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  1. Wait I’m not quite sure I understand, Is this a new deck or a modification of the old deck? Cause im not really sure that adding a new color follows the spirit of Mono Blue or the Deck Doctor process. At what point does it become make the new Jund?

  2. NEVER stop making these, there has only been one episode and I still waited for like two hours for this to be posted.

  3. Actually, I agree that it is probably changed too much that it might not be in the spirit of deck doctor, not sure. I kinda liked the original monoblue deck, because it’s so rare to see monoblue in standard these days

  4. I would recommend playing into the roil maindeck or sideboard just for the synergy with memoricide, it absolutely crushes your opponent for them to see their primeval titan or mind sculptor roiled an then memoricided, and it wouldve helped you against pyromancer 🙂

  5. I agree with others that adding another color changed the identity of the deck. It would of been more interesting had you kept it mono blue. Adding black just made it seem like an inferior U/B control deck. I don’t think keeping it mono blue would’ve been too hard. Ratchet Bomb and Into the Roil seem like good ideas.

  6. He actually did not change all that much. Just the problem is he had awful matches. Yes he did add a a lot of cards that changed what the deck does, but realistically a Lux Cannon deck cannot get there versus an aggro deck.

  7. The thing is though that deck becoming U/B vs. Mono-blue barely changed the main deck. All that came in for black was adding 4 doom blades and the Lux Cannon/Trinket Mage engine remained. Really the black only changed the mana base and completely revamped the sideboard. I would definitely agree that if Conley just turned this into some variation of the U/B control or mimic vat decks that are popular now it’d be stupid, but I mean there were only a handful of mainboard changes so the deck is still the same in spirit

  8. I was just expecting more of a mono blue proliferate deck, than a u/b black control deck.

    Great videos though, gives me something to watch,

  9. Why not name Into the Roil with Memoricide? It basically seems like you can’t win with an active Pyromancer Ascension out, so your only way to get rid of it is the Lux Cannon. Mana Leaks and Into the Roils seem like his only method of dealing with Lux Cannon, and taking out the one that deals with one already on the board seems like the way to go.

  10. The problem with mono blue is how badly it rolls over to aggro. Sadly, black splash was needed, and the awesome man land that comes with it is a benefit.

    Most of the MD remained the same, but those Doom Blades are nessisary.

    And I wish I could have as many random concedes/drop outs as you.

  11. Wow, Conley I love you man, but this is unacceptable for the poor kid who sent in his PROLIFERATE mono U deck. All of us run U/B, we know it’s great, that wasn’t the point of the Deck Doctoring bro. He wants to proliferate, not play the “best deck” In standard. You aren’t taking advatage of “Steady Progress, or Thrummingbird or Contagion Engines. Did the submitter ask to win? Or ask to tweak a Proliferate deck in Mono U. I hope you take this as constructive criticism, and if this isn’t your deck archtype, perhaps pick a better deck next time that fits your style. Of course, U/B wins m04r, but you didn’t doctor it, you treated a common cold with an amputation.

  12. way to add doom blade… the deck is still the same deck , it just doesnt loose automatically to anything that attacks

  13. I hate it when you always assume they don’t have the counterspell just because they don’t counter your first spell. I understand that it’s not always good to play around a non existant CS, but it seems like you run key cards into mana leaks when it’s best not to at times.

  14. I couldn’t even watch the matches…I love the idea of a deck doctor, and Conley, you had the chance to be the “Grand Architect” for the mono U proliferate deck, maybe tossing 4x GA, then maybe I dunno, in a Myr Battlesphere, Molten-Tail Masticore or something besides just being another U/B midrange archetype? if you didn’t like the proliferate archetype why did you pick this deck to doctor up? You said he didn’t have spot removal….hrm, Into the Roil isn’t spot instant speed removal? Sure it’s no doom blade, but, seriously, this is like changing Boros to RDW and saying it’s “fixed” Better luck next time, I’ll keep watching since I appreciate the content and the time spent and the idea.

  15. Also, the mono blue didn’t quite get it’s fair shake yet with the couple misplays that led to losses. A smaller tweak to the mono blue list would’ve been better. Even if the bad matchups are foreseeable, I would’ve liked to have seen what happened if four All of Dusts and the Contagion Engine and Clasps against a fast deck could do enough or not, before trying to bring in another color.

  16. If someone submits his/her deck to a Deck Doctor process, it’s because the goal is to get help in order to make the deck competitive in the current format. Conley drove the deck in that direction. If someone “just wanna have fun with his monoU proliferate fun deck”, I guess they don’t submit it to a program like this?

  17. I don’t see a problem with swapping to UB. I know the guy who submitted the deck DOES sometimes play a fairly traditional UB list at FNM, so even thought he loves blue and probably wants to see mono U work, I don’t think he is going to be disappointed with how you decided to doctor it.

    I like the changes you made, and I think they do improve the deck. I’m not sure why people are complaining. You kept the core of the deck entirely, and the deck’s plan is still trinket mage + proliferate + cannon so I fail to see why it’s an issue that black was added for doom blade and tar pit and cards in the SB to help.

  18. My major issue with switching the deck from mono u to u/b is at what point does it become a different deck? If someone sends you their garbage midrange deck and you change it into boros, what would be the point in that case? I feel like in this series the deck should try to stay the same concept and avoid turning into a current tier 1 strategy.

  19. Expedition map Conley! I have been pushing for this card hard now. Maybe the best case scenario here. Play Map turn 1. Keep Leak mana up turn 2, and if you don’t cast it, crack the map at the end of turn 2. Go get your darkslick, and play a turn 3 untapped dual. It isn’t a horrible top deck, as it allows you to go get a tectonic edge or even a tar pit, which is one of the main reasons to go UB any ways.

