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  1. Despite how absolutely bad it is, the first thing I thought at the end of M1G1 is “opponent untaps, drops a land and plays massacre wurm to your tapped out board and wins”

  2. Just completed M1G1, and and I have some thoughts I’d like to ‘put to paper’ before I forget them later:

    1. I did not take note of how many mana sources your starting 60 your deck plays, but does tectonic edge make enough of an impact in the matchup to justify siding out spells for it?

    Now that I’m actually typing it out, my defense of that choice would be that colored mana sources are too important, siding out Mutavault is not an option, and the mirror hinges on resolving Bitterblossom and stockpiling manlands. That would seem to make sense, but since I’ve never played with fae, I would appreciate if you could elaborate on the choice.

    2. Does the CF crew do pun brainstorming session during team meetings? The “Creeping Tar Pit Ride” was used by Owen in his last article. Wasn’t funny then, ridiculously funny now. Having it said twice blasts the cheese factor into the stratosphere.

  3. M1G2:

    I had no idea Disfigure was that busted on MODO. -2/-2 AND your opponent reveals his hand? For one mana? That’s some serious value!


  4. Hey LSV, i know your great and all, but can you post a game or two where you don’t have a turn 2 bitterblossom? I mean, normal faerie players don’t have it every single game? right?

  5. Luis Scott-Vargas

    Don’t worry, I won’t be posting any more Faeries videos in the near future, but I did want to run the Nighthawk build through its paces.

    I also don’t think this sample of games is that out of the ordinary; you will have bitterblossom in your opener 44% of the time with 7 cards, and mulligans probably even out the times when you don’t have the lands to cast it. Bitterblossom isn’t even the best card in every matchup; against aggro decks postboard, you can easily just beat them with removal and hawks.

  6. PLease don´t care about the trolls. Keep posting constructed videos please, even Faeries videos. I love it.

  7. It seems like you should have preemptively tec edged his Stirring Wildwood in Match 3 Game 1. That way, he can’t play the vengevine even if he draws an untapped land. This is especially true given you had planned to use it anyway.

  8. M3G2 couldn’t he have just activated mutavault chumped venge, untap play land activate mutavault and tar pit and swing with everything for the win? lol

  9. I love your constructed videos, please keep them going! They are by far the best content offered by the Magic community at this point. Fae is a powerful and challenging deck, so I enjoyed this in particular. It would be a real waste of your talent if you were playing some mindless stuff like Jund or RDW (though I would enjoy to see you and Brad grinding some Fae vs. Jund matchups).

  10. M1G1 already saw so many misplays.

    on his turn 3 he thoughtseizes you, while you have a hand of 1 mana leak, 3 peppersmoke and 1 land. He already saw your hand at turn 1 after which you played a mutavault you had drawn, this means he already knows your complete hand minus 1 card (a peppersmoke). Basically that means there is NO way manaleaking the thoughtseize is correct. It taps you out, so you can’t peppersmoke anymore and it saves him 2 life! If he does have the blossom it would have been much better to let him resolve the thoughtseize, he will take your leak for sure anyway. Being 2 life ahead and being able to kill the sprite his turn already would be crucial in being able to win against a blossom…
    Of course him countering your leak was also a misplay as there was a relatively low chance the 1 card he didn’t know was something crucial. It would have been much better for him to just keep up mana leak, he could counter any topdecked real threat (blossom or jace) and he would be able to fake removal which stops you activating mutavault perhaps..

    Turn 4 M1G1 the way you tapped your mana was also quite wrong. Sure you can activate the mutavault like you did and be better off if you draw tarpits then as you can attack and keep tar pits up then but you wouldn’t be able to play a drawn bitterblossom. Playing tarpits instead of keeping mana leak up if you do draw it is already questionable as it still leaves you vulnerable to a jace who +2s, as he already had a tectonic edge.
    Either way keeping up darkslick shores and mutavault was the far better play. Not only is it more likely to draw bitterblossom then tar pits (4 vs 3 in deck). It also much worse to miss out on playing BB then it is to miss out on playing tar pits (as tar pits vs keeping up 2 mana is already questionable). All in all the way you played it was wrong.

    I saw a couple more but those were the first that strook me right away in the first game already. It’s probably the result of just playing a bit quicker and less concentraded then normally on MTGO but it would be good to reevaluate it later perhaps.

  11. Hey LSV!

    I got my UWR Controllist for you, its quite good, maybe you can ship it and make some final changes:

    // Deck file for Magic Workstation (http://www.magicworkstation.com)

    // Lands
    3 [H09] Plains
    3 [HOP] Mountain (5)
    4 [H09] Island
    3 [ZEN] Scalding Tarn
    4 [EVE] Cascade Bluffs
    3 [SHM] Mystic Gate
    4 [WWK] Celestial Colonnade
    2 [M10] Glacial Fortress

    // Creatures
    3 [ARB] Wall of Denial
    4 [M10] Baneslayer Angel

    // Spells
    4 [BD] Lightning Bolt
    4 [WWK] Jace, the Mind Sculptor
    3 [MPR] Volcanic Fallout
    4 [LRW] Cryptic Command
    2 [CFX] Path to Exile
    3 [ARE] Mana Leak
    3 [M10] Essence Scatter
    2 [SOM] Ratchet Bomb
    1 [M11] Day of Judgment
    1 [ALA] Ajani Vengeant

    // Sideboard
    SB: 1 [MPR] Volcanic Fallout
    SB: 2 [SOM] Ratchet Bomb
    SB: 2 [M11] Day of Judgment
    SB: 4 [M11] Celestial Purge
    SB: 2 [MOR] Vendilion Clique
    SB: 3 [10E] Flashfreeze
    SB: 1 [P2] Earthquake

    The sideboard is quite random, I admit that, but I did test the deck for about one month at least.

