper carapace = cannot block

  5. Livewire lash with Forced Worship can be used as recursive removal though, right ? Probably a little too slow and vulnerable, but still not all that bad I would think.

  6. Man, copper myr over glint hawk idol? Right when you are talking about good creatures to put the arbalest on, and you pass the idol? for shame.

  7. it physically hurts me to watch cheon 3-0 with his jank pile of a deck and see THE BEST (lsv) lose with such a sweet theme deck brew to this hard-core 4 color burn deck.

  8. hahaha magic is a bitch sometime πŸ˜‰

    Nice draft anyway, it’s very humbling I guess? hahaha πŸ˜›

  9. dont you just love modos shuffler? how manylands did u draw in a row both games? all lands, no gas,lol..

  10. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    you would think that people get LSV’s humor after like a hundred of these drafts. but nope.

    Anyways, that draft was the most entertaining car wreck I’ve ever seen. Wait, the draft was pro, but the GAMES…now that was painful. Jeez. Tell me your opponent made the finals with that UUUBBGGRR special.

  11. Luis Scott-Vargas

    @ james g

    Cmon, give me a little credit.

    @ derp

    I figure if I’m arbalesting, almost anything will do, and my deck wasn’t nearly aggressive enough to want to Idol over a Myr.

    @ this match being tilting

    yeah, it was pretty “fun”, but it actually got to the point that it was absurd enough that I had to laugh. I mean, losing to UUU RR BB G spells is just priceless.

  12. o gods…. I’m dying…. can’t… breathe… air intake…. the kicker of the… annex… halp….

  13. This is easily one of the funniest drafts ever. LSV’s deck was not that strong overall, as he himself acknowledged going in, even if Paladin/Arbalest is sick beyond words. Mana flood is cruel, though, and it’s hard to beat any deck when you draw no spells for turn after turn.

    The abomination that he faced might be a train wreck but as long as the guy draws mana, those cards are all good on their own merits. It’s not like Luis doesn’t play Sky Eel School, Ogre Resister, etc., although I have never in my life seen anyone play 4 colors with double mana requirement in all 4 (and triple blue for good measure). Even Tom Martell would call that guy greedy and undisciplined!

    LSV, I’m sorry to see you get bounced in the first round, but the true cause is perfectly obvious. Receiving that message from Ocho made his jinx rub off on you. Bad Web!

  14. Livewire lash actually seems pretty sick in your deck. Forced worship on a lashed guy = infinite shocks at 5 mana and lightning blasts at 7 mana.

    I also really like the analysis of kemba’s legion with copper carapace, tech.

  15. LOL!!!!!!! Nice Games. I was also wishing it was Volition Reigns but Chancellor just made it even better.

  16. In game 2, it seems like attacking at some point would have been worthwhile There was plenty of points when you could have gone in and bounced your Forced Worships. Losing guys might make your Arbalest worse if you top deck it, but it would at least have given you a better board position. Sometimes fortune favours the brave.

  17. I lost a M12 online draft round 1 yesterday to turn two Griffin Riders, turn three Griffin Sentinel, two games in a row, and I was super angry about that. What you just endured absolutely trumps that. At least I didn’t have to sit through the top thirty cards of my deck taking a big dump on me.

  18. I feel so, so sorry for you, lol. The odds of him winning that match, let alone a game, with that deck were so low, and he lucked out twice.

  19. Haha that was incredible. Can’t really do antyhing but laugh it off when something like that happens.

  20. I can hardly stop chuckling. The funny thing isn’t the opponent’s individual card choices. I mean, every card he played is playable in some deck (well, Mirran Mettle is more of a sideboard card, but you get the idea). But trying to jam UUU, GG, RR, and BB spells all in the same deck (with absolutely no synergy among the cards) is just priceless.

    Still, I’m pretty certain you should have been attacking with the Warden and/or the Hulk earlier on. Worst-case scenario is that he trades off a guy with Forced Worship, which lets you get the Worship back and stem future beatings. This could have bought you enough time to not die to Exanguinate even if he did draw the Swamp.

