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  1. Hey, have you heard about Glint Hawk Idol? Totally can be activated to counter Crush. Cool, huh?

  2. You guys really need to get off his case about that. Are you saying that you never make mistakes? Espically on MODO? It is so easy to misclick on there.

  3. Grand Inquisitor

    Absolutely amazing.

    I’m a huge fan of your work and I always enjoy your work here on Deck Doctor – keep it up mate!

  4. These games played out interesting, as a viewer I was trying to figure out my own line of plays through this jungle the entire time =)
    In M3G2 though when he cast Crush, you could have just activated the Idol in response to counter it.

  5. match 2, game 2, if you held back whatever you got with the trinket mage, you could have played the renegade dopelganger, then the ornithopter/memnite, and hit him for 12 out of nowhere, which i think it better than opening yourself upto a cultivate or an explore taking out both vengevines, but it may not have mattered anyways

  6. The game where you didn’t play anything for 3 turns was epic. Very very Conley style right there.

  7. So sad that its only standard now. I had a sweet Troy Palamalu deck I was about to send in ;D

  8. Match 1 Game 1 you messed up. All you had to do was Play the Riddlesmith you drew and swing in for 6 with him blocking 2 guys.

  9. At the end of game 1 match 3 you should have pitched tezz instead of Doppleganger, played it next turn plus a orn and got in for much more.

  10. I have to say, I don’t like the deck…there are a TON of cards that don’t do anything

    Concrete suggestions:

    Cut Tezz for Jace…tezz is cute, but Jace is better in a midrange control deck (which is what you’re playing), and you free up all of those crappy artifact spots for real cards.

    Add green mana and some dorks like BoP and maybe treespeaker in place of the opals…more reliable, and better on the topdeck since you can use them as vengevine fodder or chump blockers in the lategame, and, again, it allows you to cut the do-nothing artifacts. Also, forests + vengevine = tech! (that combo works for me anyway…)

    Add fauna, she helps you get what you need MUCH more reliably than all of this looting which is basically an exercise in, “Alll right, big money…..island…CRAP!” Also, you can add a toolbox with a singleton phyrexian revoker, thrun, and other value critters

    You need more graveyard guys since vengevine is the only thing that synergizes with your ‘discard everything’ strategy. Bloodghast, where hard to cast, is a great candidate for this deck.

    DISRUPTION!!!!! You can’t have a deck that doesn’t stop the opponent from doing things (for more, read PV’s work on white weenie). Some mana leaks, go for the throats, or, considering bloodghast, even deprives, would really help out.

    Sword of feast and famine…because it’s AWESOME

    No Hedron crab: Without extractor demon, I think it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll get a huge amount of value by dumping a deck that only has a couple of ‘yard creatures.

    The deck definitely needs a bomb…I would say 1 grave titan, 1 wurmcoil, and, if you can make the mana work, 1 massacre wurm. You could get cute and cut the black (since I would cut tezz anyway) and adding white for sun titan recursion and stoneforge mystic.

    Green sun’s zenith…seems like it does something in a deck with green men.

    Those are my initial thoughts. I like the idea, but it seems WAY too gimmicky and definitely not ‘business’ enough.

  11. Yep, that deck was pretty terrible.Filtering through your deck with riddlesmiths is cool and all, but it just doesn’t do anything in the end.You’re just left with useless 1/1s and 0/2s unless you draw tezzeret.

    There are far better engines to abuse vengevine.
    Simply told, the power level of the cards is just way too low to make it work

  12. Didn’t understand the last attack and the non-block on it Match 1 Game 3. He could have just blocked both Vengvines with Llanowar and Shaman and regenerated them unless I am missing something.

  13. I think you’re missing the interaction with riddlesmith and vengevine. You play the ornithopter, pitch the vengevine and have the ornithopter enter the battlefield, triggering the vengevine. Works on turn two.