    The new deck is pretty weak against Persecutor. Maybe a consuming vapors or 2 in the board? It is a pretty good answer to decks running persecutor, as well as any Titan focused deck.

  20. Hey Conley,

    I hate that I have to agree with the critics here but unfortunately I do. I’ve been toying around with a mono-blue proliferate deck since the spoiler of Scars was released and I’ve come up with all sorts of interesting builds. Are they PTQ top-8 caliber? Perhaps not. But they are definitely FNM-worthy (which is presumably what you are going for with this series). If people want to find out how to build the best 8 decks in the format there are dozens of forums dedicated to this. And while this is not your standard UB Control list, it does change enough to make it appear an inferior UB Control list (as a poster above me noted).

    This was your first episode of Deck Doctor so I think we all owe you a free pass on this one but I do think it is important for you to hear this criticism because your Deck Doctor series has the potential to be both unique and awesome. Please please please in the future choose off-the-beaten-path decks (like you did here) and tweak them into BETTER off-the-beaten-path decks. Even if this means in the end the deck is still a dog to Boros.

    (And because I feel like a criticism deserves an alternate solution, I will give one. From his original list If you up to a full set of Eldrazi Temple, a 3rd All is Dust main, perhaps a couple Mystifying Mazes, some Roils, another Effigy, and a full set of clasps… all this would help against aggro. Would it be as good as Doom Blades? No. But at least it would keep the deck’s spirit true. Also, I was SHOCKED to not see you, the master of all things “rogue,” not even mention Inexorable Tide! Is the 5-mana enchantment good enough? Most likely not. But I thought for sure you’d at least try it. I have and trust me, it’s fun as hell sometimes.)

    Anyway, please take this advice for what it is: advice. I love the series and appreciate what you are doing. I’d just REALLY like to see more Conley “style” in your finished products and not so much LSV boring tweaking to perfection. (And if you are reading this LSV, I still love what you do too. I just want something different out of Conley.)

    Thanks for the great content!

  21. One other quick note in response to a few posts that came up while I was typing that. Nobody here is arguing that Conley didn’t make the deck better. He did. What we are saying is that he changed the core concept and I know some people are saying he didn’t but he really really did.

    By cutting down to two contagion clasps and zero engines, this is not a proliferate deck at all. If you need proof of this watch the matches. Did he proliferate once in any of the matches? No. And saying “the proliferate cards just aren’t good enough” doesn’t cut it. If that’s the case, don’t choose this deck for the Deck Doctor series. Otherwise, I think in keeping with the spirit of the intent, you have to at least TRY. That’s all anyone is saying.

    In this case, he ended up making the deck better, sure, but really it didn’t help anyone at all because if they want to pick up UB, this final deck would be a HORRIBLE choice. No way would you play 2 Clasps, 3 Lux Cannons and 1 Voltaic Key. That’s basically dead weight (dead weight he basically sided out most games anyway). Once you’ve added black for maindeck Doom Blade, why the heck aren’t you just cutting the Voltaic Keys for Persecutor or a much more efficient win-condition? I don’t think there really is any justification at that point.

  22. People here are idiots…

    Somebody said its like turning Boros into RDW and calling it doctored? The analogy is close but it should have been taking RDW and doctoring it into Boros..which is a fair plan and fits the idea of this series.

    You can doctor mono U up as much as you want, but it still wont be good enough (yet..who knows what else is coming)

    I think most of you are mad not cause he splashed black, youre mad that he splashed black when its already a common match. If he splashed green or white or something with some new piece of tech everybody would be hailing him as the savior of magic (at least until next time he makes an obviously good choice of color splash.)

  23. I for one didnt mind the black splash. It makes sense. Mono-blue isnt so much of a theme as mono black can be with corruption and ultraheavy black casting costs. The theme was proliferate control with lux cannon as center pice and v-key as nice synergy (works great with magnets, cannon, challice and to a lesser extent with a few other s as wurm/clasp). The “fix” for the deck was to realize what the important theme was (proliferate) and what made it less good (mono blue). What I didnt realy like was that there was no post reconstruction analysis and that the real theme, proliferate, didnt realy get much space in the fixed up version. Proliferate/untap was the real theme and it could have got some more love.

  24. After sleeping on my comments, I too want to make sure, Conley, if you read this, am NOT hating on you and your series, and this is the first one, so definitely, you get a free pass, but your fans (including myself) admire your decks for the rogue nature of them and the outside the box thinking so keep it up, screw the misplays, we ALL make them this is about deck building right? (Been a fan since BitterOrdeal.dec)

    I would love to see a Grand Architect version of this mono U deck, and where was Frost Titan? hehe. Oh wait, everyone expects FT, ok how about Volition Reins as removal since the original list was light? That card is still an all-star even though it let you down in your triple VR pro deck, it crushes in Standard. How about Sol Ring Myr and Myr Galvanizer+Architect hrmmm….look mono G eldrazi doesn’t have “spot removal” and it does ok, I think we can accept that mono U will suffer from the lack of it, but the ITR and/or Mind Control/VR/Unsummon cards are used in it’s place.

    Keep it up! Let’s see you flesh out your own RUG or G/U/b or here’s a thought, a rogue deck without JTMSs for all of us who own 1 or less hehe. ( yes I got 1!! ***disclaimer, currently trading vintage pokemon and yugioh cards for JTMS or food or gas money lol< yes this is a joke if you are reading this far I'm sure there are much more insightful things on the internet to read)

    See you next deck!