  12. I dont think Lsv has any real reason to test extended after the gp since no 1 its refreshed with MBS and no 2 there arent any extended tournaments coming up for the pros.

    Also, MBS limited will be keeping him quite busy, im sure. It would be cool to see some MBS standard vids before Paris, tho!

    All in all tho, great job on the Faeries deck, you guys did rather awesome in Hotlanta, even if Valakuts took it down in the end.

  13. I think watching faeries being played is slightly more painful than stabbing yourself with a knife repeatedly so I think I will go and do that instead

  14. So Mark, two “misplays” now counts as “so many”? Might want to call your maths teacher, ask for some extra homework / refund. Time to give up trolling, you’re not very good at it!

  15. Hey LSV,
    I’m a huge fan, and i love it whenever you guys post standard matchups on MODO. I saw some of your play countertop in the San Jose on GGslive.com, and i thought it was amazing! Keep it up!! Gotta get another pro tour under your belt

  16. I was just wondering why you weren’t actively Tec Edging him in game 3 match 1. It seamed like you were really worried about the spells he could cast with more mana, and even though you want to get value by edging an activated man-land, it still seams like you should have edged his lands on your turn so he couldn’t untap with a sufficient number of lands.

  17. So this is limited. Step one, copy deck from internet. Choose to draw. Mull to win condition. Turn one look at opponent’s hand and make them discard their best play. Turns two through six, counter opponent’s spells with counter creatures. Rest of game, attack with tiny creatures until opponent dies or concedes from boredom.

    Why do people complain that control doesn’t get enough love from Wizards? Blue has inherent advantages over other colors in card draw and the exclusive ability to target spells. Too many tourneys end with a tar pit or nighthawk cruising slowly in for the anticlimactic finish. This is not magical.

    Still, well fought LSV. Thanks for the vid.

  18. In game 3 match 1…. Do any of you know what tec Edge says on the card
    you cant edge someone with ONLY 3 LANDS

  19. It might just be me, but I don’t see the point of playing Faeries now. What decks are you crushing? Jund, Mythic, Naya, RG valakut, RDW Doran/Rock can all beat you, and some are heavily favored post board with stags.

    What are the good matchups? White weenie, omen decks (sort of), potentially time sieve/rogue combo decks.

    There is even a 4/5cc variant I’m sure you know of playing wall of reverence and plumveil that has a decent fae matchup, particularly post board.

  20. @ chris :if you dont care why do you post, you retard. lsv these videos were great. dont listen to those bunch of haters. please post more extended videos

  21. sorry i was doin other things while watchin, but i had the impression in R3G1 you could counter BOTH hawks when u had 2 spellstutters…that way u win…am i right?

  22. I love your limited videos since that’s a format I play, but I understand you were burned out on drafts. I really like that you’re doing Extended now in addition, and would also like to see some standard or even legacy games! More videos from LSV are always a good thing… you’re probably the funniest magic player on the net.

  23. A line of play that would have won you match 3 game 1 is to not Tectonic Edge him EOT on his Wildwood. You then drew the 2nd Tectonic Edge and could have put him down to 2 lands. You only have 2 Tectonic Edge so it’s not likely you’ll draw it, but you are so far behind that leaving the blow out factor available might have been better.

    It might be the correct play as you’re very unlikely to use all of your mana anyway and if you do it will be on something like Spellsutter + Mistbind leaving up 1 mana you could use on the Edge.

  24. As unexcited as I am to watch Faeries videos, it is pretty important to know all the thought processes and lines of play that they go through because you WILL play against your fair share of Faeries players. Knowing that deck goes a very long way toward beating it. So in summary, thanks for the content LSV and haters go home and try again.

  25. well, you’d have lost to vengevine either way m3g3, but wouldn’t it be fine to double block stag with mutavaults?

  26. @ Wee and some others:

    ahem, how is mentioning LSV´s possible misplays trolling exactly? I mean sure, the guy above didnt pack his critizism in a particularly friendly tone, but still ist has to be allowed to make analaysis of someone else´s gameplay without having like 5 frantic LSV followers bashing you for it 😉

    Dont get me wrong, I love the CF content like the next man, plz keep up the good work. Saw LSV at GP: Bochum this year and he seemed great! 😀

  27. Not sure if someone mentioned but you could have edged in response to the hawk to keep him off vengevine g1.

  28. @ Second Sunrise
    It’s trolling because it’s some nobody attempting to show how he’s so much smarter than LSV, picking at the tiniest of holes. Also the claim that there were “so many” mistakes but only finding a few, and even then it really was a stretch. Troll: attempt to get attention via negative means.

  29. He used the word “strook”, so I think he fails regardless.

    Thanks for the videos LSV, Match 3 Game 1 was epic, would have been an awesome pull back from the brink of defeat, but, oh well.

    – Ged

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  31. With all the Elf decks in the Extended meta now (especially online), it’s probably a good idea to have a few Consume the Meek in your sideboard. Sure, the matchup is already in your favor, but Consume blows them out as long as you can remove the Ezuri.

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