Channel Conley: NMS Draft #2

Channel Conley: NMS Draft #2

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  1. More drafts, this site is much better then star city games…no idea why i paid for that membership lol

  2. @Cheatz, I agree with you 100%, and I even like SCG, but the people on CF are just more knowledgeable, I love LSV and PV enough to forever be loyal to this site and team

  3. I love Conley drafts too, but I was trying to make it full screen, but then screen goes black whenever I try to close the ad, and then my browser crashes. It’s weird. I was really looking forward to watching a UB infect build, but I won’t watch in in screen, and I can’t watch it with the ad covering half the screen. I wish draftmagic.com would update more often so I wouldn’t have to keep trying to put up with the player here.

  4. Chandrian, I had that problem too. The fix is to un full screen and then close the ad. Then you can full screen again.

  5. Picking Throne of Geth over Disperse is wrong. Your deck is a bit short of removal and Disperse would have deputised very well there. Also, bouncing is a great way to win a Blight Agent v dino race.

  6. Shatter, Glistener Elf, Mountain, Genesis Wave, Relic Putrescence LOLOLOLOLOL
    That was gold. Pure gold.

    Thanks Conley and keep ’em coming!

  7. Conley, you are the best. You had me laughing for 15 minutes after your reaction to Gitaxian Probe. Great Stuff 🙂

  8. That was weird, some of the games were in the wrong order?

    Anyway, this was a sweet one! Your deck turned out basically just the way you planned it, which was great, and all the games were epic. Even the blowout first round was epic because Relic Putrescence lol…

  9. Round 1 was a joke, anyone who’s playing Relic Putrescence has no business in an 8-4.

    Round 2 was the classic “my beats > your beats”. Not boring, but nothing too exciting either.

    Round 3, however, was great. You played the guy you (and the whole pod) fed pretty hard, and still came out on top with good play. Those were definitely “nail biters”.

    Overall, this was another example of how powerful blue infect can be, even if you can only get it in pack 1. Viral Drake is just an insane win condition, Blighted Agent is just plain unfair, and Throatseeker is 90% of the time a Phyrexian Juggernaut at common who can stay on D if needed.

  10. So no skipped games, but R1G1 is after R1G2 for some reason, love the blue/black draft my friend 3-0’d with that earlier today.

  11. Mastergodfather

    First of: love Channelfireball for all the drafts. Don’t have enough time myself to play as much as I used to or want, so this helps me get my fix in some way. Mad props for all the work you guys put into this site!

    Second: The Shatter that weirded you out in R1G2 is at least explainable. You attacked with the Myr the turn before, and now, while there are no new blockers or anything else that really changed, you leave the Myr back. That makes it clear to your opponent that the Myr has a different meaning for your plans this turn. Even if it is not a sure way for your opponent to tell, it might make him consider you wanting to use 8 mana. Shattering the Myr while being pushed into a corner like he was can then either be explained by him figuring out which card would make sense for your line of play – Drake – or he simply wants to foil your plans in hope of enabling him to draw out of a situation in which you want 8 mana. So while surprising, I can see some possible reasoning your opponent might have used ^_^

  12. can’t believe you passed the nuts for white and still managed to take it down. Shows how powerful UB infect with proliferate is.

  13. Round 1 opponent was competing in the “sample hands from deck X” series. He wins forever.

  14. That last match was awesome.

    Also, the “is the american dream dead” ad crashes the player when I close it (the ad) while fullscreened…

  15. M3G2

    Just keep holding back and proliferating with the viral drake rather than going for the win. The turn you played the throatseeker he elected not to equip the crusader with skinwing to force you to trade the drake. This should of tipped you off to sit back and proliferate 1-2 times each turn (you had 8 lands at this point), and also save the tezz gambit proliferate to finish off the crusader on the trade. I think that was the key interaction you didn’t see during your line of play. He was in the position of having to make the first move, not you.

  16. Regarding the first round opponent’s Shatter play: the previous turn Conley had attacked with his Silver Myr; this turn he did not. Nothing had changed on board, so why no attack? The logical inference is that he needed the mana. Ergo, destroy the Myr. You don’t have to be psychic when Conley is telegraphing his hand.

  17. You could have won round 3 game 2 if you would have virulent wounded the alloy myr instead of the sky hunter making it so he couldn’t act of agression. But besides that the draft was great, keep up the great work Conley.

  18. M3G2, you could have always blocked an equipped Crusader with the Viral Drake and killed it with Tezzeret’s Gambit. You were safe sitting back and proliferating probably (although his hand would have killed you anyways.)