  25. There is a difference between playing bad cards and playing alternative cards. Intentionally skipping the best cards in the format just to be different is not a good idea.

    This is nowhere near U/B control. Lux Cannon? Tumble Magnet? Contagion Clasp? This is a lot of slots dedicated to experimental cards, and it looks quite good actually.

    I approve of the changes.

  26. I know Im going to love these videos. Discussions about deckbuilding are the best way to get better at said activity. Right or wrong (can’t always be right), the value of these videos will be in the arguments made to defend exclusions or inclusions. 😉

    With this said, I think you could have had game 2 (or at least a chance at it) against Pyro Ascension if you memoricide his Into the Roil. He has only 1 red source at that point so you can just make sure Lux Cannon cannot be bounced, and if you resolve the cannon you can take the game. The only thing that matter in his hand at this point is counterspells, so he can’t even go all out on burn.

  27. What happened to Narcolepsy? That card used to get played all the time in turboland. I think it would have been better to keep it mono u and explore other alternatives instead of just caving to adding another color. If it turns out mono u isn’t viable, there’s no reason you can’t just say the archtype just isn’t there yet and we’re better off switching decks or adding black.

  28. This definitely walks the borderline between deck-doctoring and “brand new deck”. The spirit of the deck was mono-blue, as opposed to the very popular UB control decks out there. I know Conley didn’t go all-out UB control, but this walks the borderline. Maybe the submitter should get to choose the theme of the deck, and the deck doctor fixes what’s wrong while staying true to the theme. Something like “Make this a Better Mono-Blue Deck”.

  29. Not a big fan of the turn 1 blind preordaining and cutting down clasps (the only ‘good’ proliferate card) but otherwise seems fine.

  30. I love Mono Blue, and I’m also a big fan of Conley’s decision to run UB. I think for this deck, it makes sense, and he’s not trying to make Grave Titan, Persecutor, Skinrender, etc. work. The Tumble Magnet core, plus Trinket Mage and Lux Cannon, is the basic idea and he stays true.

    I took my own crack at this deck, and I’m winning profusely. Instead of waltzing into memoricides and acidic slimes by forcing a proliferate engine or trying to “break” Grand Architect, I solve the consistency issues with a variety of mini-combos. Here’s a link, with advanced player explanations:


  31. odd videoes indeed. A) i don’t get why that deck is called blue proliferate even in its mono blue form it only had TWO main and TWO (if you bring in contagion engine.. ) sideboard so that’s really weak.

    I don’t think that deck really changed that much. This isn’t “Ub control” its more like “mono blue control, but with some black”. The only thing that changed was a better manabase and turning random artifacts that weren’t needed into removal.

    It doesn’t run frost titan, abyssal persecutor, mimic vats, little jace, a lot of counters or more removal than doom blade – it’s pretty far from being “the UB”.

    Your play against eldrazi was just weird conley. You saw eldrazi temple, chalice, and forest and you couldn’t figure out he was eldrazi ramp? That’s really strange. Sure you can’t tell if he will have elder or not – but it’s really simple that he would have growth spasm and so on.

    You played really dangerous with his manabase also, you kept leaving him on six mana. It was a risky play that panned out, but there was a lot of time when tapping the slime, or not bouncing the wall could have lead to your opponent ripping a 7th mana source and winning, It was almost as if you were taunting him actually by tapping the wall and chalice but leaving him with exactly six and so on.

  32. This is disappointing. I was a huge fan of the idea but I disliked the execution. He basically made the deck closer to the Tier 1 deck it most resembled and it’s now a UB deck with Tumble Magnet instead of more counters. He never gave proliferation any kind of credit, not even attempting to see how well it worked in testing, as he boarded out Clasp in every matchup except Boros.

    Taking a mono U proliferate deck and making it non-mono U and non-proliferate seems like a terrible way to “fix” the deck.

  33. I think the problem here is a lack of a mission statement for the series. Is Conley supposed to doctor the deck into a best possible win percentage without totally turning it into an existing stock netdeck? Or is he supposed to make a casual deck stronger without sacrificing its flavor?
    Conley may have a rogue reputation, but he is still a pro who makes decks for highest level competitions. Sacrificing power\efficiency for flavor goes against his instincts and that’s what happened here.
    The new deck is certainly better at wining more matches, but it’s also less interesting. If I am already this close to the regular UB ctrl, I may as well just play the stock deck and get even better percentages.

  34. Anders Simpson-Wolf

    Dear Conley,

    I am of the opinion that the new version of the submitted deck did not violate the spirit of “Deck Doctor.” This isn’t “From the Lab;” this isn’t for casual players. You have agreed to take decks submitted by viewers and transform them, to the best of your abilities, into a tournament-viable deck. According to whatever testing process you used, the Mono-Blue version wasn’t up to snuff. Unfortunate, since a Mono-Blue deck would’ve been enjoyable to see, but the reality is that is just wasn’t good enough.

    To the viewers- the sad truth is that most decks aren’t good enough for competitive play. Conley shouldn’t limit himself just because someone who submitted a deck asked him to. (In fact, Conley said that he would not at the beginning of the video. He doesn’t care about budget restrictions or other such nonsense; he’s just trying to make competitive rogue decks.)

    Great job, Conley Woods! I look forward to watching more episodes, and I will submit a decklist or two in the coming weeks.

