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  1. I love the deck dr idea and i’m really loving the deck idea. What I want to know is what program you are using in your videos. I recently returned to the game (the last time I played was 1998) and I’d love a way to test out my deck ideas against a variety of opponents.

  2. the leylines just seem really bad. valakut runs so many ways to kill them these days and you let them draw so many cards that by the time leyline is actually useful, the kill it

  3. so strange; at the resolution i’m watching the video, depending on where molten psyche sits in conley’s hand changes the direction the guy in the art is looking.

  4. Hey Conley, I was building a deck and looking for good cards in New Phyrexia for it. Basically it’s a Semblance Anvil deck with free cantrips, mana accelators, utility cards, defense to cast with that blue enchantment that proliferates when you cast a spell (to boost Tezzeret, Venser and poison counters made by Inkmoth).
    My question is : Does Semblance Anvil make Myr Superion free to cast, without having to make mana with creatures? If so, it’s really awesome and you should try it out. Tell me if you want my current pre-NPH list.

  5. I haven’t watched the entire series yet, but I can’t tell which is the bigger head scratcher, playing Leyline of Sanctity against Valakut, or playing it in a non-white deck that can almost never cast it. That deck has never cared about people playing leylines against it. One of the 4 mana stone rains would be better.

  6. Why didn’t you tap the tumble magnet in response to the natures claim in the second game of valukut? I think you would have won.

  7. Watching you stumble over your self game after game really kills the entertainment value of these videos. Please practice with these decks a little before you attempt to pilot them, or at least THINK about how your games should play out so that you don’t look like such a bumbling idiot with your plays.

    Other than that the deck seemed like it could have been entertaining.


  8. “I guess I should have run out sphere, pretty tough call…” M1G3, @6:00 minutes I was thinking there wasn’t any possible way the match was going 14 minutes until you decided to not use your excess mana to play around his only out. Then you went on to say that playing the sphere will limit that plays you have afterward when you don’t tap the mox in response to the nature’s claim…ROFL

  9. The 3rd game against Valakut, when you had 2x Runeflare traps + Molten Psyche. You tapped out for your Psychosis Crawler. I think you should have casted the Sphere or the Tumble Magnet, leave open 2 red mana, double Runeflare Trap him on his turn for 14-16 damage, then Molten Psyche on the following turn to kill him. Don’t need the Psychosis Crawler at all.

  10. In match 2 game 1 you had the choice of tectonic edge one valakut or to get out a challice. You were effectively at 9 and he had five cards in hand with two valcuts on board. Mountain in hand wit explore or spasm would deal enough. Also harrow or cultivate or primeval titan would get you dead. Thats a fair amout of outs for him. I get the feeling that you often loose the game aftera a somewhat “greedy” play followed up by a “I think I would have won next turn”.

    Do you think you could have won some of those games by playing more with their outs in mind rather than maximizing your own or is it just how the deck plays out?

  11. And the everflowing chalice over tec edge match 2 game 1 was AWFUL. As you decided to do that I shook my head and knew it was going to end badly.

    Cmon man you’re freaking conley woods you shouldn’t be making play mistakes that even a noob like me wouldn’t consider doing!

    Either way thanks for the videos if nothing else they were definitely entertaining.

  12. Hey Conley,

    apart for some obvious misplays, I rellay like the series. I think it would be even better if you would put some text (at least an updated decklist) with the video.

  13. That’s a loooot of games. Awesome. Idea is actually pretty decent, it’s still 1 and a half turns too slow compared to valakut.
    Not a single mythic rare on a similar power level to jace/primeval titan makes it hard for a deck to compete

  14. @TeamTreefolk: Try understanding how the game works? He taps with Tumble Magnet in response to Nature’s Claim, and then passes the turn and whatever he tapped untaps because there’s this phase called the Untap Phase, and nothing has changed.

  15. this deck lover

    maybe jace tms should get in in stead of jace beleren… so he can protect u, and do the brainstorm things ?

    + 1 Wurmcoil Engine , its pretty strong againt everything…

    just some suggestion.. i really want to see this deck kicking asses 😀

    \o/ uderused/underrated/unexpected cards combos FTW!