  21. It sucks that it happened, but game two I feel like you let him eventually beat you, you knew the last card in his hand was probably game over when he draws the land he needs and you just waited, I feel like you could have attacked with like your phyrexian hulk or the warden and the guy was bad enough to either just chump every turn and not double block, or block with the wrong guys, specially with 2-3 forced worships there still (specially since you had like 40 mana to bounce them and replay them if he blocks). You could probably survive if he went for an alpha if you did, but youd be in pretty much the same boat but at least tested to see if it was a way out. I mean its not a great plan most the time, but at least it would give you a shot, I understand that drawing arbalist would probably be GG but I dunno, I thought swinging with like just the hulk or the warden at least once to see if he would block badly to climb back into it slowly, and at very least youd trade 1v1 and still be at the same junction.

  22. Fun and pretty good draft. But wasn’t Livewire Lash better than Blast with 3 Forced Worship in the deck? Pretty abusive combo.

  23. Grgur Petric Maretic

    Give him some credit, he also had a GG card πŸ™‚
    I love drafting 4 color specials in this format, but this guy is just ridiculous

  24. I think you gave the game away. You should be attacking him with your bigger creatures every turn, and just return the Forced Worship if he blocks with his flyers.

  25. Sometimes you face those decks where the mana’s so bad it takes them 24 draw steps past their opening hand before they can cast their spells.

    From the other side of things, sometimes you face those decks that are so slow at killing you that you have 24 draw steps to try and draw the mana you need.

  26. Where did you get a copy of my draft video? I thought this kind of thing only happened to me.

  27. Lol, randomly losing to decks like this always makes me both laugh and consider throwing my computer out the window at the same time. Nice to see you took it lightly though.

  28. I was a little surprised at Legionnaire over white shrine but that’s why I’m a scrub and LSV is a master

  29. I LOLed so much seeing this video… Like the one with Conley playing against an RB deck featuring Genesis Wave (!) and Relic Putrescence (!!) … sometimes you could lose to random decks I guess

  30. i guess that some1 broke limited scars block ; draft double green, red, blue and black spells and put all the random cards that u see.

  31. that guy obviously first-picked alloy myr and built a deck around it, thats pretty awesome i might try that myself

  32. Hilarious draft. You don’t have to win them all to get an enjoyable draft vid out of it πŸ™‚

  33. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Melt Terrain might actually be a good sideboard card against this guy.

  34. Really funny draft. However i agree with the comments about picking galvanic blast over livewire + worship combo – that would have been really sweet instead of the knee-jerk removal.

    Also when you played bladed sentinel i really wanted you to attack instead and see if he would have traded with warden or golem for the worship rebound – dont assume that your opponent plays as well as you (this guy was obviously off the rails :D).

  35. Thank you for this draft, man. This is what I’ve been dealing with for the past week or so.

    @intotheend: I think there were only two turns where he could’ve attacked with a Strandwalkered Warden, because he was casting spells and didn’t have the mana to bounce Forced Worship. Even so, it was 12 damage at best, and the guy might have just double blocked. Later on with Hulk, the guy can just trade for a Resister. Questionable perhaps, but no amount of perfect play could save that game.

  36. I would have boarded in Shrine of Limitless Power. It’s pretty good at stripping that last card from their hand that you know is going to kill you eventually. Especially when it costs UUU or BB.

  37. Why were you sitting back for like 12 turns in a row game 2? You could’ve been attacking with 6/10 Warden or something.

    Also I think Shine of Loyal Legions is way better than a 3/1.

  38. GRUB

    You should have killed the Alloy Myr in Game 1… The grub deck got ya’ good!

  39. Can’t help but think you staged this just so us ‘normals’ can sleep better at night πŸ™‚

    But seriously, thanks for putting this up. I will use thinking back to this draft to calm myself down for many a frustrating drafts to come.

  40. this was an easy win if you just attack with your guys and rebuy the forced worship all those turns you shipped it.

    I would have done a follow up video where you message the guy who beat you and proposition him to write an article for the website.

  41. This draft is a reminder that MTG is a card game above all else: no matter how hard you try, any card game will always include randomness, and in randomness is inexplicable chaos.