  14. Benjamin Jones

    I’m guessing Conley’s mic being disconnected is code for “Conley bursts out into uncontrollable vulgarity”

  15. @Jessica – I think you are missing the point of the series. Its not to just play the same established decks, its to try and make a new deck work.

    One thing I would like to see tried out is an infect deck. Probably one similar to what they just released in B/U but maybe with some better cards like the nexus land and Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon.

  16. in round 4 game 3 why did you swing with memnite? he has jace to bounce so you need 2 blockers to survive. i’m confuzed

  17. The people who submit the decks would probably be willing to lend you the cards to play them.

  18. Interesting idea when it works, i.e you draw multiple vengevines. Otherwiae it’s just too inconsistent to be viable. I think adding green as a primary color might be decent since you get reasonable mana with fetch lands + fauna shaman. Kinda sad shrivel/pyroclasm/slagstorm destroys this deck. I think tezz is overkill too.

  19. I think a deck this dedicated to the yard really wants more action from the yard, aka another Phoenix and Bloodghast. Maybe a Bonehoard. Moving into green also opens up Fauna Shaman, which Conley keeps mentioning. I think just adding Crab really makes the deck more explosive. This is off the top of my head:

    4 Ornithopter
    4 Memnite
    4 Signal Pest
    4 Enclave Cryptologist
    4 Hedron Crab
    4 Riddlesmith
    4 Bloodghast
    4 Vengevine
    2 Kuldotha Phoenix
    4 Mox Opal
    4 Misty Rainforest
    4 Scalding Tarn
    4 Tectonic Edge
    10 Island

  20. The deck frequently looks like kuldotha red without battlecry. I can imagine games where it may be correct to play 4 1 mana dudes and sigil pest and get in for 1 damage each.

  21. you know one of the things that anger me the most is the people who just grip and complain ( oh this deck suck ) how about you people put your head back in the sand and let the people who love to play game play it, the whole point of deck doctor is makeing a deck better cause i got news for you, all your jaces will eventually be GONE, that deck was mostly scars block and it gave caw go elves eldrazi decks a fit, i wouldn,t be suprised to see this deck pop up and bigger tourneys so please for the love of god would the net deckers please go back down to your moms basement

  22. @conley: I’d like to see what you’ll make of this deck. Maybe splash 2 Fauna Shaman’s off of the moxen and a couple of forests (or is that to greedy even for you?).

    In Match 4, around 12 minutes in, wouldn’t this be a better line:
    Pitch Vengevine, play 2 creatures, attack with both vengevines, make mox opal a 5/5 to block the mystic and protect Tezz. You were thinking about it, but than decided to go with another line. Why?

    Also, please admit it: Benjamin Jones was right eh 😛

  23. I find it funny that people are thinking this is acctually Conley’s build. He is playing this deck as it was sent to him, as he said through the videos he would prefer to be playing green for fauna so i imagine that he will be doing so.

    @Benjamin Jones i think so

  24. ‘…I’m guessing Conley’s mic being disconnected is code for “Conley bursts out into uncontrollable vulgarity”…’

    Exactly what I thought. Part of that, very funny games.

  25. I have trouble saying that midrange BUG vine is an ‘established’ deck when, as far as I know, it has yet to take a major tournament post-scars. I’m 100% for brewing over netdecking, but that doesn’t mean one should throw certain ideas out the window purely in the name of unorthodoxy. Jace is genuinely better for a deck of this kind than Tezzeret because Jace works no matter what your creature package looks like, and this deck would probably rather be playing bigger bodies with better abilities than 0/2s, 1/1s, and legendary moxen that are hard to get active. A 3 Jace 2 Tezz build might be fine, and I’m definitely looking forward to what Conley comes up with, but just because a number of decks are using Jace, mana leak, go for the throat, fauna shama, and sword of feast and famine doesn’t mean we should disregard them outright. In legacy, a lot of people complain about goyf and force of will…well, complain away, but that’s the format, and, right now, standard is a format where Jace, sword, and mana leak are showing up in a ton of decks due to the fact that they’re usually the best tools for the job. This isn’t a casual deck…it’s got to be built for the real standard.