  19. Great draft. I couldn’t stop laughing at the hand in R1G1. Relic Putrescence?

    In R2G1, he could win with Galvanic Blast, followed by Artillerize, or with double galvanic blast.

  20. Heh, getting to watch your own plays from the other side of the table can be quite painful… 😀
    M2G1 I had the Volt Charge when I attacked into your Sickleslicer with my Mortarpoded guy, and then obviously proceeded to click straight through damage… Felt pretty horrendous about that one!
    Great draft though, keep’em up ^^

  21. I like that you never even got to play the Grasp that you took over Elspeth. Sick beats bro.

  22. wow. white was like the color to be in going into pack 2 and completely passed it all, pack 3 open elspeth and have to pass it too… had his blinders on pretty hard for the UB infect archetype.

    Still, looks like the deck is pretty solid nonetheless.

  23. Hey Conley. Love your drafts.

    M3G2: Virulent Wound on Skyhunter, proliferate it to death, attack with Drake leaves him at 7 Poison. When he draws a land and equips his skinwing on crusader, the Germ Token dies, you have 3 Chumpblocker for the cat token, the golem token and the myr. Take 8 in the air and 1 from the Bladesplicer = 9 dmg, go to 1 life. He is tapped out and has no blocker this way.

  24. Great draft, Conley. I’ll just make one alternate play suggestion though, only because that’s how I would’ve proceeded.

    In M3G2, you had Chained Throatseeker and Neurok Invisimancer in your hand, a very good combination (as you said so yourself when picking it). On the turn you drew your 4th swamp, getting in for two with your Contagious Nim just didn’t look like good value. Instead, I would’ve attacked with Viral Drake (the best he can do is a chump block, since double-blocking means one more counter on his guy). Then, play Throatseeker and just pass the turn (swamp not even necessary). Assuming he taps out to play a whole bunch of blockers next turn (which he did, and would probably do anyways against a Throatseeker) on your turn you play the swamp, Virulent Wound his other flier, proliferate it with the Gambit paying 2 life (Wound effect puts a poison on him), play Invisimancer targeting Throatseeker, and swing for 8 more poison. You have him dead on board on your next upkeep, with 3 blockers holding down the fort. At least, that’s the play I saw.

  25. Conley,

    Thanks a lot, very nice draft. I really appreciate you stayed on course and did not fall into the tempation of taking the white, especially Elspeth. It paid you of.
    Match 1 was a real big joke……relic putresence….lol
    Match 2 some misplayes of your opponent (but Green Opal explained above) and him getting mana screwed game 3 was fortunate for you, your deck is basically stone cold to the demon. I was wondering when you sideboard if one counterspell is enough. I would have sided them both in, you want to have it when he cast is, especially because you have no bounce. That is why you should have taken disperse over throne of geth imo.
    Match 3: wow, epic, nice. Your opponent playing soul pary before blockers was really bad, and I thought it would win you the game, and then, slam…act of aggression back up…but still bad play from him.
    Unblockable 7/7 throathseeker….wow, that seals the deal….

    Thx again!

  26. Should have taken that Shriek Raptor over the Apostles Blessing you didn’t want to play anyways. Obviously hindsight makes that obvious with the later opens but I think it’s the right move regardless. Raptor is strong, blue white infecty is a legit archetype and at that point you can’t be sure you want to be black having only picked a single black card.

  27. Can we stop fucking up the video order in the player? It seems like M1G1 and G2 are always backwards. It’s not like they’re ever labelled incorrectly.

  28. Holding the Sickleslicer to play around Divine Offering that last game was genius! At least that’s the way I’d spin it.

  29. Conley, when you see his hand, press shift+PrntScr, open MS paint and press ctrl+v.
    You’ll get a screen shot with almost no effort.

  30. Heh, in M3G2 on the turn he’d tapped out for the Crusader and the Splicer I figured out that you had him to 9 poison, and that you had the Tainted Strike as a way to kill him that turn. Turns out it was your 2nd card down, so you’d have totally gotten there. Not that I disagree with the play you did make, but obviously it worked out slightly less well. Happy you took it down anyway.

  31. @Conley – I find a useful way not to bother writing down the results of a revealed hand is to just look at the chat log. It all gets recorded there anyway. Then you don’t have to worry about trying to remember it.

  32. Nice one player: whenever an ad pops up, instead of showing me the ad, the entire screen just goes black and freezes for 2 minutes (except for audio).

    Garbage. CFB is releasing more drafts that I can’t watch now then ever before.

  33. Match 1 Game 1 was just hilarious because of that gitaxian probe, I watched it three times. The rest was great too, especially m3g2 and m3g3.