  42. I am trying to watch this on an ipad, but none of the matches show up. I can play, put its just a video with nothing in it. πŸ™


  44. Kenny McCormick

    Best draft video ever!!! So funny and sad.

    But your opponent played a pretty popular archetype. It is called the BlisterGRUB deck. Or the BlisterGGRRUUUBB deck. With a Mettlecraft subtheme.

  45. In person I am pretty calm and a good sport when losing, but online I go on massive tilt. Losing a match like this would result in losing my voice and having the neighbors calling the cops on me.

    Thanks for posting this, maybe I can keep things in perspective next time I lose.

  46. Best draft video ever. I think passing and not attacking was kind of a sign of tilt, because that guy was a straight magic baller. He had you at every conceivable stage pffftttthahahaha, sry. Thanks for showing us its possible to keep your composure when stuff like this happens, Xandowen would have committed seppuku on camera.

  47. Man, this was actually a kinda nice video to post. I feel like this happens to me all the time, where I build a cohesive deck by making strategic decisions and focusing on synergies, and lose to an unskilled player dipping into a thousand colors. This one goes out for the inherent luck element in the game.

    PLEASE put a sample hand from this one in your next article!

  48. I can remember a game where my opponent played genesis wave, volition reign, and grasp of darkness.

    Then, in a board stall he promptly slammed mountain galvanic blast for the win.

    seriously. πŸ™

  49. I actually really like the new player but what do I need to do to make it work on my iPhone? Thanks

  50. Lulz, that was indeed one of the better videos I’ve seen. The old GGRRUUUBB archetype just gets there sometimes. Better luck next time Luis πŸ˜‰

  51. Oh, and Fredrik is absolutely right – we all need to see some sample hands from this guy’s deck =D

  52. I know what this is! It’s LSV showing us that when you loose it doesn’t necessarely mean your bad! Right? πŸ™‚

    Seriously, that was entertaining … and you are much more cool about this than I would have been. Punch a kitten indeed.

  53. P1P1 I can understand not taking the chancellor because of the other W cards making things bad in P2 but since there really was no other option but W, you pretty much have to take a W card. Because of that, I would have taken the Chancellor over the other 2.

    First it is a big flyer and can sometimes slow an aggressive deck down when in opening hand.

    Second the other 2 “white” cards don’t necessarily make anyone go W.

    I would have liked to hear a bit more discussion as to why you really didn’t seem to consider it at all. Pretty please?

  54. LSV, I must say I admire your ability to lose to that deck while still not completely flipping out. I hope you always act like this, even off “camera” (I know I don’t). You are an admirable sportsman.

  55. Am I the only one who cannot play the videos on my droid? Just curious if it is me or the site.

  56. This just goes to highlight how much luck really is a factor in MTG. That guy was plainly a worse drafter, deck builder, and player by a long shot and still 2-0’d you. If I’m paying good money for every single draft I don’t want to go out like that.

  57. I don’t get why this is funny, it pretty much proves that R and D has taken the skill out of the game so terrible players like these can win

  58. I hate when noobs get all four colors reliably and I struggle to meet two colors. That being said, the vid was good for comedic value alone. “Quadfecta” ftw haha.

  59. Isn’t it absolutely maddening how luck equalizes this game so much sometimes? He had double colored spells in 4 colors and drew the mana he needed to play everything. Not to mention he was the worst player i’ve seen in a while and th fact that you lost to him with a superior deck makes you want to pull your hair out. This game is very frustating at times yes?

  60. When he tanked for a second after you played sunblast I really expected a fuel for the cause, lol. I wish we could see the draft from his perspective (coughhirehimforchannelfireball)

  61. The games posted recently have not been viewable on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.). Is there a solution on my end or a problem with the upload?

    Would love to watch this draft (and others)… please fix.

  62. Should have forced worship the mortis dogs and then dropped tanglecord instead of exclusion ritualing the mortis dogs.