  16. Conley, do not listen to these people, you are the man and the vids are the nuts!

  17. wow….Vampires not playing a creature…mmm what could he have in hand…

    Painfull to see how you play critters to give him an excuse to play the gatekeepers….

    wait for your inferno titan to kill something….wait with your crawlers when you have molten psyche in hand. Seems like no-brainers…

    Indeed, try to practice the deck a little more, you look like a newbee with all these mistakes

    But all in all I like the series and the idea, but put a little more effort in it to make it decent.

  18. Match 2, game 1, the proper play was to play chalice for 0, temple bell, temple bell, and molten psyche, hoping to draw mountain + runeflare trap. Going for “I HOPE HE HAS NOTHING AT ALL IN HIS HAND” was just dumb.

  19. I think it’s funny how you let him draw 30 cards, then you’re surprised when he plays good stuff. Unfortunately this deck relies heavily on your opponent either getting extremely unlucky or having a terrible deck.

  20. I was the tezzeret player. The deck doesn’t play any counters except flash freeze in the board. Cool video’s.

  21. Thanks for doing these Conley. The deck doctor series is my favorite by a mile. You’re always entertaining. Keep on singing bro! Your charisma adds value even if the deck is a big flaming pile of poop.

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  23. Yeah, Conley is correct.

    Myr Superion says you must pay it’s cost with mana from creatures but Semblance Anvil does nothing to pay the cost, it merely reduces the cost (which in terms of the rules is completely different). The only time a cost cannot be reduced beyond a certain value (like say 1) is when a card specifically states that the reduction has that limit. (See Heartstone)

    In the case presented with the Semblance Anvil imprinted with a creature the Myr Superion’s cost is 0 mana and thus can be played for free (if there is zero cost then the clause that requires costs to be payed with mana from creatures is irrelevant).

  24. For reference:

    117.7. What a player actually needs to do to pay a cost may be changed or reduced by effects. If the mana component of a cost is reduced to nothing by cost reduction effects, it’s considered to be {0}. Paying a cost changed or reduced by an effect counts as paying the original cost.


    If the mana component of the total cost is reduced to nothing by cost reduction effects, it is considered to be {0}. It can’t be reduced to less than {0}.

  25. Conley you are the best. I didn’t give you much to work with in this decklist to begin with and I feel that you did an amazing job at making my craptacular idea something to think about. Stupid hater trolls are probably the ones that saw the caw blade at the beginning of part 2 and paused it just to comment. Now, I feel like i am trolling the trolls. Does that make me a troll? Am I a troll? Am I Thrun? Oh no, now I hate myself! Hatey Troll Smurf. DREDGINGFORHUMOR!!!!

  26. Whats the email if you wanna try and get Conley to do a deck doctor on a deck you have/came up with?

  27. Most of the “play mistakes” weren’t play mistakes. But I do agree that it’s wiser to play out the sphere to prevent losing metalcraft, I think last time you did the same thing and that’s a major blow to your deck when you’re racing.

    Regardless, Conley you’re awesome…this deck is not.

  28. Please put some videos on youtube. This new player is awful. I can’t see a sh*t there and i think i’m not alone here with this problem.

  29. My 2 cents, been working on something similar since SOM, came out, I use reverberate with psyche to be sure i get death when i cast much more red heavy but also use prismatic lens to draw a card and filter mana, and i think some of your sideboarding choices are wrong leaving 4 jaces but taking out all the temple bells, 3 jaces and 2 temple bells, maybe, need the artifacts if you do get the psyche, thanks for the vids very interesting to watch,

  30. Hey, I was your Vampires Match 3 opponent. Someone let me know that I was famous on a ChannelFireball video, and I had a blast watching your end of the duel. =) You’re extremely entertaining to watch, sorry I sucked out so many gatekeepers on you.

  31. Its sad to see this deck get wrecked by Valakut everytime, i do enjoy the deck though. Have you ever considered using permission against valakut. it seems like it might be the only reliable way to combat titans, except that the have summoning trap. hmmmm tough call.

  32. jacob allen caban

    how do i go about giving conley woods a deck to docter??? can any one help me???

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