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  1. The lag might be caused by a lack of space rather than needing a new computer.

    A lot of people mistakenly believe that they need a new computer when in fact they just need to clean up the one they have. You tend to pick up a lot of crap in your computer with internet use, downloads, installs and uninstalls and uploads. I would run as many cleaning programs as you can get your hands on.

    Some good free ones are CCleaner, sypbot and ad-aware. Uninstalling unnecessary programs and then running a defrag after running these cleaners will make your computer run much smoother, almost like new.

    If that doesn’t work, installing some new ram is a cheap and effective way to improve performance as well.

    If ALL of that doesn’t work, THEN it’s time to get a new computer.

    Love the videos by the way =D.

  2. Awesome, New Extended is an excellent format. I hope it becomes the focus of the site over the next few months.

  3. Round 1 game 1 Having 2 Jaces in hand and not casting it to dig for Cryptic and Esper was wrong, when instead waiting an extra turn to do so results in a loss 2 turns later, that extra jace activation may have found something.

    Round 2 game 1 Not activating the Colonade for lethal was out of fear of Cryptic Command?

  4. Awsome stuff! LSV please keep doing Extended matches. Now that the PTQ Extended season starts off these videos are really the nuts. Leave the draft queues and help us in the Extended metagame. Plus, Extended is so much fun and you are probably the best Extended player “on business” right now.
    Thanks again!

  5. Jovus:
    The “cleaning up” nowadays barely does anything. It was somewhat relevant when you only had like a 512 MHz CPU. At best his computer will go into “barely running modo with recording software” mode. Of course I am assuming that lsv doesn’t have like 1 million useless processes running. And even if so. You know you need a new one when the collateral seriously slows it down. It’s not going to get better with time.
    So if after cleaning everything up modo and the recording software take up like 90% of the computers performance I would seriously look into buying a new one.
    (if you are a messy bessie you might just want to pick out what you really need instead of searching for old and useless installations and files, save that to a dvd or something and then just format all the drives.)
    The matches were great, the lag is kinda annoying though.

  6. You guys didn’t needed to face 12 mins of sound crash in match 5 game 2… That was so horrible

  7. Question, in game 3, opponent cast the shusher, and then primeval titan, LSV bolt the shusher and counter the titan…

    Why the opponent did not that in response to the bolt, opponent activate susher’s ability to make the titan un-counterable?

    Did i miss something? Hmmm..

  8. @Noobie
    LSV could have played cryptic in response to the susher’s ability, hence still countering the titan.

    BTW, defragging the PC/laptop can help add some performance. I would shut off any and all virus scans while doing the videos to help increase performance. Before doing a defrag though, clean out the hard drive using windows disk cleaner; will help to speed up the defrag time.

  9. Im not sure but match 1 against valakut he plays vexing shusher and then he plays primeval titan .
    You bolt shusher in response to titan because you want to cryptic his titan but couldnt he make primeval uncounterable this turn in response to bolt? (titan was still on the stack so he could target it )

  10. Round 1 Game 3, you kind of dismissed playing the Leyline when you made him discard 2. I’m kind of wondering the math on the situation. By not playing Leyline, you leave yourself dead to a topdecked Scapeshift. Did you decide that was less likely than losing to the Primeval Titan you knew he would resolve if you played Leyline?

  11. @Valandor Faeries has doom blade. You want your end game to be able to beat their weak removal suite.

    I like the finks, and leyline is definitely better than Halo, that card is just bad except for a few fringe cases. So far I’ve found that Glen Elendra Archmage and Great Sable Stag are both much stronger than Anathemancer. Seems like the mancer is good against exactly one deck, and is nullified by leyline. I would sooner play Vexing Shusher.

    Seriously though, Archmage beats about 90 percent of the control decks cards. Anathemancer is only good in the late game, when any finisher would do. At least cards like stag put them on a clock, and it can’t be countered or bounced, although it does require fiddling with the mana a little.

  12. Also, you are rarely casting turn 7 Cruel on either Faries or the mirror, making Great Sable Stag that much better, since the downside is you generally will have to blow a vivid counter, possibly two.

  13. I know that you are only trying out the Anathemancers, but what was the theory behind them? Do they seem better than Spell Pierce/Thoughtseize/Vendilion Clique/Volcanic Fallout vs Mirror and Faeries, or do they serve an additional purpose?

    Also, I agree that most comps can run MODO/Recording if they are set up right, cleaned for crap and other useless processes. Another tip is that trading with people that has big collections stays in your history as long as you are logged in, so it always helps to log in and out during SB.

  14. Sorry for the spoiler, but, ROFL TOPDECKING CRUEL ULTIMATUM VS NASSIF!! Oh jesus that was hilarious. You should have tapped the mana without looking.

  15. I had a heart attack when I saw this post. I thought you were going to show my match with my terrible, stand-in sideboard.

    The drunken mana leak on your Great Sable Stag made me pmsl though 😉

  16. match 2 game 3, you used the second esper charm on his upkeep targeting him. He spell pierced. If you main phase it he is tapped out of blue.