  63. @ the other Rich.

    you are absolutely right. R&D is taking skill out of this game very slowly. I’ve been playing since 2000, the game used to be skill based but nowadays R&D has made it so luck based anymore that i’m considering quitting this game. Seriously, there’s so many stupid things in magic now that never existed before. Creatures are way too overpowered and the spells to fight that have become less powerfull. Its because wizards and R&D want to appeal more to the EDH/Casual player and the way to do that is by printing big dumb dragons and overpowered creatures. BTW Ben Stark is right when he said that it will ruin limited magic. It sucks because I love this game and I love winning but if i’m gonna get smashed by 10 year olds that have no idea what they are doing all the time because they open 6 bombs in a sealed pool i’m not gonna play. For example, I was playing in GP Denver in february, playing for day 2 in round 9. I was 6-2 and if i win I get into day 2. I take my seat and this little kid sits across from me. He could barely see above the table!!! We proceed in our game and I scoop game 1 after he plays his 4th control magic effect on my guys. He plays 3 game 2 and I lose of course. After making a ton of play errors, he still proceeds to 2-0 me easily because his pool is completely busted. Come to find out he had 3 Corrupted Consience and 2 Volition Reigns in his pool and has been winning just by stealing everything his opponents play.

    Example 2- M12 prerelease
    Round 3 i sit across form a kid who looked about 8 years old (he was actually 11 i found out later). My pool for the prerelease had some good removal and some good creatures, overall solid but with no big flyers or bombs. We go into game 1 and this is his sequence of plays.
    Turn 3-Manalith
    Turn 4-Serra Angel
    Turn 5-Sengir Vampire
    Turn 6-Volcanic Dragon
    Turn 7-Flameblast Dragon

    Now it doesnt really matter how good you are at amgic, you are going to die to that sequence of plays but the fact that 3 of said 4 bombs were uncommon is just rediculous. Of course i die. Game 2 we actually had a game of it where he made many play errors like forgetting to make 1/1’s of his throne of empires at the end of turn or when he had free mana EOT he just “Forgot”. But the fact remains that I was a much better player than him yet still got smashed because of his busted ass sealed pool. Come to find out too his dad built his deck which really ticked me off.

    These kinds of things are happening more and more in magic and it is getting rediculous. I love winning this game but if i’m gonna get smashed by a 10 year old that has no idea what he’s doing every tourney, then i’m just not gonna play anymore. Whatever makes WOTC money i guess…

  64. Livewire Lash vs Galvanic Blast? It turned out the game was riding on it. You’d have had that Lash out long before the Blast, and been playing Forced Worship shenanigans in no time. And, best of all, he wouldn’t have been able to fish it out of your graveyard to kill you…

    Seriously, though, commiserations. There was some unfortunate drawing going on there.

  65. i this the same opp as the best gix probe ever guy (r/b with genisis wave splash)?

    i feel a lot better now to see this happen, sorry lsv, but this ‘random’ loss happens to me too often.

  66. White shrine plus three Forced Worships would have been insane. πŸ™

    I also really dislike Copper Myr over Darksteel Axe.

  67. I too am confused about not attacking with a giant Ghalma’s Warden the turns you had Forced Worship mana up. It still wouldn’t have won you the game (given his draws v. yours), but I think it would’ve given you a better shot.

  68. I’ve always been of the opinion that forced worship really does essentially nothing. Obviously you didn’t play any real magic in this draft, but is there a reason to value that card so highly? The best thing I’ve ever seen the card to is combo with livewire lash which you didn’t seem at all interested in.

  69. I, too, do not understand why you weren’t attacking with the 6/10 warden. If he blocked with the 2 forced worship guys and a couple others, you could get the enchantments back, and get a 4 for 1, then put the enchantments on the guys that were left.

    I mean, it still sucks that you lost, but you may have won beforehand, probably not, but I don’t understand the lack of attacking.

  70. Hilarious.

    My thoughts on game 2.

    After he played his second sky eel school you should have started attacking with your big guys. This leads to two options which I think were better for you.

    Option 1. He takes it and you put him on a clock. In which case it will eventually lead to Option 2.

    Option 2. He double blocks with the forced worship flyers. This is good for you, since you can then return the forced worship in response, kill one of the flyers, then attach worship to the other one. Essentially its a round-a-bout way to trade one of your fatties that wasn’t doing much for his flyer that was killing you.