    ~ Anders

  35. Just a play comment – in Match 3, game 2, rather than exiling the spawn, why not just hold back tar pit and double-clock the revenge with tar pit + trinket mage. It’s an 8/5 and doesn’t even have trample. That lets you save the effigy for his Kozilek.

  36. I can’t believe the amount of negativity here. Basically all conley did was add doom blades and memoracide and take out the silly eldrazi lands and loose guys like necropede that were pointless and irrelevant.

    I mean, all is dust is just a mediocre sweeper in a deck like this — your already dead to monored by the time you cast a 7-mana sorcery.

    The deck as it began was “interesting” but not competitive. Conley did a great job of fixing the inherent weaknesses of the deck while still keeping 80% or so of the original spells intact.

    If you guys think “deck doctor” is just going to be conley switching a couple of cards without thinking about matchups, win conditions, or the actual viability of the deck then you really don’t understand what conley and this website are all about.

  37. in some cases I won’t consider adding a color to a deck as the color defines the deck, but in this vase, the deck was defined by lux canon, tumble magnet, and contagion clasp, so I wad more focused on improving its aggro match up which involved another color. Especially after reading the owner of the decks blog,i am sure that adding black was acceptable to him

  38. I really don’t get all the extreme criticism. The mana base got changed to add ONE black card to the maindeck and provide a good sideboard (something the original version lacked). I believe the point here is to take a deck, keep the key ideas, but improve the deck. That’s exactly what was done. The original list was sub-par, and it got Doctored up. For anyone saying that they have a blue deck that does well at FNM, that’s not a very useful statement. I could make some random deck and do well enough at an unexpecting FNM, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good deck. Also, the list isn’t very similar to UB Control at all. It’s just a blue deck splashing Doom Blade. People need to realize what they want to work and what WILL work are often two different things.

    More or less, good job Conley. I look forward to the next installment.

  39. Excellent series idea. Love your running commentary and the insights your running analysis provides not only of the deck you’re playing, but of your opponents deck too.

    Please keep up the good work and please please please stay willing to evaluate the road less traveled. I would have loved to have seen the UW version of this deck you described in action rather than ‘inferior’ UB control version it got side-boarded into most games!

    P.S. How do you know what they did with cards when they scry since it look like it’s hidden in your UI?

  40. He accurately described the basis of the deck, and designated that it did not NEED to be MonoBlue because it wasn’t its identity. Do you people even listen or understand what he’s saying? All he changed in the maindeck was getting rid of bad spells (which he is supposed to do) and added in Doom Blade. The sideboard was vastly different because he is trying to beat popular decks. This is nothing like “real UB control,” but I WOULD like to point out that you didn’t activate Lux Canon even a single time. The card is just bad.

  41. To be fair Todd, in the daily that was lost, I crushed 2 round with the cannon, one even getting 3 active at the same time, but overall, it was underwhelming and I would probably go to 2 or less of it, or add more supporting spells… If only Tezzeret were legal, sigh

  42. I agree with most of the people here. The deck title said straight up “MonoU Proliferate”. It wasn’t “MonoU Control” or “MonoU Trinket Mage”. Basically you took a “rogue”, “innovative” deck (I use quotes there because you could replace either of those words with “bad” and it would probably be true) and turned it into a stock deck. If the deck designer wanted to play U/B Control, GerryT, LSV, Antoine Ruel, and others have written extensively about it; your input is unnecessary.

    I would have liked this video series a bit more if you had tried to go for the Proliferate route, perhaps adding things like Thrummingbird and Steady Progress (yes, I know they’re bad cards, but they’re on-theme) to build a less-powerful but true-to-concept Proliferate deck, rather than a bad U/B Control list.

  43. So….staggershock does 4 with a active pyromancer ascension. Burst Lightning does 8 with an active pyromancer ascension, yet from game 2 we know he has 4 burst lightnings and 3 staggershocks in his deck? So, isnt this a mistake regardless of if he sided out his staggershocks because Burst Lighning was better to name in the first place?

  44. 4×2 for staggershock* Was pointing out that there were more burst lightnings in the deck so it was better to name it anyways.

  45. Yea, burst lightning would have been better, but I think the play there is to make either mana leak or into the roil, then the following turn run out cannon and hope he doesn’t have the other card not named, into the roil is probably the best name. Havent played against ascension at all really and misread the way I needed to win

  46. This deck is so unfocused..I mean, is there really a reason to run a sub-par card like tumble magnet without consistent ways to proliferate?
    It’s pretty sad that it’s a better idea to just run random strong cards like doom blade rather than try to make the actual Lux cannon/voltaic key/proliferate engine going (even if it means you have to sacrifice some better standalone cards).

    I though that was the whole purpose of deck doctor, to keep the flavor of the deck (I assumed this was supposed to be a U proliferate/Lux cannon control-something thingy) and make it at least semi-competitive.
    But I guess just like RocketFuel stated (above this post of mine), Conley probably subconsciously just wants to make deck a better and more consistent competitor.

    I’m sure this series will improve in the future, I simply LOVE the idea, mad props to Conley for doing this

  47. The people defending this change did not mention that while he only added a few cards, proliferate completely died and was heavily sided out. He fixed a proliferate deck by getting rid of the proliferate….

    I love the series, but you have to agree, it is no longer the same deck. Also, simply adding black made it so he hardly had to think about the core concept of the deck.

    Did we learn anything? I didn’t. U/B is good, got it.

  48. Despite criticisms, I really am enjoying the series, Conley. And it’s nice to have someone who can write coherently about this game, too 😀

    Looking forward to the next one- Don’t you dare pick a Net Deck! I learn more from rogue decks anyways.