  17. I don’t agree with your play philosophy M5G1. After Crueling him and getting your Esper Charm CCed (the last card I believe that he was holding), I think you should have been more aggressive to take advantage of the enormous card advantage you had just gained. By playing around Cruel, you give him time to draw into outs. I definitely would have Mana Leaked the CC that countered Sunblast. Anyway, thanks for the videos and the Creeping Tar Pit Ride.

  18. Pretty sure restarting MTGO every few matches would clear up a lot of the lag. Especially after hearing LSV say it only happens sometimes on this machine.

  19. mathbob: when you’re wagering on the outcome of a match, if you don’t check to make sure wescoe is not around, you might end up wrecking yourself.

  20. I’m very inexperienced in the matters of extended metagame. What exactly is the plan against resolved bitterstorm other than resolving volcanic fallout? – which you can probably only resolve with 5 mana up at least.

    Are there enough situations where you can survive without dealing with bittermstorm as 4CC?

  21. @Greatbox if on the play you can probably esper charm the bitterblossom sometimes if your hard is basically calling for it. And as mentioned, volcanic fallout is uncounterable so it’s pretty easy to resolve heh.

  22. @Brady / Anchen

    Well – obviously I’m even less knowledgeable about extended than I gave myself credit for xD.

    Thanks for the feedback btw.

  23. Heh, just saw the other article. Looks like I’m not the only one who settled on Stag instead of Anathamancer – good call. Your list and mine look almost identical, only mine plays 1 bosk. Don’t worry, you’ll get there 🙂

  24. Awesome video as usual. Love the draft videos but the commentary on the constructed ones are usually more interesting because the plays tend to be far more complex than the situations that crop up in draft.
    Also major grammar props for saying “the reason is that” instead of “the reason is because”

  25. @Everybody asking why Nassif didn’t activate the Vexing Shusher targeting Titan in response to LSV bolting. If Nassif *were* to activate shusher in response, the stack would look like


    At this point LSV could simply respond to the Shusher ability with the cryptic command targeting the Titan and the Cryptic Command would resolve first, countering the titan. This would further cause the Shusher ability to be countered due to a lack of target.

  26. I forgot to add in my answer above that Nassif only had one mana open so he could not have activated shusher again in response to the Cryptic Command

  27. Man, this is a veritable encyclopedia of Extended right here. Thank you, LSV, for all of the wonderful content you have provided the Magic community over the years. You may cast the slowest Cruel Ultimatum I’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t seem to make them any easier to counter.

  28. LSV: In the last round of the 5cc mirror, I would have thought of Esper Charm as an “out” to Leyline, but you seemed to be content to race on the creature plan instead of making the majority of your deck live again.

    Mathbob: I’m going to butcher the story a bit – a “Wesco Check” refers to an infamous incident where pro Craig Wesco got knocked out of a good money Top 8 by a no name who said that he’d won a $50 bet his friend that he’d place; which is a DQ level rules violation under the competitive level rules enforcement so the no-name player got summarily DQ’d after Craig called the judge over.

    Most people considered it a move of Craig being a poor sport while on tilt from getting knocked out of the top-8; and somewhat silly, because apparently between the “credit card game” and money drafts Pro Magic players tend to wager at the drop of a hat, but only after performing a “Wesco Check” to insure that they won’t get DQ’d from an event.

  29. LSV mate mybe 3 Inquisiton of Kozilek to help out vs Faeries. The chance to draw Thoughseize is pretty low and if I think of faeries card pool Inquisition hits close to each relevant card except for Cryptic, Jace and Mistbind Clique, but what is most important it stops 2nd turn Bitterblossom.

  30. Inquisition is one of the worst cards. Most of the time they even get blossom out before you can cast it. It makes much more sense just to run random ench destruction.

  31. LSV: How big are the videos that you record? I know with FRAPS the videos are huge. It could be that your Hard drive is filling up. Which would explain why by the end of the Gold Ques, your lag was worse than when you started (Because of all the recording you did). Also, a simple reformat should fix the problem, when was the last time you did that?

    I am the PC and Mac tech at a University in Florida, let me know if you need any advice/help.

  32. “Nacatls4Life is in fact Craig Wescoe. A little ironic for him to define Wescoe Check.”

    Personally I thought it was pretty funny and showed that the guy has a good sense of humor; it’d be pretty easy to want to hide from something like that.

    +1 Props to Wescoe.

  33. I didn’t know that you could Path a Mistbind Clique in response to the “Champion a Faerie” in order to counter its “tap all lads” effect. Big shock here. So now I shouldn’t have that much problems with that card anymore lol.

  34. both of the 6 drops seem pretty shitty cause you pretty much never actually want to cast them and always want to board them out. When are they actually good? Maybe try some like sun titan jace beleren oblivion ring shinnanigans?

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  36. @LSV A reinstall of Windows could help. Windows should be reinstalled every 2-3 years or so. Before you reinstall you want t backup all your data than wipe your disk when you reinstall 2.

  37. In game 2 Match 4 LSV didnt side in Celestial Purge. Did I miss something? I mean, it’s just good against the blossom, even if it’s pretty dead against the rest of the deck. To me, it seems as turn 2 blossom is game over, unless you can Esper Charm it, but with the purge you have extra outs.

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