    And yes, that guys deck was terrible. It had some good cards but the colors made it horribly inconsistent. However when your opponent has no clock on you (like you in game 2) you can just wait until he draws the right colors. Yeah its sounds crazy to hit UUU in a 4 color deck, but its actually pretty likely if you plan to do on turn 30. Not endorsing 4 color decks, just saying it was bound to happen with him under no pressure.

    Thanks for the videos, always enjoy yours LSV.

  71. Man, that was funny…i belive he tought that the more colors you put into your deck the better it is, i am amazed that his deck didnt had 60 cards in it.

  72. I think when that guy tells the story about how he beat LSV in a draft he’s going to avoid going into details about his deck.

  73. I also forgot to mention that I also like how the card that you said would have been the best out was exactly the last card in your deck!

  74. Reminds me of almost losing to a five color Knowledge Pool deck with main deck Distant Memories and a bunch of do nothing cheap instants. Letting your opponent draw three cards so he can’t have a Knowledge Pool makes you want to cry.

  75. My guess is your opponent disconnected during the draft but reconnected during deck building so built that pile out of 45 random cards.

  76. As I thought about this video after already commenting (funny how train wrecks draw so much attention isn’t it?), I realized that many of the cards he played came from the Scars pack.

    He likely opened the blue rare but in that last pack he took a blistergrub, slice in twain, 2 Schools and Exsanguinate (at least) so it isn’t as though he opened a BB bomb and then got no B and decided to play it in his URG deck anyway. He picked GG and BB cards in the last pack after being heavily U and R in the first 2 packs.

    It gets more bizarre the longer I think about it. Were there no off color artifacts he might draft to fill out his deck instead?

  77. Haha, thank you LSV, this draft was great. By god, what a deck! Christ! ItΒ΄s impossible to play that type of coloured spells. The 3 ogre resistors was the most fun, I think. Haha

  78. All of your videos used to play on my iPad have now stopes working what in the formatting did you all change.

  79. ive wn my last 7 drafts,but b4 that i was smething like 7-9(?) in matches.all those dex had in common was one thing;they were all white. now i avoid white like the proverbial plague.this video solidifies my opinion that nph draft white is balls.your opponents deck was a collection of junk and he still gt there.cmon

  80. “Because how many swamps could he be playing in his sky-eel school/ogre resister/mirran metal deck?”


  81. sample hand from this guys deck:

    Ogre Resister
    Sky Eel School
    Slice In Twain
    Chancellor of the Spires
    Mirran Mettle

    Do you ship?

  82. It seems like not catching the Livewire Lash + Forced Worship combo is what really lost you the draft. But to be perfectly honest I did not catch that before I read the comments either…

  83. Question for LSV: Why did you not mention the P1P3 Kiln Walker? It’s one of the better aggressive cards you can pick in NPH. Porcelain Legionaire, Kiln Walker, Dispatch, Thundering Tanadon, Puresteel Paladin is a Spined Thopter away from being about as much as you can expect from NPH.

  84. Not saying that LSV shouldn’t have won because the other guy’s deck was indeed terrible, but LSV’s deck was nearly just as bad. The deck was basically 2 heavy arbalest, puresteel paladin, Sunblast Angel and a bunch of cards that do nothing but stall. Even with the nuts draw by LSV, even a few artifact removal spells basically destroy LSV’s plan. The truth is LSV’s deck was weak and I’m sure even he would admit it.

  85. LSV wins if he grabs the Livewire Lash.

    When you took the Blast, you should have already known that your deck wanted to be metalcraft and was light on artifacts. Lash does a lot of the same things Blast would do too, and would have 100% won you G2 if you had it instead of Blast.

  86. 4-color deck with massive color requirements = Win lol

    This Draft was to me was the funniest I’ve ever watch you play. I think the Draft we should play the shuffler for stacking your lands close together.

  87. Chancellor + Exsanguinate + Ogre Resister + Inactive Culling Dais deck FTW-

    Rough beats man….

  88. @ George – “Cards that just stall” like 3x Forced Worship, 2x Divine Offering, Galvanic Blast, Burn the Impure? I’m not saying the deck didn’t have holes – with the packs he got, it had to have holes – but the whole point of a control deck is to stall until you can play a win condition. Heck, by your definition, UB Psychatog was nothing but “cards that do nothing but stall until you play psychatog and upheaval”.