  49. I love your stuff, Conley, but I do agree that you should have tried to stay on theme with what the original deck builder wanted. That being said, I’d love for you to doctor up a Mono-Black control deck!

  50. I completly disagree that this deck betrayed the theme or whatever most people are saying. Sure, it isn’t mono blue anymore, but lets be honest, it never really was mono blue. It was blue Eldrazi with a weak Eldrazi aspect. He scrapped the Eldrazi to add a way to fix the weakness of the deck.
    This article idea was not “Make my deck better without changing it at all” it was a article about deck building. He took a deck that had some strengths and solid card and expanded on it, he addressed the weakness of the deck and gave not one, but two different ways to fix it.
    This isn’t a standard blue black build, if you look at the lists, this deck is vastly different than a blue black build you see.
    This series was designed to show insights to the deckbuilding process. It did that, this wasn’t a net deck of a U/B control, it was a U deck that improved it’s few weak matchups and still looks different from the rest of the field.

  51. Are you people serious?!

    This deck had two contagion clasp and that’s it in the main… it wasn’t exactly heavy on proliferate cards in the first place. Conley added doom blades to the deck… it happens to have the same colors as a competitive deck now, so what?! It’s NOT the established competitive U/B control, it’s a control deck that happens to be in the same colors… there are so many cards in standard, you could build dozens of U/B control decks, all very different from each other. If you’re going to restrict him to ‘you can’t be in the same colors as any competitive deck’, kill the series now because you’re hamstringing him and making the series worthless. He added Doom Blade. That’s. It. He did NOT turn it into tier 1 U/B control. He gave removal to a deck begging to be given removal. He could’ve just as easily splashed white and put Journey to Nowhere in there. But that wouldn’t have been as good. So he added black to the deck. That doesn’t automatically make it a netdeck.

    Please people, be reasonable. This has the potential to be a great series and your irrational ‘criticisms’ are trying to choke it to death.

  52. Playing along with the Deck Doctor analogy…

    When someone goes to the doctor and finds out they have a bad kidney that doesn’t function well, are they going to want a new kidney? Or are they going to think…
    Nah I’ll just keep the bad kidney. A new kidney would make me a different person. I’d rather just not be able to function than go into operation and come out with a different organ in me. I gotta be true to the spirit of me, so I’ll take some medication, but I’m not going to let a doctor change who I am.
    I think most people want the new kidney.

  53. We basically turned a bad monoblue deck into a bad UB control deck, which would probably be a regular UB control deck given another iteration. I wish that Conley would just go back to draft or regular constructed videos.

  54. Conley did a great job. I’m not sure why people are claiming it went from “Proliferate” to something else. There wasn’t that much Proliferate in the first deck, regardless of the name.

  55. Odd that you didn’t play Flashfreeze over Mana Leaks in game 2 against the mono red deck. It didn’t look like it was Metal Red

  56. Conley, I would not say that adding black hurt the “spirit of the deck” or anything of that nature, the black splash for removal was fine. My only criticism was that out of every round we got to see, including the bonus against ww the plan was always to take out the lux cannon combo that really seemed to be the main heart of the deck. To all of the people arguing that the deck was about proliferate, not only were there not many cards that actually had proliferate at all, but there were scantly few targets to even try to proliferate (basically only tumble magnet and lux cannon would not have been in your typical blue trinket mage control deck and even tumble magnet seemed to be there more as a means of buying time against aggro for a mono blue deck than being part of the HEART of the deck.
    My point is that you took what appeared to be a dedicated lux cannon deck and added black for better removal, then got rid of the combo game 2 of nearly every match and didn’t even try for it in game 1 of most matches (shuffling away combo pieces or putting them on bottom with preordains etc…).
    Now I don’t think anyone can fault you for playing along those lines since your matches showed just how weak trying for lux cannon control can truly be, but that was still the heart of the deck and if you wanted to actually be competitive you probably would just get rid of this very slow, very draw dependent combo.
    I think what most people walked away feeling is that you took a fairly weak and tier 3 proliferate deck and turned it into a bad u/b deck. Nobody feels happy when the rogue deck they see is just a worse version of a pre-existent deck.

  57. p.s. i think what really felt stock and unrogue-ish about this deck was when i saw the sideboard which could have come straight from any u/b list at any tournament anywhere in the last month. In fact post sideboard a lot of your matches had you looking EXACTLY like a standard u/b list (maybe minus the tumble magnets).

  58. [email protected] the people and their heavy hate for what Conley has done with the deck. I agree with Losenas, pretty much. The original deck was no where near a “proliferate” deck as it only had 3 cards in the maindeck that could actually proliferate. He said he was going to take these submitted decks, tweak them for the better and help make them competitive. I think he kept the deck pretty close on track, made better changes.

    Well done Conley. Maybe less people will scoop on turn 4 in standard matches next time =\

  59. This is off topic but in the original video Conley you mentioned how to submit ideas would be coming up in your next article but I’m wondering when that is?

    I have a couple ideas (LSV’s wish for a sweet grand architect deck and a viable poison-finishing deck) that I would love to submit. If anyone knows how to submit ideas to Conley I’d love to find out. Thanks.

    By the way Conley love the deck doctor idea, way to capitalize on your image =D.

  60. Wow Conley, I loved these videos and I don’t even play standard at all! Keep’em coming bro, they’re as useful as it gets. Good job!