  34. Oh god that guys hand in R1G1 had me laughing for 10 mins out loud. Awesome stuff.

    Thanks Conley.

  35. Your opponents deck in the final was INSANE, and you still won the game with commons and uncommons, nice!

  36. @George…Gitaxian probe reads “look at target player’s hand”, not “target player reveals their hand” so it does not, unfortunately, get recorded in chat

  37. There was a time where there was a noticeable skill difference in the queues. Now the 8-4’s are full of terrible people. I don’t understand what’s going on. It’s like they like throwing money away.

  38. first you could also have lost to another slash panther – not that hard to get 2 – and a g blast.

    re: your last round opponents insane deck, it certainly had insane rares which he drew regularly but the only blue card we saw was disperse and that is not a good reason to splash blue with such white heavy rares. So I am guessing – just a guess for sure – that the deck didn’t have enough w/r playables. Perhaps not that insane.

    of course drawing so many of them is insane, as is losing games when you did draw so many of them 🙂

  39. Wasn’t it safer to keep the tezzeret gambit in M3G1 to kill both the skyhunter and the mirran crusader with skinwing on it after chumping with viral drake? you could have kept mana up to proliferate him eot until he goes for it, which i assume he’ll have to do at some point. then on your turn play virulent wound and tezzeret’s gambit, giving him to poisons and killing both his guys.

  40. Conley I’m impressed. You did a lot of good thinking during all of those games, and it paid off. Theirs definitely a reason why your pro. Keep up the work.

  41. I know hindsight is 100/100, but I’d have taken that white Zenith and never looked back.

  42. Whenever I close an ad when I am in full screen it breaks my ability to view the videos in full screen.

  43. nice draft
    would like to point out that you won g3m3 because of the missclick on turn3,cause he would have divine offering the other equip

  44. Pretty impressive that you managed to stay the course despite the insane white you were seeing. The only pick I really didn’t like was Corrupter over Skinwing. Flying Throatseekers are pretty nice and it would have made your Brass Squire better.

  45. Conley DOES NOT HAVE:
    – the ability to concentrate while talking = loose plays
    – a good mic (embarrasing tbh)

    Conley DOES HAVE:
    – an outrageously contagious laughter
    – a likeable voice even with a lousy mic

  46. Why didn’t you consider boarding in Apostle’s Blessing in any of the games? It answers most of your problem cards … Mirran Crusader (vs a blue dude), Artillerize, Act of Aggression, even Soul Parry(!?!). It also provides evasion like Flight Spellbomb and Neurok Invisimancer and can make equipment fall off one of their guys as a combat trick (since you had few artifact dudes too).
    Thanks Conley, enjoyed this one a lot!

  47. What an epic finale the final match was. Two formidable opponents trying to wrest control with whatever resources available on the mental battlefield that is magic. This is limited magic at its finest.

    Oh Conley, your deck embodies everything that is wrong with the infect mechanic; yet you;ve done such an admirable job exploiting the fact to the fullest extent! It seems like every single card in the deck has been carefullt considered with the ulrimate goal of poisoning your opponent asap!
    I wont give away any spoilers, but even the seemingly innocuous inclusion of a neurok invisimancer played such a decisive and devastating role in the final game.
    Congratulations on creating and piloting a polished deck to a well deserved win.

  48. There was something really annoying. Every time you had a Copper Carapace out and your opponent had a blocker, you didnt equip his guy so he can’t block. Definitely lost some respect for you, but you are still a great player!

  49. Hi Conley,
    1st off, great draft, fun to see, as always.
    1 thing i would do different though –
    I don’t know if it was said before, but m3g2, i think your “confusion” plan was great, but poorly executed.
    I think u should have attach the sickleslicer + tainted strike after blockers, because u would also lose to burn the inpure or galvanic blast, i really think he would have taken your drake with the act of aggression, and then u could move the equipment + tainted strike ftw.
    i might be wrong though and everything would be the same, but it looks like in that order u would incentivize him to take the “decoy” drake rather then the winning unblockable creature.

  50. @Kanseiden: Are you absolutely sure you can equip opponent’s creatures?

    Anyway, that GItaxian Probe was the most awesome moment I’ve ever seen in a video, it’s like the guy was playing a Sealed deck (with a really crappy pool, let me add) in an 8-4 Draft. Shouldv’e asked him if he had lost a bet or something, maybe he was recording from the other side and cracking jokes?

  51. Your round 1 opponent was playing 42 cards so it wasn’t even as if he was short on playables

  52. I had a weird line occur to me during match2, game 1, I could have seen an argument for holding the tainted strike rather then casting on the drake. If he doesn’t remove it, he’s dead next turn either way, so the extra counter isn’t totally crucial. There’s a 2nd line that is possibly more defensive, though definitely weirder. That is, casting it on his slash panther to effectively fog the damage.