  89. I typically enjoy your drafts, but the one was better than typical, it was OUTSTANDING!
    The ‘ol four color chancellor deck. Come at me just one time.

  90. Holy crap! I’m just going to draft any card I want from now on, throw it in my deck, despite color or theme, and according to this video, I should destroy even one of the top pros! Sounds right, right? OMG, I can not believe that deck could beat anything, even LSV’s mediocre deck. Well, as they say, every dog has it’s day. Even a noob can beat one of the best players 1 time out of 100! That is why I still love magic after 15 years!

  91. Bookmarked.
    Every time I have a draft go bad, lose to mana screw,jank builds etc.. I will rage at first then remember that I will never be beaten as badly or in worse fashion as this draft.
    LSV you have made my day/week/month. You took this unreal beating like a man and were able to laugh. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++1

  92. i was pulling soooo hard for the win in G2, but when he cast the last two cards for the win, it was the greatest [Scars Block Draft] match ever lost.

  93. is everyone new?

    Am I being trolled or did no one in the thread recommending livewire lash read the card?

  94. Forced Worship is really really bad, as you saw. Unless you abuse it with Livewire Lash. Which. You. Passed. After you had. THREE. Forced Worships already, and a Paladin, and intended to play all of them.

    You also criminally underrate solid vanilla midrange beaters. You could have had 2 Wardens and a Chrome Steed and you always had metalcraft. You could have had 2 Ogres, if you hadn’t been so focused on keeping colors open beyond the end of the draft, and it is not like those (with or without one Slag) would have been tough to play in your otherwise mono white deck. You could even play a 3/4 with battlecry for 5. Are these cards exciting? No not particularly, but they bang on the ground even into stalled boards and trade when they don’t kill things outright (including the opposing player).

    I understand that you always rate removal higher than creatures, but Worship is barely half removal. It is nearly just lifegain on the installment plan, because it doesn’t actually get the enemy out of the way of your own dudes. I’d take a 4/6 for 4 over a 3rd Worship every day. You turned up your nose at a second Warden and agonized over whether to cut even one of 3 Worships, then played them all.

    Yes I understand you wanted to defend until you drew a big crossbow and valued them out, but that really isn’t much of a plan. As a side combo that can work in addition to a main idea, fine, but it is just a cutesy trick that falls about to one Glissa’s Scorn. It won you one game, but only because the opponent has 0 artifact removal and you had infinite time.

  95. That was a sad draft with unfortunate ending. Having said that I don’t think that bad luck alone is responsible for this loss. I do think you made a few picks that are questionable at least. Taking the 3/1 First Striker of the Shrine can be defended if you are forcing an aggressive deck but even then the Shrine, dropped early, is a serious clock and can end the game by itself. Your “threat density” in the deck was very low and therefore you opponent had plenty of time to get the mana to cast his double color spells. As already mentioned you should have picked the lash if you are going to play the Worships – they are just awesome with the artifact. The Worships would also have been a great combo with the Shrine to have a long game plan. I feel your deck simply did not do enough in the early game and had not enough pressure and late game power to ride it to a finish against some established defense. Of course drawing tons of lands did not help the cause but I do think it is valuable to think about your picks as well.

  96. Little did LSV know that the last 8 cards in his opponents library were all mycosynth wellsprings.

  97. “Come on. You don’t play a deck like this and not always have the Exanguinate.” So epic.

    I strongly feel you should have sided in War Report. I remember thinking it during sideboarding and then throughout the match was counting how much it would gain you. At its peak I believe it was 23 life… Yeah no way blistergrub was getting you after that. And the instant you draw arbalest you just win so all you need is enough time.

  98. @mark kelso
    you know forced worship lets you block right? he even mentions that i believe

  99. “I feel like there’s no way I can win this, but it’s gonna take a lot longer, juuuust for value.”

    Oh gawd the lulz. So classic.

    Wtf did I just watch?

  100. @is everyone new?: See the Magic comprehensive rules, sec 114.1b. Auras are spells with targets; combo works.

