Channel Conley: ROE Draft #7

Channel Conley: ROE Draft #7

46 thoughts on “Channel Conley: ROE Draft #7”

  1. So sad. Wanted to fall asleep, watching, possibly, my favorite drafter draft my favorite limited format. Yes people, I know my grammar is terrible, but that what happens after not having an English class for 9 years.

  2. C’mon, these technical difficulties are killing me.

    Please CFB crew, take into account that because of this you are losing your audience. Get rid of this terrible player.

  3. @Vilik: I have no problem watching Conley material. Also, worlds showed he’s not a terrible player. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. @Jonathan When he said “player”, he was referring to the awful video playing software they use which has endless commercials and upload problems.

  5. @U fail: You’re chastising someone for trying to be helpful in a polite way? You’re the only retard here.

  6. Sorry. Tried to be obvious enough to not be a troll, but I’d rather have people act as if trolls aren’t there i.e people who call troll. Comment not funny enough to excuse “trolling” though so.. sorry..

  7. i knew it was here, but its not and yet no cupcake will ever reach the lips of your transperant lies. You lie, he liie, Elie. I lie on a bed of corn or as the french call is mais.. or as the germans call it Hauptgetreidepflanze. Look at you.. no really just look at you so smug in ur green sweater vest.. you think all cats were born to act this way.. you are just so wrong and she is so 100% polyglycerol polyricinoleate.. but it doesnt change that you ruined febuary 30.. that look ur mother gave me that night.. it was the same look the farmer gave his secretary when she had asked him โ€œwhat do you think of a world were the bananas dont need to hide from every1โ€ณ. with a stern look he gazed over to his newborn premature baby girl and tossed like a football further than anything that had been tossed before it.. so the moral my friends is you must look both sides before you cross the roads, less you be the chicken who could not cross it.

  8. I loved the draft, not sure what everybody else is talking about. Great picks, awesomely fun deck, and some epic games. Possibly the best draft that has ever been uploaded to this site. If you can’t see it, you’re really missing out.

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  10. Match 3, Game 1 – Why Conley Woods is better than you.

    Fantastic tight play sir. It’s clear you’ve become much more focused, both from Worlds interviews and from the way you drafted and played this series. Bravo.

  11. Qiut watching for a month because of the player. I check in to see if anything has changed and turns out the plaeyr has gotten worse. An ad every 15 seconds! And it covers the players hand. Laughable. iLl check back in after x-mas. E mail those of us who are members when either you fix the player of start charging. Id gladly pay so i can watch and workout at the same time.

  12. An ad comes up every thirty seconds. How is this even close to necessary. Also the video quality is terrible. CF: Please do something about this. Your fans are raging.

  13. You can click and close the first ad, which makes it go away. Then for the pop up ad, if you click it, it will not pop up for the rest of the video (if you close it, it comes back a lot, which is super annoying).

    I just got firefox and adblock and it makes watching these videos much less “labor” intensive.

    They should just get their youtube channel partnered and post an into/outro ad there, but they make more money with these ads and luring people to the store.

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