  26. Thanks for bringing DD back. I am REALLY happy it isnt anther flippin Jace the wallet sculptor deck.

  27. SpoonSpoonSpoon

    I’m not sure why your U/W opponent didn’t cast divine offering off his 1 untapped land and his animated (blocking) collonade?

  28. @PC
    I submitted an infect deck yesterday, tho it’s mono black. And I’ve not actually played it as I don’t have anywhere to play it right now, so it might just suck balls.

  29. I love “Cut Tezz so yo can cut artifacts and replace Mox Opal with X”

    Do you guys realize the entire deck engine is Riddlesmith?

  30. Hey guys, this is my deck. It was submitted before PT Paris so it’s probably a bit off in terms of what’s in the deck and the board. In terms of how I made it – this was supposed to be a Tezzeret deck, not a Vengevine deck – hence the cuteness of the splash black for Tezz and the lack of Fauna Shamans, which I fiddled around with and didn’t like too much. It’s probably a better deck without Tezz and with Shamans, but I had fun messing around with it.

  31. Marcin Sciesinski

    You can use Tezzeret to turn any opponent sword into a creature, and it can’t equip anything (hence not giving the protection or the bonuses), in addition if it’s already equipping something, it stops equipping it. Something to keep in mind, when playing against any deck with a Sword in it.

  32. I like a white/blue build cutting the tezz

    something with
    4 stoneforge mystic
    4 vengevine
    4 riddlesmith
    4 trinket mage
    4 memnite
    2 ornithopter
    2 sword of feast and famine
    1 bonehoard
    main deck tumble magnet
    maybe mortapod

  33. If you’re keeping the riddlesmith plan, you absolutely must add some number of molten-tail masticore.

  34. This deck was all about drawing Vengevines. If Conley drew multiple Vengevines in the early turns, he won. If not, he lost.

    Man, how good would Buried Alive be in today’s standard?

  35. I don’t think adding the Fauna Shaman package is the right move here. For a deck that is going to be trying to play more than one Vengevine, looting seems way better than fauna shamaning because trying to shaman more than once in this format is a good way to find yourself just stone dead. That being said, you could add Fauna Shaman, but then I think the best move is to basically just cut to 1 or 2 vengevine (because that is all you are going to have time to get in the ‘yard anyway) and then I feel like you are kind of neutering the entire purpose of the deck (Graveyard interaction).
    Along that same vein, I think that Bloodghast+better ways of dredging cards is exactly what this deck needs. The artifact package seems pretty bad to me, but you might just need it because the deck needs a two mana looter. Hedron crab still seems fine to me, though not getting any card selection while just binning your entire deck seems pretty awkward. That being said, please play Jace, this deck wants card draw/card advantage so badly. That is really the only thing it does super well.
    I can’t think of any sick guys to put in the graveyard other than ‘Ghast but Bloodghast+Vengevine might be enough to cut Phoenix (which is not that great of a card). Also, some removal mainboard would be nice, but it might be hard to find card slots for since you really just want to combo off with this beast. Just thought I’d give you my thoughts, good luck with the brew!

  36. @Jessica: Actually, Masticore might just be sick in this deck regardless, I’d be interested to see it happen.

  37. Match one game two:

    I feel you should have no played a land 1st turn which would have caused you to discard Venge. You drew another one the next turn and could have done the same. Turn 3 you could have pulled 2 out after casting enclave and memnite.

    not sure if i am missing something?

  38. Also, Soul Stair Expedition + Hedron Crab + your zero cmc creatures+ plenty of fetchlands = lolzzvengevine

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  40. Boy oh boy was that last game a cripple fight. So bad, so bad. Thanks for giving me that shout out though lol.

  41. I’m pretty excited about this deck. I think with more practice with the deck’s decision trees, your win percentage would sky rocket. That said, the deck needs more live draws, maybe another pheonix, or some amount of bloodghasts or a 4th tezzeret. Also..the board looks awful and unfocused.

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