  61. Conley – I like the design of the series, and the concept, and I think the black addition was fine. I do have a play question, though. In the Quest matchup, why didn’t you bother trying to Jace him out – it seems like it would have forced more pressure on him and ended the game more quickly. Time is sometimes relevant when you’re in a drawn-out match, and you had plenty of removal to get there with Jace. Not sure why you didn’t convert some of the board advantage into a tempo advantage once he had fizzled out.

  62. In the bonus match game one I’m not convinced you bet his “nuts draw”, I pretty sure that over the course of the game he drew his Argetum Armor. That was why he was forced to tutor for a SoV. (not all lists play two copies)

    As for the argument about whether it ruined the spirit of the deck. I didn’t feel like it did. He looked at a deck, found its weakness and proposed new methods to fixing its problems. Forcing mono-blue just to do so has no real benefit for the deck. It doesn’t benefit the synergy in any meaningful way and just makes use use spells that are worse than those provided by adding another color. I like to think its similar to the relation between the standard and extended pyromancer decks of last season (admittedly different formats). The two decks were “Pyromancer decks” and played into that identity, the extended one added green for grove of the burnwillows/punishing fire and Tarmogoyfs.

    The fundmental identity of “combo out with pyromancer” is there but some additional tools are added.

    Also about siding out of the main combo. It again harks back to last seasons pyromancer builds that sided into Polymorph or the Kiln fiend decks that side into pyromancer. If a combo is just dead against a deck, siding out of it is a viable strategy. Realize what the strengths of a deck are and use the sideboard to address the problem even if it means a semi-transformational sideboard.

  63. Conley,
    This series is a great idea!
    For me, the most interesting part of the idea of a “Deck Doctor” is getting to see how a very skilled player playtests. I get the sense that you might have tried, and tested some other builds before settling on the final version. I enjoy watching real-time videos but, perhaps this series would benefit from having some pre-recorded matches as well. That way you could convey more fully your testing process. In just a couple minutes you could show how a match went, and what weaknesses it exposed. With the extra time, you could experiment with a few different directions to take the deck before settling on a final build.
    Looking forward to seeing more…

  64. Ok so he changed 4 cards for doom blades, and people here are saying that he ruined the deck- like wtf? I personally like the changes maindeck, and sideboard too, and the core of the deck stayed the same- i think Conley did great job here.
    Thx for these videos ,i am looking forward for another!
    (sorry if mine english is off)

  65. Seriously Polo? He changed 4 cards? Must have been amazing casting those Doomblades with his all blue mana base then!

  66. I for one would also losve to see a Grand Architect style deck, I submitted one, keeping my fingers crossed that Conley will pick it. sign off with “Doc’s of the clock now!”

  67. M2G2: I definitely keep a Tar Pit over the third Tumble Magnet. At worst, it + Trnket Mage trade for the gaea’s revenge we know for a fact he’s holding. At best, it races for the win. At that point, a million tumble magnets is not what you want.

    P.S. WORST VIDEOS [email protected]!!!!!!!

  68. Hey, if its OK to gut the concept of the deck, I’ll give it a try:

    4 Clone
    4 Grand Architect
    4 Thrummingbird
    4 Trinket Mage
    4 Umara Raptor
    4 Welkin Tern

    1 Chimeric Mass
    1 Brittle Effigy
    1 Everflowing Chalice

    1 Steel Hellkite
    1 Wurmcoil Engine

    4 Mana Leak
    4 Rite of Replication

    19 Island
    4 Tectonic Edge


    1 Elixir of Immortality
    4 Flashfreeze
    1 Basilisk Collar
    3 Aether Adept
    4 Spreading Seas
    1 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
    1 Platinum Angel

    The concept is to win quickly. This lets you cut down on the size of the Trinket Mage package: you get mana, removal, or a creature. If the initial plan doesn’t work, a couple of large artifact creatures play cleanup.

    Clone and Rite of Replication have great targets in your deck with Grand Architect and Umara Raptor. They’re also great against opposing fattties out of ramp decks and other problem children.

    The proliferate can hit the Umara Raptor (or its copies), the Chimeric Mass, or the Everflowing Chalice. Its not a lot but its enough. At the worst, the Thrummingbird gets bigger from the Grand Architect or draws more attention from removal than it should.

    The sideboard gives some bounce against other decks with fliers, lifegain against aggro, and some more mana disruption against Valakut or any deck which spreads its mana too thin.

  69. One of the toughest things that I found in (unsuccessfully) trying to do a deck doctor column was to manage audience expectations and that was the huge problem this article ran into.

    Everyone who is attracted to watching a video like this is already aware that there’s not a viable mono-blue deck in Standard. When you as the author say you are going to fix a mono-blue standard deck, everyone is expecting that you’ll be bending your considerable skills toward making the best mono-blue deck possible. When you instead come back without trying to do that at all and concede that its so unlikely to work that you aren’t going to attempt it, that’s leaving the reader feeling ripped off. You left us dangling for days expecting one thing then producing another.

    If you tell us that a mono-blue deck is coming, you need to come up with a mono-blue deck to fulfill the expectation you set. If you don’t think a mono-blue is going to work and that you might be adding another color, go ahead and tell us that and let that be what to expect.

    I enjoyed the video and what you did was done well. But I didn’t get what I was led to expect which was a pro to take a serious look at the viability of mono-blue in standard.I was disappointed and certainly didn’t learn as much as I was expecting. If I was repeatedly disappointed due to the article not fulfilling the expectations that were set and I repeatedly learned little or nothing, I’d eventually not be interested in watching.

    Aside from that, I think you’ve done a great job of setting expectations by making it clear that you’re only going to be doing upcoming tournament formats and that this isn’t going to be a budget column. I think those are both great choices for the column. And if anyone has any questions about how to get a more budget version, that could be handled by the audience in the comments.

