Channel Conley: ROE Draft #6

Channel Conley: ROE Draft #6

57 thoughts on “Channel Conley: ROE Draft #6”

  1. Seriously? ANOTHER Conley video? Infinite LSV videos are fine but… Conley is nice as a once a week kind of thing.

  2. The deck was nice and all, but a good 2/3 of these games are just Conley 4 for 1ing off of Disaster Radius for the win.

  3. I would personally continue making that stupid mouth clicking noise. It makes you sound like you are thinking.

  4. Ignore the haters conley — RoE is one of the best single-set draft formats they’ve ever made… and you drafted a sweet deck (Then again, G/x/x fatties is a fairly standard RoE format… … but that’s half the reason why the format is so amazing)

  5. NoodleyBoodley YoYo Master

    Come with me Conley, I will show you how to turn some tricks so shocking, its staggering

  6. I never drafted ROE but it does look like an interesting format. This deck played like a dream and Disaster Radius was so good that it boggles the mind. Thanks for posting and by all means ignore the buffoons who troll here.

  7. Sick I looove ROE and especialy its Jund decks. That was a much more than fine deck it was nearly ideal! I had some goes at it again but never got such great draws or poor opponents so thanx for showing off how much Disaster radius is a flying windmill slam!

  8. It was too bad you didn’t commit to a Vent Sentinel deck soon enough to draft it. Have three Vent Sentinals passed to you was the dream back when ROE was the main draft format. That deck not only dropped the Eldrazi/fatties you wanted anyways, it would burn you out REALLY fast.

  9. RoE is my favorite limited format; watching this draft made me so happy. Thanks for recording this one!

  10. I think you underrate Hand of Emrakul. He’s a great turn 3 or 4 play. Nest Invader turn 2, Brood Birthing Turn 3, and cast Hand. Facing a 7/7 Annihilator turn 3 is nothin to laugh at.

    That said, I don’t fault you for taking removal because the format is pretty dry on removal in general, and if you can’t deal with something you’re pretty screwed in most draft formats.

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  12. Derp just noticed you said on turn 3. In that case my counter-argument is different: you’re living the dream with your series of plays. Most of the time you’re not getting him unless you pay the old fashioned way, and by that time Annihilator 1 shouldn’t be too hard to deal with, just pitch a land until you can kill it or just block it with a couple of guys since 7/7 is not that hard to deal with on turn 7+, especially in this format.

  13. Radius is the best card in the format. Conley’s card ratings range all the way from mediocre to decent, with 95% of cards rating “fine”.

    Conley needs a co-pilot. Badly. On the bright side, he’s hilarious when he has one.

  14. Great Video. Don’t mind comments from people who are immature enough to complain about free content solely based on their personal preferences

  15. Awesome draft. I remember seeing you post about recording it on facebook ages ago and I’ve been anxiously anticipating it ever since. 🙂

  16. i would have drafted the wall deck. that was fun – not saying you had the cards. but you probably had the cards.

  17. Dude. Conley. You rocked my face off. That was epic.

    I can go finish my novel about Conley Woods and the best draft format ever now.

  18. hmm first opponent: defenders+bloodrite invoker deck. i think he broke it.

    2nd opponent: got the memo that green is the best color in ROE but misread the fine print and ended up with a bunch of nema siltlurkers and stomper cubs, the only green cards you don’t want.

    3rd opponent: heavy red raid bombardment deck? with mystery white cards we never saw?

  19. ROE is indeed the best draft format. There are so many archetypes you can draft:
    Defenders, Green Fatty ramp, Levelers, Raid Bombardement, spiritdancer umbras, Black.. control?

    M12 is super lame. When I see a Duskhunter Bat on the preview screen of a draft video for the 100th time…

    Scars block is ok, but i don’t like the flavor and I get the feeling you get pushed into infect every game.

  20. “Despite what Queen may say about some other things that make the world go round… pretty sure it’s Turn One Joraka Treespeakers.”

    Great draft, games, and commentary Conley.

  21. You can tell the table wasn’t very strong when Devastating Summons wheeled because that card is a bomb. I also don’t know why Conley didn’t pick it even after it wheeled. Also, Hellion Eruption just wins the game 90% of the time when you have that many token generators.

  22. Kyle2plowshares:

    It’s not that I don’t enjoy his videos, especially ROE drafts, but c’mon the front page is saturated with Conley videos. Just want some diversity.

    Unless of course all of the vids are of LSV.

  23. conley has quickly become one of my favorite drafters ever, not even for content just based purely on personality. its like the ugly dog that wins your heart.

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