    If he was lucky enough to have Burn the Impure and Artillerize, you were dead that turn if he also plays a land. Highly unlikely, I know, but not impossible.
    Now, it’s also unlikely he makes a mistake and casts burn the impure or artillerize pre-combat, but you may have considered casting tainted strike on his own slash panther anyways, to effectively negate the damage. You then can’t die that turn by any combo I can think of with the mana he had available. I mean, your chance to just win next turn by casting the strike is definitely higher then his chance to win in the next turn, so it’s really not optimal in this specific circumstance.

    But, if you had a removal spell, proliferate spell or cheap infect creature in hand rather then Brass Squire, I think it might have been worth considering. It just blanks more of his outs by doing so, without providing any additional ones that I can think.

    I dunno, I just like thinking of weird ‘what if’ type scenarios, and thought it was worth mentioning.

  53. such an epic finals. I have never seen so many rares in a draft deck lose. LIKE A BOSS CONLEY LIKE A BOSS!!!!

  54. Just an added thing to M3G2, you could tainted strike one of his guys as a pseudo soul parry.

  55. in M2G1 you were looking for a way for your opponent to win there was two ways I can think of (didn’t look at the number of card in his hand).
    First one: land artillerize+ burn the impure
    Second one (mor artistic I think you will like it): geosurge+land into double slash panther

  56. Hey I’ve got a player problem. It keeps wanting to increase the quality, but because my connection can’t handle that, the player keeps stopping and rebuffering. This isn’t usually a problem since the player usually just reverts back to low quality, but today after finishing buffering it just went back up to high and froze again 5 seconds later. Have you considered an interface similar to Youtube’s, where the user can choose his own quality? This would have not been a problem if I could have just chosen a low quality setting. Thanks

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  58. Was yelling at the screen for you to kill Crusader…You kept talking about what a threat he was, yet you refused to kill him. That being said, pretty awesome video.

  59. @Kenseiden

    You can’t equip your opponent’s creatures. Equip means “Move this Equipment onto target creature you control. Play this ability only any time you could play a sorcery.”

  60. @Kenseiden

    Yeah that was really weird how he never equipped his opponent’s creatures. Conley knowing the basic rules of the game is really making me lose a lot of respect for him, too.

  61. M2G1: Assault Strobe on the Slash Panther, plus something else like a second Slash Panther or an Artillerize would have been lethal for the opponent (Conley was wondering if anything could kill him there).

  62. Okay. Just as a heads up, as much as people have been complaining about the video player ya’ll use. I was trying to watch this last night. and it crashed, BROKE GOOGLE CHROME! had to reinstall it. i appreciate ya’ll wanting to make money off us watching, but this is just too much.. I think other people will start to leave too..

  63. Excellent draft overall. I felt like M2G2 was winnable, but it would probably be hard to win that game while also doing commentary — there were a lot of moving pieces to consider.

  64. Wow. One of, if not the, best draft videos I have ever seen. Funny, informative, nail-biting, and winning off the most convoluted plan ever. Perfect.

  65. Very impressed with the win in round three against an opponent that had a ton of good rares, with what was basically a bunch of commons. I think I would have mentally given up, and screwed up somewhere. Lots of respect.

  66. Hahaha, Conley’s videos always have the most ridiculous and sick comical value EVER xD
    Totally made my day

  67. You literally don’t know what the word literally means. Also you suck at using computers.

  68. I love the new player. I pause it to go take a shit, and when I come back, the content stops streaming. don’t pause for more than 30 seconds.

    Go back to youTube. Your content is great, your delivery is horrible.

  69. Pretty sure that on the Shriek Raptor/pretty much nothing pack, I would have taken the Raptor to stay open to white infect since we just have the Affliction. After that, I’d be into white in pack 2.

    Blue infect is totally fine in a controlling deck without a bazillion other infect cards. If you have 2x agent, 2x throatseeker, and viral drake to boot, you can just play UW control.

  70. Hey Conley- I’ve been trying to improve my drafting, and these draft videos are totally great. I’ve watched through all three of the NMS drafts. Please make more!!!!

    Also, well played.


  71. One of the best moments I’ve seen in a Magic video.
    M1G1: Cast Gitaxian Probe. “I don’t want to write this down, so I’m just going to try to keep it in memory. It sucks the way this works but….”
    :BOOM: Opponent reveals the most hilariously memorable probe-hand ever.
    ! roflmao

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