    I’m not sure about changing the format from the way it was for the first deck to combining everything from start to finish in one column. Part of the fun is speculating on how to best fix the deck and interacting with other people in the comments. And that’s also likely where extra hits for the article are going to come from as people come back to defend their ideas from criticism.

    And it gives the audience members potential bragging rights when you use one of “their” ideas when fixing the deck.

    You’re losing all of that when you go to an all-in-one format. If someone happens to be interested in playing that particular deck they might comment a lot on it but most people are going to realize you aren’t planning on dealing with it again and not waste their time and effort coming back here to tweak it. You probably don’t get paid according to how many hits your article gets but I’m sure ChannelFireball would much rather your article get more hits than less.

    If people think the video running the original list through a tournament is a little boring, maybe you could shortcut through that maybe by playing a match against a netdeck which it might be good against and another against one it might be bad against. Sort of get a glimpse of the strengths and weaknesses then run the tweaked version through a tournament.

    If you are needing it to be one episode per week instead of two, you could set it up so each episode starts with the tournament with the tweaked version of the deck and your closing commentary on that. Then end with an introduction to next week’s deck and two matches with it. Next week starts with the tournament with the tweaked version of that deck then ends with the introduction of the new deck.

  70. One of the things that I noticed during the matches is that they seemed to play out like UB Control when the deck did well and seemed to struggled when it didn’t. The interesting thing to me was seeing value in cards no one is playing – such as Tumble Magnet. I don’t have an issue with adding black to the deck at all. You need cards to help you against matches that are tough and black does that really well. Another thing of value is to see the issues proliferate has with the current card pool.

    @Conley – I wonder if all the hate is because the deck was called “Mono U Proliferate” but wasn’t able to do much proliferating in any of the games and didn’t end up being mono blue. Names heavily influence on how people perceive these decks.

  71. M3G1: did I blank it out when you talked about why you turn one Preordain? It seems utterly worthless – you just mumble about some stuff and then run it out there and it does nothing but cantrip. Sure, you wouldn’t be casting it until turn four, but it will actually do something then!

  72. I don’t know if you are really doing this seriously here Conley. If so i can’t respect your ability to play anymore. Almost every decision you make is just wrong…

  73. come on man, why do you send 2 lands back when u have only 1 at hand. Control mirror is where you only need land. you ended up stuck at two lands., very poor decision

  74. M1g2 next time edge his depths instead of use negate to protect jace you would have kept him alive

    m1g3 I didn’t finish watching this part but I hope you name foresee… Dang o well

    My reason for naming foresee is if there already online you can’t really stop there burn as it which believe it or not is beatable but drawing 4 cards with the effect of foresee seeing 8 cards is not at that stage at any point in the game. Your just dead after point guaranteed.

    m2g1&2 lol he’s bad I have mono creature good enough aggro decks require aggressive players with an aggressive mind set to see beyond counting 2 minus 1

    Die eldrazi green just die

    There’s a bonus match I’ll watch it later I’m not trolling as good as normal lately

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  76. I originally went undefeated with the mono-blue deck at FNM playing against two mediocre aggro decks and then three (formerly) undefeated UW control decks. It was a pretty good set of pairings for me and aggro was really under-represented at the time since everyone was just updating the UW control list they played prior to rotation, initially. The aggro decks I played against had to overextend into Clasp + Magnet and then I’d just Dust and Jace them to death, or kill them with Wurmcoils. Rather leisurely.

    Anyway, I think it’s right to update this for the newer aggro lists and since I’ve been playing UB Elixir control, I’m not upset about the loss of mono color (well, the blue purist in me died a little, but he was already nearly dead since ARB/ZEN was so hostile to blue). One thing I will say is that All is Dust is still a huge one-sided blowout in so many matches that I’m sad to see it go. Also, I don’t agree with cutting Elixir to the board. That card is very good against many decks, including Valakut and control strategies where you have Infinite Jace, Tectonic Edge and Mana Leak going on. The other thing I’d say is that with All is Dust and Eye of Ugin gone, you could consider running one or two Frost Titan instead of one or two Wurmcoil Engine, although I’d leave an Engine just for the life gain option. I think Lux Cannon is perfect at 2x, as well. It trumps Jace in the control mirror, but you don’t want to see it in multiples too early against aggro decks where you’d usually rather have Magnet into Clasp and speed bump with Trinket Mages re-buying Elixir to force them in to the late game.

    As for the other comments, a few responses:

    – Let’s be nice to Conley. This is a great series and he’s only done one of these, so it’s okay to learn on your feet. But if we discourage him, I fear we’re going to lose something great.
    – Plenty of people might want to submit “FNM” decks that would subsequently be improved to where they clean up FNM even better, so I think improving the competitive level of a deck is fine.
    – Probably the person submitting the deck should indicate the boundaries of what they would like to see done to the deck and if it’s too restrictive to where all they really want are accolades on the nets for their cool brew, it’s not worth our time or Conley’s time to doctor them up.

    Re: the mono-blue Proliferate, I just originally called the deck Mono Blue Tumble Magnet Control, but that was too long so everyone I played with and against just said Proliferate. The deck was really about using the inexpensive, otherwise unimpressive Tumble Magnet to completely ruin the day of all the decks which were, at the time, just producing a fatty or two as their win condition. Most of which did nothing impressive unless they attacked (annihilator, Titans, Wurmcoil, etc.). It’s a Tumble Magnet + Claps + Jace deck, really. Lux Cannon just exists to make UW and mono-g Eldrazi cry even more.

