Channel Conley: SOM Draft #6

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  1. myr aren’t too good in infect since you want to have aggressive curve with infect creatures on t2, t3 and t4. the second pack Untamed Might is definitely better than the copper myr.

  2. First game, if you block the ooze with the nim, you threaten lethal, and he has to block the ichorclaw with the asp, maybe turning off metalcraft if he doesn’t have another artifact. If you play a chump blocker, you might have won.

  3. Can’t decide whether triple SOM or ACR is the worst modern draft format I’ve ever played. Poison pretty well ruins it.

  4. David Shakarisaz

    This draft video rocked, I love having the commentary of more than one person.

    Though on the first match, im pretty sure you chump with the contagious nim instead of the fallen, that would have resulted in a 6 poison swing back instead of 5, which would have won you the game.

  5. Regarding the end of M1G1

    If I chump with the Nim instead of trade via the Fallen, he has a 2/1 Ooze that now can swing back for lethal as well, so while he is forced to blocked with his Asp, I am then dead for sure on the swing back as I am at one and have only 1 chump blocker in the Myr

  6. Untamed might is inf better than a random myr and taking a do nothing molder beast over corpse cur was painful to watch. I understand taking the beast because no one wants to watch an infect draft but it still hurt.

  7. I just heard someone suggest cutting an untamed might from the deck. I would play 4 untamed mights maybe more.

  8. While my friends are obv idiots, you guys do realize that the Beast over Cur pick was prior to pick 5 where we in no way were dead set on poison. With an Arc Trail and a Slice in Twain, Dinosaurs was a perfectly realistic, if not better, strategy at the time. Once a 5th pick Cystbearer came, things obviously changed. The Myr over Might came at a time where it seemed poison might not be the way to go and it happened to be Red for a potential Arc Trail splash and Dinosaurs once again looked like a possibility, not to mention the fact that we had 3 4 drops already. In retrospect, I would obviously have taken the Might, but we had no idea that 2 Myr would come later in otherwise dead packs and if they hadn’t and we took Might, our deck would have been a bunch of clunky 4s with no Myr.

  9. Can somebody pls explain why strider harness is better than bladed pinions in a poison deck?? I didn’t get it bladed pinions is just nuts in poison. Your equipped cystbearer straight up kills both 4/4 brigade or ooze, and with untamed might it is just so easy to go for the kill. I d take bladed piunions over harness any day. 1 myrsmith and u r dead w harness.

  10. ROFL.. Thanks for the up Conley! I love to watch your vids b/c you are so light-hearted and pretty damn smart at the same time.

  11. i cringe at the fact that tucker can [legally] drink now, ptqs will be pretty interesting after the 3rd round i guess.

  12. I loved this draft, I watched after a night out with mate and loved it!!!! seems liked great times!

  13. You guys were a lot of fun to watch! I skip all the other draft vids a this point ’cause they’re boring, but you always have the promise of being entertaining, or going for quirky decks, or both.
    As much as you apologize for your friends, taking the lighthearted, goofy approach makes all the difference!

  14. Match 1 game 1:

    “Alright we’re at 1…Don’t play anything, make him fear Blunt the Assault!”

    Cool video though, sucks you got cut off poison in pack 3.

  15. This was amazing. Hilarious things do not occur often enough on this site. This rivaled the BW Deck Doctor. Conley, you are consistently quality, and your taste in foils to record with is also excellent.

  16. I’d take grasp over contagious nim all day in that pack… You already saw that better infect creatures are tabling in worse packs, why not get both grasp and nim? grasp is certainly better by enough that it would have been worth the risk

  17. did you just teach your friends magic that week or something? juuuust kidding.

    honestly, these videos do an excellent job of demonstrating the difference between a pro and an average player.

  18. At least 2 out of 3 people in these videos are blatantly high and/or drunk . . . which added to how awesome winning an 8-4 with a pos infect deck is!

  19. I never want to watch Conley draft without these guys. These drafts are about entertainment value if I wanted to win I probably wouldn’t want to have friends spectating

  20. Wow, epic draft action, multiple people can certainly add some more flavour sometimes.

    Much appreciated.

  21. Wow, this was some stoned draft I tell ya:D Reminds me of those 3 hyenas from the Lion King movie:D Though I am surprised this deck went all the way, nice one.

  22. SOM block CONSTRUCTED … when will we get a CF.com video of block constructed, hasnt been on since before Worldwake set

  23. I’m gonna guess that his last-round opponent needed the QP, and Conley conceded to him but didn’t wanna admit it I suppose? Dunno why, there’s no shame in that, I don’t think.

    Great games overall, though.

  24. Wizards actually takes action against people who acquire QPs without winning them. Though I am not saying that is what happened, take it for what its worth.

  25. Anyway, I really enjoyed your conversations with the guys in the background, it was really interesting seeing how much farther ahead in the match you were looking than they were. I like the whole dynamic, nicely done 🙂

  26. Mediocre infect deck gets there, I guess. I suspect that you probably should have been knocked out of the running round 1 (your opponent’s deck seemed slightly better, though admittedly not by much, and you basically won the match thanks to lucky topdecks and running well overall), but I’m glad you weren’t. The draft wouldn’t have been nearly as amusing if you had.

  27. Conley much respect. You played this deck as well as it could possibly have been played. And good job resisting some of the questionable decisions of your friends. 🙂 good stuff.

  28. Hilarious!
    I think the best part of it (other than you winning which is just fun to watch) was you repeatedly telling your laughy friend that he was an idiot and why his play was wrong. It actually helped me see your reasoning behind your every little move to have to explain it to your “idiot” friends.

    All in all this was blast to watch.


  29. P1P2 out of curiousity, did you not consider the gargantuan. Its clearly a weaker card but its worth 5 or 6 tix (all foil mythics in redemption are), and i think for EV purposes its better (although admittedly, trail is stronger)

  30. I feel like playing withstand death over tainted strike is better…. you’re not playing molder beast anymore!

  31. Playing trigon over strider harness seemed terrible.

    Trigon – doesn’t help the board that much and gives your opponent a turn to kill asp for the win.

    Play harness, pump fallen, he probly blocks with shikari to not take 5, equip asp with harness with a black open.

    At that point he has his draw phase plus a hellion that becomes 3/2 if you choose to block, or you can double block and kill it.

    Then you have harness with a trigon, slice in twain, and your draw phase against his draw phase. Basically you cant lose. Why risk it?

  32. Am I the only one who finds Conley unreasonably hilarious? Definitely the most entertaining player on the site.

  33. @ Geoff “Play harness, pump fallen” – Fallen has prot. from artifacts – u cant equip the harness to him.

    Great vid. Love the commentary

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