  101. That was a rainbow of terrible you played against. I liked how you had 10 turns to draw something and all you got was land.

    RNG 1
    LSV 0

  102. So, I didn’t even watch the draft or any of the matches and I already know LSV lost 1st round… Could you please change the presentation of the videos SO THAT I CAN’T SEE THERE ARE ONLY 3 VIDEOS FOR THIS DRAFT??? (obv meaning LSV lost 1st round 0-2). Thanks in advance.

  103. That was the most savage beating I have ever seen in my life, and the fact that you took it in stride with a few laughs is incredible. What a legend.

    I hope that on the day we Magic players face down our own GGRRUUUBB beat, we meet it with half as much class.

    Bravo, sir. Bravo.

  104. People like JasonC need to learn to chill the #%$! out and realize that it’s a stupid card game with a $24 grand prize to first. But no. I’m going to put. Periods. In between my phrases. To show you that I’m a very. VERY. Big deal. These periods show that I’m GREATLY displeased with your picks and do not think highly of your Magic: the Gathering skills.

  105. Stopped watching after you didn’t P1P1 Gitaxian Probe to see your terrible opponent’s terrible hands.

    Seriously, though, I was expecting to say “LSV pulling an Web :trollface:” and move on from a trainwreck of a draft, but instead I was treated to the most magnificent 0-2 drop there has ever been. Your deck was slightly better than mediocre (as others said, you lacked threat density and the threats you had were stopped quite easily), and his deck was beyond terrible, yet he still completely crushed you, manaflood and “perfect mana” by your opponents as the main contributors. Bad beats, but I look forward to you getting your revenge in another draft, hopefully M12 (and tell Web to stop trolling).

  106. Was also wondering about the not attacking. Personally, I think Luis was just done playing Magic for the evening after round one, lol. The ending was beyond absurd though, I want to show this to my friends just to prove every Magic player has a guardian angel looking out for them, today being that random Grub-scrub’s day.

  107. Oh yeah and @ Jason C. I love how you are trying to claim some sort of unbeatable combo between forced worships and livewire lash, not just to everyone who watched this video but to arguably the best player in the world himself, when said combo doesn’t even work. Forced worship doesn’t say “target” on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you tried out the “quadfecta” deck yourself.

  108. I think you could have been way more aggressive in the second game…yes he can block with his force’d worship guys but if he does you can kill 1 of those creatures and return the forced worship to lock down the other sky eel school which could have at the very least saved you a little bit of damage, even running with this line though I don’t think it was going to matter.

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  110. Most people would never play brink of disaster and I think forced worship is only slightly better. You want it in a deck with a lot of evasion, which this deck didn’t have.

  111. That is the HARDEST bad beat I’ve EVER seen. Possibly the worst drafted deck in the last ten years of Magic and he 2-0s one of the top players in the world? I guess that really hits home the phrase “Better to be lucky than good.” Christ on a crutch!

  112. @Bob

    When I say cards that do nothing, but stall I didn’t mean the actual good removal in Divine Offering Galvanic Blast, and Burn the Impure…I mean the cards that literally do nothing but stall in the 3 Forced Worships, the Wall of Tanglecord, and the Cathedral Membrane. It’s basically like playing 5 Walls in a 40 card deck.

    LSV’s deck, because he played so few actual beaters, was basically an easily disrupted 2-card combo that only worked if he had metalcraft. And then he had a Sunblast Angel, but the “walls” are even anti-synergistic with the Angel making him basically just a 4/5 flyer. LSV, perhpas the best player in the world, I’m sure would admit his deck wasn’t very good….although I do have to say it surprised me he took Forced Worships so early and often.

  113. Awesome draft!!! I love u LSV! You managed to loose to that deck and that was epic! Well to tell you the truth i didn`t like your deck very much. Too defensive for me but hey what can you do when you get passed defensive cards?