  77. I really like the series, though I’d watch anything from Conley because of his witty and insightful commentary.

    The hate is perhaps due to collective disappointment at not getting to see Conley produce the awesome mono U proliferate deck. Conley mostly just replaced some eldrazi support cards with some black support cards. This drastically improved the deck, but not the theme. Since the original deck was hardly worthy of the name “Proliferate” to begin with, a lot more might have been done there.

  78. i’d take conley over brad anytime. his commentary style is much better. but no one competes with lsv.

  79. I like you conley but I don’t get how this is a blue proliferate deck when it’s UB and only got 2 proliferate cards between the main and sideboard of which you often sided out both.

  80. luv u woods but this deck is weaksauce.
    y go bu and not go all the way?
    u butchered the mono blue for this?
    p.s. tinket mage is crappy in this list he gets threats or answers?just play more threats or answers and dont waste the turn and mana oh ok he chump blocks i see cause that wins games.lol nah man just give me abyssal,wurm,and grave tits with plenty of removal and permission mixed in bake for up to 50 min at a cool 68 degrees and enjoy!

  81. Bah video format! Can’t see it work! 😛

    If you don’t want to be a dog to Boros in blue I’d recommend Calcite Snapper, Into the Roil, and Kraken Hatchling. 🙂

  82. Hi,

    If it will get the other people off Conly’s back, I have an idea he could try next time.
    If you want to keep this mono blue to keep everyone happy, try adding prototype portal.
    There is a card that combines well with Voltaic Key (what is very cute is imprinting a key on the Portal with a lux cannon in play). Imprinting Brittle Effigy is also effective and there is a natural interaction between trinket mage and Prototype Portal. Imprinting Tumble Magnet get’s silly as well. I think the avenue this deck ought to go down is to exploit the fact that almost nobody is playing good artifact removal in this format. That’s one of the reasons that Mimic Vat is so good now.

  83. I’ve been wondering about hitting it from a more aggressive angle rathre than control.

    3 Clone
    1 Frost Titan
    4 Grand Architect
    4 Thrummingbird
    4 Trinket Mage
    4 Umara Raptor
    1 Molten-Tail Masticore
    1 Steel Hellkite
    1 Wurmcoil Engine

    3 Tumble Magnet
    4 Rite of Replication

    The Trinket Mage package
    1 Basilisk Collar
    1 Chimeric Mass
    1 Brittle Effigy
    4 Everflowing Chalice

    19 Island
    4 Tectonic Edge

    4 Mana Leak (vs non-red mass removal)
    1 Elixir of Immortality
    1 Flashfreeze
    4 Spreading Seas (vs valakut or annoying manland beatdown)
    4 Aether Adept (vs aggro to play a more tempo game)
    1 Platinum Emperion or Platinum Angel (vs decks when I have no idea what the hell they’re doing)

    Most of the brokenness on the other side of the table these days are creatures. Clone and Rite of Replication take advantage of that. For spicy targets in your own deck there’s Grand Architect, Umara Raptor, Wurmcoil Engine, Steel Hellkite, and Frost Titan (though cloning a Trinket Mage isn’t a complete loss either).

    For proliferate targets there’s Everflowing Chalice, Umara Raptor, Chimeric Mass, and Tumble Magnet. The Chalice is there particularly to help you build quickly to a kicked Rite of Replication.

    The deck isn’t as heavily dependent on Grand Architect as most attempts are. It can give you extra mana for a bigger Chalice, Chimeric Mass, or masticore tricks but the deck doesn’t depend heavily on keeping it in play. The proliferate is much the same: its nice when its working but when proliferate isn’t doing anything the deck is still able to be doing something strong.

    In case you didn’t notice, the SB is a stab in the dark.

  84. Conley just one little thing about the whole All is dust being bad, in an elves matchup where they get off an eldrazi monument (via genesis wave or just dropping it as fast as elves can) you’ll suddenly miss having all is dust which tells people to sacrifice those permanents. Although I agree with the changes I just think you shafted All is Dust a tad too much 🙂

  85. A.I.D. is not a good answer to eldraz elves you will already be dead by the time you could cast it pre monument sweep ,counter or bounce much more effective and viable in any match up plus it kills all your good shit .

  86. Staggershock does not work like you thought it does. Copy only does 2 damage. In order to get a copy from rebound you have to play the spell from your hand.

  87. i love this deck doctor idea. here is my UW version proliferate.

    8 Creatures
    4x Wall of Omens
    3x Trinket Mage
    1x Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

    14 Artifact
    4x Everflowing Chalice
    2x Voltaic Key
    1x Elixir of Immortality
    1x Expedition Map
    3x Contagion Clasp
    3x Tumble Magnet

    8 Spells
    4x Mana Leak
    4x Day of Judgment

    6 Planeswalker
    4x Jace Beleren(dont have big jace)
    2x Venser, the Sojourner

    24 land
    4x Celestial Colonnade
    4x Glacial Fortress
    2x Seachrome Coast
    4x Tectonic Edge
    6x Island
    3x Plain
    1x Eye of Ugin

    15 sideboard
    4x Flashfreeze
    2x Negate
    2x Dispel
    2x Luminarch Ascension
    2x Baneslayer Angel
    2x Revoke Existence
    1x Volition Reins

  88. M1G1: Seriously Conley, you didn’t see the play of playing chalice @ 2, tapping it for two mana, untapping it with key, then retapping it to cast lux cannon? That play is far better than just playing the cannon, especially considering you were tight for mana.

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