  114. Hahahahaha…. Best Draft Since LOOOOORRRRRTHOOOOOOSSSSS!
    Man… Haven’t laughed that hard in a while… The good old 4 color special… best deck ever…
    Also, LSV’s deck was fine; he just got rolled by flooding and not drawing the relevant cards… The game 2 draw probably loses to most decks with a good draw. πŸ™

  115. @Joey M:

    Reread Josh C’s comment. For value, though, I’ll reproduce the appropriate section of the Magic rules for you:
    “114.1b Aura spells are always targeted. These are the only permanent spells with targets. An Aura’s target is specified by its enchant keyword ability (see rule 702.5, β€œEnchant”). The target(s) are chosen as the spell is cast; see rule 601.2c. An Aura permanent doesn’t target anything; only the spell is targeted. (An activated or triggered ability of an Aura permanent can also be targeted.)”
    And now you know.

  116. LSV, would you mind addressing the multiple comments about whether you should have attacked? I noticed it to, and while I’m positive it was the right course of action, I was surprised you never seemed to seriously consider attacking and pulling back any Forced Worships as necessary. what do you think about this possibility?

  117. I think this guy knew LSV was in his draft and he realized that since LSV at times plays white decks that are slow, his only possible chance was if he just took the best cards available, knowing he might get a chance to draw all the land, beat LSV and look like a genius.

    He leveled everybody.

    Seriously though, I think these drafts are the only type they should post. I can watch a million of these.

  118. You played the sunblast angel very poorly. Also why 3 forced worship? Its probably one of the worst controls in the limited format.

    I might not be a world Pro but even I can pick up on bad plays.

  119. “Open a heavy arbalest, one time?” *opens a sunblast angel* “well I guess ill just have to settle for this sunblast angel.”

    *next pack gets passed a heavy arbalest*


  120. You just would never see this in yugioh. Magic is so lucky its absurd. It’s inherent in the mechanics.

  121. I don’t know if anyone else has pointed this out, but the only reason he was able to win this match is that your deck was so controllish that it gave him time to draw all the lands he needed.

  122. @Quirk. Even so, I’m not sure tapping 7 to play, return and then play forced worship again just to deal 4 could be called “abusing” a combo. The following turn 10 would have to be tapped to accomplish another 4 damage. Seems super slow.

  123. This was pretty sick from opponent’s deck and ability to always draw the right mana sources to ridiculous land floods on LSV’s side. Still, variance can be a bitch sometimes, in most matchups you won’t be higher than 60% favorite anyway. You will lose plenty of games due to mulligans/mana screws or floods among other things.
    Just have to deal with that, LSV handled it like a pro

  124. that guy had an awful mana base, but i think it should be pointed out that if you allow a board stall to occur like that, eventually he’s gonna draw his mana. its not lucky’ when he draws all the necessary lands after seeing most of his library, its just a matter of time.

  125. Did that just happened??? πŸ™‚

    btw I think you should’ve start attacking with Phyrexian Hulk and Ghalma’s Warden like a million turns ago. If he blocked with Forced Worshiped creature, return it to hand and recast on another flyer. You would take much less damage.

  126. ofc this match up is hilarious…. but i got a question….when u draw the 2/4 reach living weapon…. you could easy attack with ur hulk and the 4/6 white metalcraft and if he blocks with the worshiped guys u still can take em in response and kill em, maybe that would have put some pressure into that guy…dont know if u would had time to kill him before u die but still i think u missplayed there! i guess laughing with the opponents deck is the obvious thing to do but we have to judge ourselfs too !

  127. Oh god, if this exact draft happened, but it was Vito Gisualdi playing instead of LSV, I would freakin LOSE IT. I mean, would it not be the most hilarious ragefest ever?

    Anyways, thanks LSV. Thanks for takin it all in stride.

  128. I agree with a commentor or two above who said that LSV’s deck was weak. I mean, forced worship just isn’t a particularly great card in my opinion. I would probably play one, two if I was low on removal, but three? Also the deck seemed to rely really heavily on arbalest which is a cool thing to have but not something you can rely on.

    After the draft portion was done, I was thinking “wow this is not very strong at all”, but then LSV said it was strong so I figured I just didn’t know what I was talking about. After losing 0-2 to that pile, I’m not so sure.

  129. I just came across this cracker of a draft looking through LSVs videos. I notice its the last SOM Block draft video he has done, and after losing to that…… thing…. of a deck, I can see why you wouldn’t really feel like playing this format for a while.

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